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  1. Fact;

    The historic curse of John Key has now finally been visited on every other country he has chosen to curse and live.

    It is a fact that during the last decade, the US mainland, Hawaii, and NZ have all been at the centre of either earthquakes, volcanic activity, adverse weather events, or unstable governance.

    It just dawned on me that everywhere John Key has resided in has been severely affected by either earthquakes, floods, eruptions and unstable governments.

    I just hope that John key just resides elsewhere permanently now so NZ can find a way to recover from the earthquakes, floods, and all the other terrible effects this man has caused us all during his cured rein over us.

  2. Want a good reason why Federated Farmers should break their historic embrace with National and go their own way?
    Just take Simon Bridges’ downright embarrassing rant about the Labour-led government’s plan to restrict the number of stock animals per hectare in some situations.
    While he was busy ranting, Guyon Espiner was busy interviewing FF Dairy spokesman Chris Lewis who quietly but positively said they knew it was coming and would just have to get on with it and work with the government to ensure they could do it, and still be profitable.
    If FF hasn’t realised by now that National’s agricultural policies haven’t moved on from the 1950s and they no longer represent modern farmers, then they never will.

  3. Just another ‘Kiwi’ BS entrepreneur, albeit of a migrant background:

    So they import cheap garments from Bangla Desh and China, and put some prints on them here, or ’embellish’ them, and claim they are then “NZ made”.

    It also reminds me of the BS we get all the time, when shopping at the supermarket, where Wattie’s cans say that the contents is made up of ‘local and imported ingredients’.

    Consumer law and regulations in NZ Inc are a laughing matter, almost anything goes.

    And most are so indifferent, do not really give a shit, whether their newest i-phone, other gadget or clothing or whatever item is made by working slaves in prison like factories overseas, as long as they can ‘enjoy’ the use of these consumer goods.

    So much for human rights, values and the same ‘clean green’ BS in NZ Inc, we even have child labour, nobody likes to talk about that, immigrant business operators employing their own kids to compete and try to make some profit:

    Meanwhile all are locked into the system, geared at ‘growing the economy’, that is by also bringing in ever more immigrants. And horticulturists scream out, they cannot find the labour that is willing to work for shit wages and shit conditions picking Kiwifruit, so they can compete with other countries such as Chile, South Africa and whatever else there is, where they now grow such crops.

    Welcome to the rat race, dear friends, the hamster wheel is turning, turning and turning, are you getting ahead yet???

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