Malcolm Evans – plastic ban

By   /   May 4, 2018  /   3 Comments

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Malcolm Evans

Political Cartoonist

Malcolm Evans is one of NZs best political cartoonists who was sacked from the NZ Herald for daring to suggest Israel was the new apartheid state.


  1. countryboy says:

    Say what you like, as I would hope you always will, but like it or not… there’s no substitute for Class darlings. And the British Royal Family are Class, there’s no denying that, and nothing annoys the Plasti-Americans more.

  2. Helena says:

    British Royal Family = Class? And here I thought they were just a bunch of incestuous, drug and child trafficking, Baphomet worshiping loonies, leading the way to dump plastic into the canals and waterways to replace it with gold and silver taken from the wealth of the commoners. Shame on me.

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