Giving Trump Enough Rope


THE SPEED at which the Right is mutating is nowhere more evident than in Donald Trump’s America. One has only to examine the tensions within the American Republican Party to get some measure of its disarray. In spite of controlling all three branches of the federal government, the Republicans have never looked more fractious. Fewer and fewer on the right are convinced that politics-as-usual is any longer capable of delivering the changes they seek.

The American experience is far from unique. Across the world, rightists are rejecting the argument that political power is accessible only from the centre. Increasingly, right-wing leaders and activists are turning to ideas and traditions long considered moribund, disreputable – or both. The era of monolithic parties, held together by monolithic ideologies, has ended. By twisting a campaign rope out of many ideological strands, Trump was able to lasso the White House and hog-tie the institutions of American democracy.

It was not always so. For many decades, American political scientists fondly assumed that the average conservative voter in the United States was an essentially benign creature. Conservatives affirmed the verities of the Christian religion and the traditional values which flowed from them. They believed fervently in individual liberty, the sanctity of private property and the virtues of untrammelled capitalist enterprise. If asked to sum up their political philosophy in a single sentence, they would, likely as not, repeat some version of Thomas Jefferson’s claim: “The best government is that which governs least.”

What conservatives were most emphatically not assumed to be, were malignant enemies of freedom and progress. The Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower cleaved proudly to the founding principles of the American republic. On occasion, Republicans had even been known to fight for them.

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This “progressive” conservatism was, however, always more apparent than real. It required the constant effort of newspaper editors, party grandees and intelligent presidential aspirants to robe the naked prejudices of conservative Americans in the togas of small-r republican virtue. So long as the means of political communication remained in the hands of these political elites, the vicious ideas and aspirations of small-town America could be filtered out of their betters’ lofty political discourses. No one gave much thought to what might happen to right-wing politics if technology advanced to the point where every citizen could become their own publisher.

Even in the Internet Age, the idea that the President of the United States might dispense altogether with the services of the elite media and communicate directly with his electoral base via social media remained unthinkable – until Trump started tweeting.

Political scientists are aghast at the intellectual chaos manifested every day in Trump’s utterances and tweets. They, along with the political journalists they taught, are utterly unable to make sense of the President’s communications. It’s as though the myriad crazy notions of the American Right have been gathered together in a huge basket (let’s call in Fox News!) into which Trump reaches every day for inspiration. The results are as incoherent and self-contradictory as they are illustrative of the astonishing ignorance and credulity of the “ordinary” American citizen. To the educated, the credentialed, the experts, it simply makes no sense.

But it does. It makes perfect sense. The only way to prevent the Right’s “rope” from unravelling is to ensure that every strand receives equal care and attention. It doesn’t matter that Trump’s electoral base is composed of racists, homophobes, misogynists, fundamentalist Christians, Islamophobes and out-and-out fascists; as well as hard-line neoliberals, climate-change sceptics, union-busters, flat-taxers, economic nationalists and Ayn Rand libertarians; so long the dearest hopes and darkest fears of each component of this bizarre coalition continue to be encouraged by their President.

The other thing that the political scientists and mainstream media pundits, the Hollywood celebrities and TV comedy show hosts, don’t understand is that they are the people who keep the Right’s rope tight. The more they disparage and deride Trump and his “deplorable” followers, the tighter they wind it around themselves: the harder they try to pull the Right down, the more closely the separate fibres of Trump’s eclectic coalition are drawn together.

The Republican Party is no longer an ideological and organisational monolith and it lacks anything remotely resembling a coherent plan for “making America great again”. The billionaires who back it have almost nothing in common with the marginalised men and women of the rustbelt states who secured Trump’s victory. Except this: their hatred for the Democratic Party and their media allies.

While the Democrats and the mainstream media keep the Right’s rope tight, the Republican Party’s disdain for politics-as-usual will grow – and so will the President’s.



  1. It appears again that the ‘Washington swamp’ is still in charge not the government here.

    ‘Nuremberg trials’ all over again (with a German heritage)

    Mueller is now at the helm of this modern day long drawn out ‘Nuremberg type investigation’ under Robert Mueller.

    He may be fulfilling old German grudges against the US military investigation of Germans post WW2?

    • “Mueller is now at the helm of this modern day long drawn out ‘Nuremberg type investigation’ under Robert Mueller.

      He may be fulfilling old German grudges against the US military investigation of Germans post WW2?”

      Not your usual high stand, Cleangreen. There’s more than a hint of germanophobia in that post of yours.

      If Trump is guilty of crimes, then its reassuring that the US deep state is still able to root it out. And if hes not guilty of crimes, at leasr he’s a confirmed liar.

      • MJOLNIR
        Have to agree with you;

        But the question burning inside of me, – is why didn’t Mueller bother to reopen the Hillary Clinton burning/ acid wash of her ‘Government property files’ inside her phone while still as the “secretary of State” as the FBI was requesting her to release then to the intelligence agencies.

        Her own staff admited this;

        In her deposition taken last week, Huma Abedin said some of Hillary Clinton’s schedules went in the burn bag while they were at State
        This is the first time a top Clinton aide admitted to destroying public records
        Abedin was being interviewed as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit rooted in her special employment status at the State Department
        The aide, part of Clinton’s inner circle, was allowed to work at the State Department and, simultaneously, for an outside consulting firm

        • Cheers for that CG. Apologies for being so touchy, as I have German ancesrtry.

          Comey did re-open the investigation into Clinton’s emails after they found some on Weiner’s computer. Evidently when Comey announced that, he cost Clinton the election and for a while was flavour of the month with Trump. Which didn’t last long. No surprise there, I guess, as Trump runs his administration like a medieval royal court.

      • Funny how the social flavour changes… from JFK being proclaimed a brave man for challenging and cowering / negotiating with the Russians during the Russian missile crisis ,… to Trump ‘ John Wayning’ Kim Jong-un , … and providing the U.N with the balls and the military muscle… and the economic means to sanctions…

        And yes, while that was never going to be more than a storm in a teacup ( you could see it a mile off… ) , – it was still the brave face of ‘making America great again ‘ – and part of Trumps dealings with China over the south seas.

        You wait and see.

        Most of these geo political shenanigans are contrived. And its all to do with money and power. And that’s it. Nothing more… oh yes,… and control.

        Don’t forget the control bit.

        Most important.

        And George Soros makes a handsome return out of both lambasting Trump and alternatingly praising him, – begrudgingly.

        Pretty good for a one world govt arsehole, don’t you think?

        The neo liberal- the real threat to world peace via the Rothschilds ‘ ‘ Mayers’ London square mile’.


        New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?


        I find myself agreeing at long last with Mike Hosking that Trump should win a Nobel Peace prize. Amazing as it is,.. I believe that hes right. If it wasn’t for Trump and his ‘ John Wayning’,… I don’t think China would have got the message he isn’t messing around. And they can have as many military installations in the Sth China seas as they want ,… but in the end… whether we like it or not,… gunboat diplomacy won out. And U.N economic sanctions.

        Neville Chamberlain never really did cut the ice, anyhows.

        I think its a great thing the two Korea’s are coming together in some form, they are talking. It was lunacy that there was only an ‘ armistice’. It served a political purpose at the time. But it was Trump who forced the issue. An end to all the stupidity. All this needless fighting and scrapping,.. we don’t need it and its so damn negative and tiresome.

        And if you want to call Trump a liar…

        A) He ,… unlike Obama ,… never ordered drone strikes every Tuesday to bomb indiscriminately and murder civilians… both woman and children and the elderly. He may have bombed a few decrepit air bases that were going to be closed down anyways , – but at least the personnel stationed there had prior warning… as in Syria…

        B) And he, – unlike Clinton ,- never used the ‘Clinton Foundation’ to funnel finances from Qatar, Bahrain , and Saudi Arabia surreptitiously to purchase American manufactured arms to then be redistributed to ISIS.

        Blatant hypocrisy. How many American lives were lost for this business transaction?


        ‘Clinton & ISIS funded by same money’ – Assange interview w/John …
        Video for julian assange interviewed by john pilger about isis youtube▶ 2:47


        ( I challenge anyone to be more in the loop than either John Pilger or Julian Assange…)

        C) He also didn’t order the assassination of a foreign national leader- at least so far as , … ( and I’m talking about Saddam Hussein and – by proxy? , – Osama Bin Laden ),… who ,… incidentally,… belonged to a family of Saudi Arabian family’s who were very close friends of the Bushes… and other American oil Barons…

        That’s how vicious these people are. And for all we know… Bin Laden is still alive. There were no autopsy’s, there were no confirmations… just a white sheeted’ something’ dropped over board from a warship… and so easily faked.

        A bit like Kennedy’s brain matter… dumped in a bucket never to be found again… as magical as the pristine bullet found on his stretcher after his assassination… talk to any ballistics experts and they would laugh at the crudity of the cover up…


        In 2013 Dr. Robert McClelland, who was attending the wounded President in the Parkland Hospital Trauma Room, stated “I was about 18 inches above that wound. I got a better look at it than anybody in that room. It was way back in the back (of the head), which may lead to the thought that he was shot not only from the back, but also from the front,” McClelland said.

        “In other words, there was more than one gunman, and therefore a conspiracy of some sort. And I looked into that wound for a long time, and there is no doubt what I saw,” he said


        So that pretty much makes the modern day Democrat party a current embedded agent of the globalists , doesn’t it. Murderous, grasping and full of deceit. Sell outs to a one world govt agenda. Much like the Georgia Guide-stones…


        Georgia Guidestones – Wikipedia


        However, with both Kennedy and with Trump ,.. they threatened the deep state… with Kennedy threatening to ” smash the CIA into a thousand pieces” ,… likewise Trump threatening to ” drain the swamp ”…

        The difference is we no longer live in the Kennedy cold war era where that sort of rhetoric is easily accepted,.. hence Trump is the irresponsible ‘hawk’. Utter tosh. Total bunkum. Flavor of the month and no more, no less.

        So there we have it.

        The London square mile , with its mass media via George Soros and Rupert Murdoch. Both tools of the Rothschild Zionist movement towards one world govt.

        Need more proof of the thousand points of light ( a Masonic term of phrase..) , … ?


        President George H.W. Bush – Points of Light – YouTube
        Video for george herbert bush thousand points of light you tube▶ 0:50


        And for something even MORE alarming , try THIS :


        George H.W. Bush New World Order Speech – YouTube
        Video for george herbert bush our one world order youtube▶ 1:14


        In a nutshell ?… our real enemy are the globalist’s who want world domination through economic control, mass media control to influence and a common law that overrides regional differences for ALL geographical locations, – and that includes New Zealand .

        And a diminished , – almost irrelevant , – concept of the nation state. Even Bill English stated at not – so – recent business luncheon that ‘ the role of the nation state is doomed to decline ‘… regarding globalism ,…such a treasonous rat for the future generations !

        And exactly the very sort of things they hate Trump for advocating , – such as nationalism and a nation having the fee will to forge its own way. Just like the post colonial nations did when they broke free from the British Empire. Including the USA.


        ”Lets make America great again ” .

        Therefore , – Fuck the globalists.

        • Bloody well said WILD KATIPO,

          And we must remember that all these threads also lead back through all these one world order despots who actively hatched this plan inside the secretive ‘Chatham rules’ chambers of the Bilderberg group, at successive meetings in sequence with the NAZI founded NATO organisation lead now by a secretary Jens Stoltenberg who is the son of as known past SS NAZI officer and is pushing Germany to beef up their military

          The evil web is long and deep here, and lastly who was it that handed all US militarily units over to ISIS after her (Hilary Clinton) and Obama gave it to the hapless Iraq military at who gave up and left them for ISIS, that was such a setup wasn’t it?

        • “Funny how the social flavour changes… from JFK being proclaimed a brave man for challenging and cowering / negotiating with the Russians during the Russian missile crisis ,… to Trump ‘ John Wayning’ Kim Jong-un”

          Easy. Kennedy had style. Trump has no class.

          No, thats not meant to be superficial, but if a clown brings democracy into disrepute, that drives away voters and that sort of disengagement is dangerous in the long run . It means political power is transferred to oligarchs and their political puppets. The death of democracy can only happen when people stop caring.

  2. “Trump was able to lasso the White House and hog-tie the institutions of American democracy.”
    I think it is Trump that is hog-tied, not by the institutions of American democracy but by the institutions that prevent democracy from having effect.
    Sure the campaign rhetoric was wide ranging , covering domestic, economic and foreign policy issues, but that doesn’t mean they were not real issues that deserved attention.
    The chaotic contradictory statements on twitter , contrasting often with official announcements could well be revealing the contrast between what Trump still wants to do and what he is allowed to do. What is being demonstrated is not the President’s power , or the power of the institutions of democracy , but that they don’t have the power to reflect the wishes of mainstream American voters . (IMHO)

    D J S

  3. A small irony in the fact that this column calls out conservatives’ “naked prejudices” at the same time as saying that as long as they are called deplorables by the the left including liberal columnists, it will only strengthen them

  4. The history of barbed wire. The Devils rope as it was called by the native people.
    Barbed wire is what did it in the U$A. It afforded colonials the ability to fence off areas of land which gave birth to capitalism.

    Modern banking is, in my view, the new, e-barbed wire.

  5. And the Democrats under H Clinton would have been Left Wing? At least Trump has not led us into hideous wars (Iraq, Lybia, Syria) that have left so many hundreds of thousands dead and dislocated. Yes, Trump appears to be a made as a snake, but judge by outcomes, not words or trivial personnel maneouvrings. The most important stage to keep an eye on is Iran. If Trump follows the wills of Saudi Arabia and Israel, we may be in for worse mayhem. And, of course, the fawning Brits and perhaps the French, will follow Trump’s lead. WWIII here we come!

    • “At least Trump has not led us into hideous wars (Iraq, Lybia, Syria)”

      You’re kidding, right? Haven’t you been paying attention, wilfred? Trump nearly got us into WW3 with Russia only a few weeks ago. The UN general secretary says this new Cold War is even worse than when the USSR was in existance.

      Thank fuck that the Russians have stepped back from the brink, wilfred, because Trump was hellbent on taking us to armageddon! Thats the fucked-up fool you are adoring!

      • Nearly got us into WW 3!!!!! What kool aid are you drinking?

        Your Trump derangement syndrome is blinding you. Havent you been paying attention. He is now being credited for thawing relations between the Koreas.

        How is that causing WW3?

        • Crossing swords with Russians gets us as closeto WW3 as we git since the Cuban Missile Crisis. If you two dont get that, youre both blind. Its a miracle no Russian personnell were killed. That would have put a match to the blue touch-paper.

          As for Nth Korea, don’t count your chooks yet. The deal ain’t done till it’s done. And even there, you can thank the Chinese, not Trump’s sharp intellect and razor-sharp wit (note sarc).

  6. “The billionaires who back it have almost nothing in common with the marginalised men and women of the rustbelt states who secured Trump’s victory. Except this: their hatred for the Democratic Party and their media allies.”

    Was there ever any doubt? A billionaire who fights the union to prevent his workers being paid fairly is no friend of the working class.

    The same can be said of the Nats and their well-heeled moneyed allies here in NZ.

  7. The only rope that the Democrats are keeping tight is the one around their own neck.

    Bullying Progressives and obsessed with Trump/Russia, relying on Trump losing the next election rather than presenting themselves as a refreshing alternative.

    Which was pretty much their ‘winning’ tactic last election.

    • ‘relying on Trump losing the next election rather than presenting themselves as a refreshing alternative.’

      Are you suggesting there is some kind of difference between Democrats and Republicans?

      All the evidence indicates both parties are rotten to the core (have been for decades) and both parties act as agents for banks, corporations and opportunists (the Clintons being amongst the biggest opportunists on this planet, and very close friends of Trump).

  8. The ‘Dons” got brains, bypass the media and tweet direct.
    NZ should do this. Nice one Mr Trotter.

  9. You seem to be confused Chris

    Try to get out of your outdated left/right paradigm and you’ll see what’s going on:

    All the money was on the other horse.

    Deep state players within the DoJ and FBI, Soros, most of the media luvvies, Hollywood and Californian business interests were backing Hillary. They poured money into her campaign, and they belittled Trump at every turn.

    She is and was awful. Corrupt to the core, ineffective whilst in government and a useless campaigner.

    Trump won.

    Now they can’t get over it.

    Sure the Republican party is fractious – many were in the same money-go-round as Hillary, pretending to be opposition candidates.

    But tell me Chris: Who have the Democrats got as a candidate for 2020?

    • “Trump won”

      No, he didnt, Andrew. Clinton got more popular vores than he did. Trump only “won” because of the weird college system they have, made worse by first-past-the-post voting. Its the same reason Labour lost in 1978 and 1981; an FPP election with individual electorate results being skewed by “safe seats”.

      You’re welcome.

      • Mjolnir, that just happens to be their constitution. So yes, he won.

        In just the same way Jacinda ‘won’ here by bowing the Winston’s demands.

        (Oh and once one deducts all the illegal alien votes in Caliphoney he probably won the overall count as well)

        • (Oh and once one deducts all the illegal alien votes in Caliphoney he probably won the overall count as well)

          Are you meaning California? Not sure what “Caliphoney” is, unless your predictive speech has gone haywire.

          Can you provide figures how many “illegal alien voted” in the election? And explain to us how unregistered illegal aliens can provide documentation to get on the Electoral Roll? I look forward to your response, Andrew.

      • So, using that logic, Jacinda did not win and Bill English should be our PM. You need to make up your mind

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