National pledges to do nothing and take a huge step backwards



National have pledged to do nothing and take a huge step backwards…

National Party pledges to scrap regional fuel tax
The National Party will repeal the proposed regional fuel tax if it is elected in 2020, leader Simon Bridges has confirmed this morning.

…what else can you expect from a  political party who have no actual values other than keeping Labour out of power.

This is a Party who are happy to lie about budget holes.

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This is a Party happy to hollow out public services for tax cuts and budget surpluses.

This is a Party happy to dump fuel taxes to fund infrastructure.

This is a Party who were happy to keep immigration open to prop up the property bubble.

Simon Bridges says the infrastructure costs would be paid for by the national budget rather than a regional fuel tax.

How on earth can you trust or believe this? He’s holding the Waterview Tunnel up as an example yet that was literally funded out of the 14c fuel tax National put in place!

National are a Party who actively went out of their way to bleed infrastructure spending and all of a sudden they’re willing to fund it?

There’s a beer advert in that.


  1. Bridges really does beggar belief. A fuel tax is the absolute best way to fund transport infrastructure, given that fuel is mostly used on that very infrastructure – it’s purely a “user pays” tax which is exactly what National usually promotes! Yes, they’re also funding rail/buses with it, but that should nonetheless lower congestion which is exactly what road users want. What am i missing?

    • +1

      Bridges was asked on RNZ what alternative funding source he’d use to pay for Auckland’s traffice gridlock.

      The useless little prat couldn’t answer the question.

      Aucklanders have a choice now. Vote Labour, Green, NZ First in 2020 and get things moving. Or vote national and enjoy being stuck in gridlock forever. Gee, i wonder what most people would vote for??

  2. Stupid man Simon Bridges is, as he on RNZ today said he would return to the national party plan of roads more roads and no regional transport plan except for Auckland it seems.

    That would mean that all NZ would pay to gold plate his roads of national significance mostly in Auckland and destroy regional rail and roading; – all in the same breathe; incredible stupid man he is.

  3. You know the real irony of their stance against the petrol tax?
    It is a user pays tax.
    And user pays taxes are what the political right usually say is best.
    And National wants to pay for all of this by how???
    They don’t actually say so we can suppose that this will be covered by general taxation and overseas borrowing.
    Hang on a moment.
    Isn’t funding huge infrastructure investments by general taxation something that the political left do which is very bad, according to National?
    And isn’t user pays what National and ACT have always advocated?
    Talk about ideological weather vanes.
    National is harder to predict than the weather.
    No wonder they ended up in opposition, because Winston couldn’t trust a word they said.

    • Well said Mike,

      You made me chuckle sitting in my humble abode up high in the Gisborne hills.

      ”National is harder to predict than the weather.; – No wonder they ended up in opposition, because Winston couldn’t trust a word they said.”

      Well complimented friend.

      “no bridges Bridges” = Northland.

      “No brains Bridges.” = NZ legacy.

    • “No wonder they ended up in opposition, because Winston couldn’t trust a word they said.”

      Nailed it.

      After the Nat’s dirty trick campaign against Peters last year, releasing his super ovrrpayment to the media, he’d be foolish to trust the evil bastards again.

  4. Everything the Coalition are doing is wrong according to Natz, but not once have they come up with a better or different plan to achieve the same. Bridges is proving just how little common sense he has, and his dream of becoming the PM is fading from sight – thank goodness.

  5. The bare faced lying didn’t stop with Key, English, Joyce and Coleman packing it in, did it?

    Bridges has no idea how National would fund policies to stop the slow strangulation of Aucklands traffic flow but sure as shit he lies anyway and says it will come from some other mystery source……like a money tree perhaps?

    What we do know is every other public institution will see its budgets cut and frozen as a result to keep this fake promise. And some petrol tax rises, unquestioned by the corporate media.

    Funnily enough, we’ve been there done that and are discovering on a daily basis how bad things really are!

  6. Any leader of the National party deserves the position: a liar and cheat, surrounded by liars and cheats, pandering to liars and cheats.

  7. NATIONAL are just a joke. NZ MSM that supports them are a joke. NZ is in DEEP shit, because of them both, that is NO joke!

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