Zimbabwe is now more progressive on cannabis than New Zealand is – how is this possible?


How on earth is this even possible?

Zimbabwe says it will issue cannabis licences to growers
Zimbabweans can now apply for licences to grow cannabis for medical and research purposes, the government has said in a legal notice, making the southern African nation the second country in Africa to legalize cultivation of the plant.

Zimbabwe is now more progressive on cannabis than New Zealand is?

What the hell is going on?

How can NZ have such conservative vested interests that can stop real progress in this country?

National are against real progress.

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The Māori and Pacific Island factions of Labour are against real progress.

The Greens can’t organise a sesh at a 4.20 event.

If we are going to get real chance in NZ, it will have to be via a referendum, it is as simple as that.

NZ politics are too cowardly for this, it must be the people who rise up against Parliament to force this issue through.

I’ll be speaking at the J Day event Saturday next week.


  1. I appreciate the general point here BUT I think Zimbabwe legalised it for the benefit of some Canadian company that plans to grow medicinal cannabis there.
    My guess is Canadians have an eye on cheap mountain land and labour..it will probably be as much benefit to the locals as allowing some foreign corporation to by up Kaitaia for a legalised marijuana farm, farmed by RSE workers, while slapping the locals with fines for possession

    “The local government is considering legalizing the cultivation of cannabis (known in the region as “mbanje”) to entice investors and international growers into stimulating the local economy. Zimbabwe is currently setting up various Special Economic Zones (SEZs) across the country, and these select zones will include exemption of labor law provisions and black economic empowerment rules, ultimately offering business incentives to international investors.”


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