Wait, what? Hosking is blaming Clark with an e for Con with an e’s column?

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…Hosking is criticising Clarke for responding to a fellow Herald’s character assassination as if it’s Clarke’s fault????

Wait, what?

Mike Hosking: Word to Clarke Gayford – don’t take the bait so easily

Which is where Clarke Gayford comes in. He has made a mistake in biting back.

He should not have done that. Not unlike the fish he’s made his name on, he got reeled in by the shiny Hill Cone lure.

She had him on the line, and he thrashed backed with, unfortunately, an insult.

He called her “a bottom feeder”.

Now here’s your problem.

…Hosking is criticising Clarke for responding to a fellow Herald’s character assassination as if it’s Clarke’s fault????


What is the bet that if Clarke hadn’t said anything at all, Hosking would be criticising him for not standing up for himself?

These people are unbelievable!

The NZ Herald is a troll farm with Lizzie Marvelly and Simon Wilson paraded around as pretend balance.


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  1. Peter Bradley says:

    I actually agree with Hosking on this one. The article was so obviously intended to get a reaction that the best response from Gayford, in this case, would have been to completely ignore it. Thus denying the oxygen that the Herald editors were so clearly trying to get.

    • Mjolnir says:

      Peter, so its ok for bigots to spew their venom but not to challenge it? Hmmm, its hard to ignore Cone With An E when its on a major media website.

      • Peter Bradley says:

        Yes it is OK for bigots to spew venom – it’s called freedom of speech and it’s part of living in a liberal, tolerant society (however ironic that may seem). While we may not like what other say we have every right to ignore it or respond to it. That is also a free choice. I’m not supporting Hoskings but I was disappointed when I saw that Clarke and Ardern both made responses to Hill Cones article which the Herald was then able to run further stories on. In other words the Herald set a trap and our PM and her partner walked into the trap with unblinking naivety. They were exploited by a media organization that was attempting to generate ratings and clicks and both obliged almost immediately.
        They need to both harden up, develop thicker skins and get some smarter media advisers because this is probably just the beginning of middle NZ’s revenge campaign.

        • Jason Hitchen says:

          I can see what you are getting at, possibly a new media strategy is required by boycotting NZME news arms altogether, give their opposition the exclusives perhaps. Deny them as much coverage as you can. Thinking the coalition is too keen with getting the message out and so it splatter-gunning it everywhere, time to be selective.

        • Lampie says:

          New strategy of avoiding NZME media arms as much as you can. Deny them interviews, let their competitors get all the lead stories.

        • Peter gordon says:

          Freedom of speech????? Tell that to Israel Folau.

        • Mjolnir says:

          “Yes it is OK for bigots to spew venom – it’s called freedom of speech and it’s part of living in a liberal, tolerant society (however ironic that may seem). ”

          “Freedom of speech”??

          But your first post was criticing Clarke Gayford responding to Cone-with-a-C*** and her crap. So your “freedom of speech ” applies only to ignorant paid trolls masquerading as “journalists”?? Fuck that. Funny how “freedom of speech” is the first default defence of some rather than defending what they said with that “freedom”. Freedom of speech isnt just spewing out out whatever rubbish comes to mind. Otherwise each of us should have a right to have our opinions published by the Herald. Lets see if that “freedom of speech” ever happens.

    • Lone comet says:

      Please don’t bother agreeing with this dirk pulling out the old sage ‘ been round the block,’ bullshit and grandly ‘I ignore every sling and arrow’. Plus which, he is just a TAD out of date in his attitude to social media. Hoskings: Jacinda and Clarke are NOT royalty. They are a young and modern elected First couple of this tiny little nation and can make up the rules as they go along, nothing to stop them and certainly no royal court, which you appear to be trying to fabricate. Nobody cares about your old world protocol and ‘it’s just not cricket’ sensibility. Clarke us a free human being and can and should say and do what the hell pleases him.

  2. e-clectic says:

    Don’t give this twat oxygen. He adores being “controversial”.

    • Wensleydale says:

      Anyone else find it sad and slightly pathetic that the term ‘controversial’ is now essentially a euphemism for ‘obnoxious, spiteful, ignorant arsehole’?

      • DirkDirkin says:

        Not many years ago, the bottom feeders wouldn’t have existed, Journalists had integrity. Now it seems to be dog eat dog

  3. Mjolnir says:

    Funny how the Right resort to cries of “freedom of speech” to defend their vitriol, but when someone responds, that same Right become shrill in condemnation of their decision to speak out.

    Fuck of Hosking, you are a disgrace.

  4. Jack Ramaka says:

    “The Hosk” is clown pure and simple, trying to put a gloss on a terd this is utter gutter journalism and B/S.

  5. roy cartland says:

    They’re obviously testing the water for a proper hit job on Clarke. Bomber, he’s your mate, make sure he’s prepared. No skeletons.

  6. Neil says:

    Wish I could have got odds from the TAB on this propagandist tart crashing into the bandwagon and pulling some hypocritical obnoxiousness out of his arse to call a column.
    #Hoskaganda #TheDailyReckon #nzheraldwherebalancedjournalismgoestodie

  7. Observer Tokoroa says:

    The Herald death Roll

    The grubby journos of the herald are facing a young demographic who have integrity and honesty.

    After all, they have no hope of owning a house. The are being crucified by extortionate landlords. The Herald Journos are the excrement of John Key and Billy English – and a bunch of nihilists called national.

  8. Christine says:

    Clark with an e responded, and what’s done is done.

    Better perhaps if he stops responding if the eHeralde keeps on behaving like bloody-kneed asphalt scrappers.

    It achieves nothing except cat-on-the-table diversions from issues that are actually important. It hurts good people. It titillates the pea brained.Let them just titillate each other.

  9. The worrying part is that some of our major news media find it profitable to employ Hill-Cone, Hosking and wife, du-Plessis Allen, a juvenile opera singer, et al.

    Presumably, a significant number of our friends neighbours find these nobodies useful, informative, or entertaining.

    It’s terrifying.

  10. Stand Alone Complex says:

    Every time I listen to Mike Hoskings, I can feel my brain cells committing suicide, one by one…

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