Damn it – if Trump actually manages a peace deal in Korea, he may well win 2020

By   /   April 20, 2018  /   12 Comments

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Could it be true?

Could Trump’s madness have spooked North Korea into cutting a peace deal?

Could it be true?

Could Trump’s madness have spooked North Korea into cutting a peace deal?

The amount of high level contact and genuine movement is extraordinary in terms of North and South Korea.

On top of the tax cuts and building that bloody wall, if Trump actually manages to pull off a diplomatic international coup of peace in Korea, he may well win 2020.

I know, it’s just so undeserved, but he will have pulled off one of the great geopolitical triumphs IF he manages this.

We might have to give the Devil his due.

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  1. G.A.P. says:

    Let us not forget that north and south Korea had started talking without the usa. (horror of horrors) What could that have done to the mighty military industrial complex if they had reached agreement on there own? No more excuses for megaspend war games bases etc.

  2. Mjolnir says:

    Nah, it’ll never happen. The Nth Koreans will play him for the fool that he is. To ensure that Nth Korea gives up its nuclear bombs, they’ll have to allow verification teams to wander throughout the closed regime. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before Kim lets that happen. Without verification, Trump will end up looking more like a fool than ever. (If thats possible.)

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      Agreed. Kim won’t want to be seen capitulating to what their entire population has been indoctrinated with from birth is the devil (i.e. the US) and giving up their one and only deterrence against it.

  3. John W says:

    Us started a war with Korea who had done nothing to the US, and as a part of that war colonised the South where puppets were installed as Govt, Ghe US bombed shit out of anywhere that did not allow occupation.

    NZ foolishly went in and helped the US adventurism so supported the ruthless bombing of civilians.

    Eventually China stepped in to assist the North of Korea and a truce was called. The USA blocked any moves to end the war and refused to sign a pact to that effect.

    The USA just has to declare they are no longer at war with Korea. Easy stuff. Nothing has to be negotiated for the USA to end the war which technically is still declared by the USA.

    The US intransigence toward making a peace offering is what North Korea sees as an intention to invade again, which we all know is spoken about by US officials and military over and over again.

    “North Korea” has rebuilt after devastation by the USA and its puppet co offenders and Korea wished to reunite. The USA is preventing that any way they can and remains hostile to the North..

    No peace deal is on the table. The USA just has to stop its war officially and get out of Korea..

    • TootingPopularFront says:

      And China (and their scientists) has stepped in again, October 2017, apparently, to advise North Korea to pull back – I am looking for evidence…

  4. Francesca says:

    Maybe NKorea is now confident of its ability to defend itself. No more testing or development necessary
    Maybe China, a nuclear power, has guaranteed the NKoreans protection under their own nuclear umbrella

    With the diplomatic help of China and
    a very willing new SKorea president, a peace deal is well on the way, without the irksome and “non agreement capable” US. If there is no war between S and NKorea, there is absolutely no need for the presence of US troops or missiles or THAAD in SKorea, or the damaging Joint operations simulating invasion of the North, named Operation Decapitation
    US can pack up its bags and go home
    Maybe, this has been a very cunning move .If the Sth and Nth are united, what possible reason is there for the US to stay?
    I’d love to think the neocons have been been trumped, with or without the connivance of Trump himself who has stated many times he wants to pull out the overseas troops, end the wars and build infrastructure again
    About the only worthwhile reason to vote for him in my view

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      …” I’d love to think the neocons have been been trumped, with or without the connivance of Trump himself who has stated many times he wants to pull out the overseas troops, end the wars and build infrastructure again
      About the only worthwhile reason to vote for him in my view” …

      Oh yes. The George Soros mass global media had tried their worst in painting Trump at every turn as a buffoon. We are assaulted every day with what ‘ the Trump’ has said or done or what colour tie hes wearing and how it clashes with his suit…

      Pathetic childishness.

      Now, George Soros , the globalist with the shady past will be working to whip up the anti Russia feeling in the west now that the flame of Nth / Sth Korea has been dampened somewhat.

      We are seeing it now. We had it at first with crazy accusations of Trump colluding with Russia in the USA elections. It failed . The anti Russia hysteria is the next card they will try to use.

      Trump is an old time free market conservative, like it or lump it. Not a globalist neo liberal. And old time American free markets are a different kettle of fish. First off it was Americanocentric. They liked to keep it in America and the profits of their often exploitative foreign investments going back to America.

      These days,… because of the electronic medium , the internet, …and the fluidity of transactions ,the neo libs / globalists find a strong nation state an impediment. Especially trade tariffs.

      Changing tack :

      Constant warfare exhausts any country.

      And the only ones profiting are those in the oil and arms industry’s.

      England , Germany and Japan were bailed out to rebuild after WW2 partially by the USA, – then progressively , afterwards … the USA sank into huge deficits. Especially with the globalists in power with the death of JFK thereafter. And it was very deliberate.

      I think Trumps main goal is to withdraw from long, costly wars and focus on a rebuild of the American economy and society. I think he will talk tough and do the John Wayne thing but underneath he is hoping it doesn’t come to that.

      It serves his purpose better if it doesn’t. If it did occur , however , he could even turn that to political advantage if necessary.

      And I surmise this is partially what he meant by ‘ draining the swamp’… of the globalists.

      Because they are an impediment to his long term goals.

      And have been the cause of untold millions of deaths and colossal suffering worldwide for literally decades.

  5. Aaron says:

    Given that the Democrats are still deluding themselves that a conspiracy of Russia, Wikileaks and the Trump campaign are the reason they lost then it’s even more likely Trump could win.

    Hilariously it is their own internal conspiracy to keep Bernie out that really caused them to lose.

  6. Andrew says:

    If it works, it is by definition not mad.

    Obama’s policy of “strategic patience” was clearly a failure because under that policy Kim completed the development of a nuclear warhead and the missiles to carry it.

    Trump 2020 – you’re on to it!

    N.B. I don’t like Trump – I think he’s a blowhard asshole. But I would have voted for him if I was American, because he was less bad than the alternative (Hillary)

    All we’ve seen right through the election campaign and his first year in government are the actions of Deep State trying to undermine him. This is because he wasn’t the ‘chosen one’ by the shadowy figures in the DOJ, FBI and the media elite. These people backed the wrong horse and they’re mad as all hell.

    So what have we:

    A fake Dossier cooked up by Hillary’s people to get a FISA warrant to spy

    Spying on the Trump campaign (that is effectively the same crime as Watergate)

    Mainstream media bias throughout the campaign

    Biased officials in the FBI and DoJ passing texts between them discussing how they would defeat Trump.

    Comey claiming Hillary’s use of private servers for government business and subsequent destruction of evidence weren’t crimes when clearly they were.

    The curious demise of Seth Rich who at the time was being lined up to give evidence against Hillary…

    A hit job using a porn star and a decade old affair (seedy for sure, but let’s not forget Bill Clinton’s rapes and abuse of interns)

    The ‘Russia connection’ that eventually evaporated into thin air – due to lack of factual evidence.

    Latest: Raiding lawyers offices to trawl for evidence against him. Clearly a fishing expedition to look for something /ANYTHING to get him with.

    My guess is that these people will eventually find something to nail him with. It’s hard to be in the construction and casino business for decades without ever shaking the hand of a mob boss or a Russian.

    When/if they do get something on him what will be the reaction of Middle America? Deep State had better be careful! Because the USA is edging toward some kind of civil war.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      One good thing about Trump is hes pretty ‘human’ , – unlike the other plastic career politicians who have haunted office for decades… I’ve said it before if you stuck Trump in steel capped boots, hard hat , checked shirt and blue jeans you’d have a stereotypical construction worker.

      Complete with the same sort of blunt language.

      And another thing, – Obama signed off on drone strikes for years every Tuesday that led to the deaths of tens of thousands, – mainly civilians.

      The Trump has never done any of that.

      And I believe the West has been bombarded by George Soros media links to try and discredit him. And that includes the NZ Herald and other large media outlets . So along with the Deep State , we have a global media network trying to undermine him at every turn.

      I still think the American public made the right choice aside from Sanders.

      • Andrew says:

        100% WK

        All we’ve seen in media here is the ‘luvvies’ brigade looking down their posh noses at Trump because he doesn’t attend the ballet.

        He’s not PC by a country mile – but he has a connection with those in hard hats and work boots: You know – real people….

    • You left out the bit where Comey announced to Congress that he was re-opening the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails – thereby destroying her chances for Presidency.

      That kinda blows your conspiracy theory out of the water, Andrew…

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