Govt must tell NZers if the TPPA-11 is its bottom line


Trump talks of re-joining TPPA, Government must tell NZers if the TPPA-11 is its bottom line

US President Donald Trump instructed his National Economic Council Director and the United States Trade Representative to look into joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement that he quit just over a year ago. This follows his earlier suggestion that he would consider doing so, provided its terms were made more beneficial to the US.

‘Labour and New Zealand First, having opposed the original TPPA, justified their u-turn by claiming the TPPA-11 is a significantly different deal. Now they face the prospect of being asked by the US to go even further’.

Parliamentary submissions close next week on the revised Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership between the remaining eleven parties, in which 23 of the original provisions have been suspended.

‘It won’t be good enough for the government to say the entry of the US is hypothetical or that it can’t show its hand ahead of such negotiations. Parliament is about to consider an international agreement whose fundamental terms may be about to change.’

‘The government needs to tell New Zealanders if it would veto the reactivation of the suspended items, such as those that would gut Pharmac’s bargaining power with the pharmaceutical industry, and whether would it even consider discussing additional concessions to the US beyond the original TPPA.’


  1. Jane how are you.

    Our two organisations sent our submissions toady condemning the TPP11 (or whatever it is called) – and thanks Jane for this.

    Question we didn’t see on the website; where the verbal submission process was being held yet?

    Do you know if we can give any verbal submission to a local region not just in Wellington please as we asked to give a verbal submission as well.


  2. It should be obvious to all that Jacinda will acquiesce to the will of the Anglozionist Empire hegemonists every time. I hate to say it but this government is a pig with lipstick on it.

  3. Yes, I too sent in a submission.
    Do you know the numbers the government received Jane?
    Trump wanting back in does not surprise me, nor yourself, I imagine.
    Such a shoddy deal being foisted upon us makes me sick to the teeth, it has always seemed ( since my six years of protest) that it is a deal by corporations and governments – that is non-negotiable with the peoples of each country involved. That is the worse part about it, they are rubbing our noses in it, weather we like it or not.
    DeMOCKracy much.

  4. Yeah, the Free Slave Agreement that No Zealand has with the largest dictatorship on the plane is WAY better. Tear it up. Those academics, politicians and journalists who are in the pocket of the Chinese mega-dictatorship should be honest with the public.

  5. Where are the protests, they will not happen, most are totally brain washed into oblivion, and Fakebook does the rest, they all are happy to hand over all their personal behaviour data to business corporations, as long as they can ‘connect’ with ‘friends’.

    Goebbles could never have thought out a smarter plan, it is perfect, what we have.

    Read this, for example, they do whatever they want, with YOUR data, and most abide and sign on and put up with this BS:

    This means, if you want privacy, do NOT use the internet, or go into the encrypted DARK NET, nothing else will protect you, dear friends, that is if you bother to care.

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