Dear NZ, we are so racist we don’t know how racist we are



Is NZ racist as fuck?


We know NZ has institutional racism problems because the statistics tell us so.

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Māori are 380% more likely to be convicted of a crime and 200% more likely to die from heart disease and suicide. Māori are paid 18% less and 34% leave school without a qualification. Māori die earlier and suffer more.

Māori own less homes. Māori are over 50% of those in prison.

Māori lost 95% of their land in less than a century.

At the turn of the 19th Century, the experience of colonialism had almost wiped them out.

To have climbed back from cultural extinction is testament to their Mana, not Pakeha good will.

We’ve paid them a couple of percent of the actual value of the land our colonial forefathers confiscated.

Pacific Islanders, many from Islands where we actually have an obligation to provide Governance, share the same blights of inequality Māori suffer from.

Small business Indian New Zealanders face intense violence in Auckland and their students are scammed in appalling student language sham schools.

23% of Asian NZers face some of the most intense racism in the entire country.

Are we racist? Of course we are, we are the worst racist, the racist that doesn’t know they’re racist.

Where I feel the debate has come derailed is around Taika’s examples of racism.

Intersectionist middle class Millennials police micro-aggressions and share that policing on a social media networks fuelled by personal outrage.

Arguing that Taika’s examples of mispronunciation of Māori, feeling profiled as a Polynesian and being accused of sniffing glue isn’t racist misses the point that we really, really, really are racist.

Regardless of whether or not the bias is intentional, if the system is providing favouritism, that isn’t fair, and as citizens in a progressive democracy we should all want for everyone to share the harvest with agency, acceptance and inclusion.

Getting tangled up in definitions of what is and what isn’t racism seems like a pointless exercise in ego. We have a structural problem here, how are we going to solve it so that we can positively and effectively bring about cultural welcome rather than resentment?

Accepting we have a problem is the first step.


    • 100% Helena so right there,

      Martyn we are just a shadow of our former self when we were an egalitarian society then we all had a Government caring for all and nobody went hungry or homeless and we all had jobs everywhere.

      What has National done to us all now.

  1. Is NZ as racist as fuck? Or is NZ / Aotearoa as ignorant as fuck?
    Ignorance breeds many kinds of flies ( No disrespect to actual flies)
    Don’t we need some fucking enlightenment? Isn’t that why we used to enjoy the wonders of public owned media? Unbiased, unilateral, without prejudice, empathetic ?
    Who’s severed the ties that bind us together as a scattering of humans? And why?
    This is an interesting documentary.
    In my view at least.

  2. Unless you can figure out a way for the human species to transcend the primal influences of our reptilian brain, then I’m afraid we’re stuck with the status quo. We humans are animals motivated first & foremost by primary concerns, so whether we like it or not, these biochemical realities are the hard cold facts we’re up against. I demand ~ TRANSMUTATION NOW!! See; Sri Aurobindo

  3. Labour and Roger Douglas started the rot with the Neoliberal Experiment when he sold off State Assets to his buddies, Fay Richwhite, Brierley and the Fletcher Family ?

    Niether National or Labour have had any interest in looking after the average New Zealander. They pander to Corporates and Offshore Investors, dumb, dumb and dumber IMHO.

    They don’t give a rats arse about us New Zealanders ?

      You’re absolutely right. Entirely right. And it’s up to the Us’s to bring the Them’s down.
      No matter what colour we are, where we’re from, what we eat, drink, dance to, we need to get together. And Maori are significantly better at that than we non Maori are so we non Maori should listen up and learn a thing or two. Is that why racism is flourishing? A neo liberal ( Criminal ) construct to trip up attempts by the Us’s learning how to be united in our tribalism to fight the Them fuckers, starting by our banishing racism? What then would the Them’s have left to manipulate us with? Pig muldoon cynically used racist rugby and abortion issues back in the early 1980’s when the neo liberalism parasite would have been laid deep inside Labour.
      Imagine? Just for a moment, that we Maori and non Maori turned around to face our common enemy? That seemingly ephemeral second species that lurks in banks and in the banks tentacles in real estate, retail lending, legal, medical, house rentals and ‘user pays’ generally.
      We must remember: It takes a lot of minimum-wage earners and their families living in cars and garages to make a Kiwi multi-millionaire.

      Aljeezrah News.
      Homeless in New Zealand – thousands living in garages and cars

      There needs to be a leader. A dynamic, young, brilliant leader to take us to the ‘next level’.
      How many times have I written; we need an actor. I’m not fucking kidding.
      Taika Waititi? What’re you doing over the next few weeks, months, years?

  4. Labour’s David Lange and Roger Douglas started the rot with the Neoliberal Experiment when he sold off State Assets to his buddies, Fay Richwhite, Brierley and the Fletcher Family ?

    Niether National or Labour have had any interest in looking after the average New Zealander. They pander to Corporates and Offshore Investors, dumb, dumb and dumber IMHO.

    They don’t give a rats arse about us New Zealanders ?

  5. “New Zealand has the “most sophisticated forms of racism on the globe”, former Associate Minister of Maori Affairs John Tamihere told an audience in Masterton last week

    “This country continues to provide the most sophisticated forms of racism on the globe. You can see it, you can smell it, but you can’t touch it … but we’re getting there,” Mr Tamihere said.”

  6. Actually he didn’t say NZders are racist because they mispronounce Maori words he said they cant be bothered PRONOUNCING MAORI WORDS properly and many MAORI deal with this everyday.
    When I looked at my fathers name on 5 different birth certificates it was spelt differently on each one and so was my middle name on my b- certificate. So I called births deaths and marriages and they told me to come in and they would look at it. This is how our maori names are changed the wrong people in these jobs and people that don’t give f..k. I can give many example of how racism is very much part of our NZ culture but what makes me really angry is when we have European people that look like kiwis and this includes some white south Africans coming here and being racist to us maori when our people fought and died for our country and yet they still got treated like 2nd class citizens when they came back from these wars. As far as I’m concerned many other white people that come here are treated far better than us and this has been going on for 150 years. Now I am in my 50s I have had enough and I wont tolerate it. I will now lash out straight away, verbally of course and I don’t have to swear either just tell them straight they are being racist. Might I add my mother is a pakeha so am I but have never been treated like one.

  7. Martyn, I have a lot of respect for you. I get no fun in reading the stats about Maori.

    You say
    “Māori are 380% more likely to be convicted of a crime and 200% more likely to die from heart disease and suicide. Māori are paid 18% less and 34% leave school without a qualification. Māori die earlier and suffer more.”

    If, 34% of Maori are leaving without a qualification, does it not remain true that 66% of Maori do leave school with a qualification.

    And if that is true, what can the successful 66% of students do to assist and encourage those who missed a Qualification ?

    Can successful Pakeha join with the 66% of successful Maori to assist in the teaching of others ?

    I have no idea why some people love doing crime. But surely studies have identified the reasons.

    Nevertheless, crime is an individual choice. If you love crime you must love the Punishment. Only the criminal can fix his /her behaviour.

    Maori are often so constructively in the media and that is a good thing. In spite of brutal Colonisation by the Cruel English Empire, they are remarkable people. They want their kids to do well. They don’t want violent gangs. They don’t want crime. They want health and happiness, care and opportunity for their families.

    I mix with Maori almost daily- and they kindly mix with me. I cannot tell the difference between them and me. Except they are handsome.

    • That pakeha males with no qualifications and a criminal convection has more chances of gaining employment than a Māori male WITH qualifications AND zero convictions does not in and of itself lead to poverty. From the beginning police militias was stood up to push Māori off of productive land and onto unproductive land.

      Access to productive land and and a biased tax system was meant to be this way because that’s what lobby groups wanted. Land reform was created companies like Chelsea Sugar refinery or even big oil. It was not designed for the productive well being of Māori. There fore Māori entrepreneurs can not get onto the low cost high volume end of the productive chain because they can not compete with the big conglomerates, they just can’t. So they have to get into luxury items.

      Maoris highest payed entrepreneurs and wage earners actually reside overseas mostly selling upper middle class real estate in Australia and working Australian mines with little bit for finance and investing. Australia provides these people with superior infrastructure and a biased regulatory regime skewed away from aboriginals. If New Zealand could offer the same world class access to markets then we may consider coming to the place of our birth. But there’s a caveat, this type of infrastructure takes about 30-40 years to grow.

  8. Yes Sam

    Sadly, the ruthless brutality of the English has no limit. Superiority, Domination and Plundered wealth since the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth the First, has been their one and only pursuit.

    It was heartening to learn that last year 2017, New Zealand Maori graduated 42 Medical Doctors. A mighty achievement.

    To hell with all the past. Pakeha too has suffered under the bastard Poms. For the English only love and fawn over their wealthy. Not their ordinary citizens. They even give away their non wealthy babies. The bastards.

    Maori Architects, Engineers, Roboticists, Scientists, Astronomers Biologists, Meteorologists – are in practice or in the wings awaiting. I am sure of that.

    Why don’t we give Richie McCaw a well earned rest, and display our talented Maori? instead of just footy.

    Maori and Pakeha are intertwined through intermarriage. Whether we like it or not we are destined to be one people. lets get on with it.

    Just don’t invite The Brutal English to Aotearoa. They are never to be trusted.

    • Turn around stories are not for the faint hearted. In finance a turn around investment is a company on life support going through major restructuring in order to overt bankruptcy.

      In my deepest moments I often ponder how wealthy I have to be so my relations as far down as my cousins children can have the vehicle of there dreams, a house, not worry about bills, go one a nice vacation, and have enough for there kids braces and university. Even though I quantify things in dollar terms, ensuring the vitality and quality of life for my extended family has little to do with money. Taking a deep look at what it takes to maintain quality of life for my family lead me to read about the Jews who survived the holocaust and try and why some who were weak and feeble before nazi persecution survived and why stronger more intelligent Jews did not survive.

      One guy (I’v forgotten his name so I’ll just call him guy) when he found out he was being taken away packed a suitcase full of food and managed to keep the suitcase with him for his entire capture, never once eating a morsel because he new from his experience of WW1 that the period immediately after a war is worse than the war itself because there is no government and if you lose then you have to pay the winner back financially for all of there loses. Not to mention the stuff he had to do to supplement his below nutritional diet nazis just love to feed Jews.

      So surviving adversity isn’t so much luck. You have to have a vision, you have to know what you want to build, and chase it. You can’t just sit back and prey some one will save you. You have to keep your head on a swivel keenly looking for opportunities to supplement your income and surround yourself with people who share your common belief. And sharing a common belief is perhaps the most important part of this type of slow growth. Because once you step down as a source of leadership your belief may just die with you any way. So you have to surround yourself with competent people, and then they have to surround themselves with competent people and so one.

      It’s human nature to be sociable creatures. People want to be useful. It’s abnormal to be a loner and it’s even weirder being a selfish neoliberal individual. It takes years of brain washing in front of Mike Hosking in order to convince ones self to act in your own worst-interest. So when the dominant culture takes on some of the customs and traditions of an oppressed culture then the oppressed just has to chase those opportunities. Then once you’ve occupied that space and identified other customs and traditions the dominant culture takes onboard you chase that as well until each culture is indistinguishable from the other.

      Learning how to value the underlying asset or suitcase so to speak means understanding what drives earnings. If for example your cafe job allows you to work week to week and there’s a power cut for two week and your employer switches to gas but nobody around them thought to go to the gas station and buy the last bottles of gas then every other cafe around them goes bust because all there employees are living week to week so when the power is finally turned on there’s no one to man the tills because they found other work just so they could survive. So even though the entire market lost massively there’s opportunity to restructure and keep trading. So it doesn’t matter if earnings are down -10% because you had to buy some game because profit is up 16% from the increased foot traffic. It’s the Baba Gump shrimp analogy.

      True believers understand the percentage risk of returns because they’ve already done the forecast and predicted future prices. So let’s say you’re pitched a job by two cafe owners.

      Owner 1 takes 50% risk per annum, annualised debt per annum in there business and you can measure risk in a business easily. So 50% risk per year and 25% return.

      Owner 2 takes 10% risk and has 16% return.

      Now who’s the better operator?

      Owner 1 could literally blow up in 6 mouths so your investment in time or money = zero

      With Owner 2 he’s losing 10% per year but he’s knocking in 16% returns. This means his earnings is higher than the volatility of his portfolio (and volatility is equal the number of clients multiplied by price) so Owner number two is an efficient optimised operator.

      This is why professionals put caps on risks because they are not mandated to take more than 10% risk or they sell up and get out straight away. But if they don’t beat market expectations they don’t care because every one is signing up to take 10% risk and no more.

      Emulating owner one’z belief in the market is a very bad idea because all he is doing is proving clients for owner number 2 and cash him out. And when normal people react to the power cut professionals like owner number 2 has already predicted it and normies are providing the liquidity to get out of the trade. So professionals have predicted that number a month before of even before they opened the business. And even if the risk adjusted return is higher or lower than consensus which is economists, the professional has already predicted if it’s going to be higher or lower than consensus. Consensus is called the “whisper number” and the market only moves on it because of normies, professionals don’t trade on it. So the short term revenue is providing liquidity for the smart guys to get out of a disaster scenario. So the first thing is capital preservation and then growth. So the key difference here is to avoid capital destruction and to get rich slowly. And professionals want to trade for ever or at least until retirement. Or until they die.

      Normies always set unrealistically high targets and stay poor or get poor quicker. Expectations are never ever meet and targets are never meet. And how do normies save themselves from bankruptcy? They do it by spending 50% on ads so they can find new clients to cash them normies out. All of this stuff is really easy to understand. Most people get it. But if you go to any educator none of them know any of this because it’s all about doing the right things at the right time. And you can’t learn any of this unless you’ve implemented professional strategy and made money. Navigating markets and making money is really difficult at first but once you’ve been around the block once it gets easier and it’s rewarding and no one can say a bad thing about you. Every millionaire knows all of this because they’ve done all the right things at the right time and any one can learn how to by practicing with real money.

      For the tl;dr version. In summary a turn around story = assets + belief + talent




    (Yes I know you find it difficult to imagine that NZ is NOT the centre of the Universe)


    E V E R Y W H E R E.

    Google & Research Kalergi Plan.

    Your offspring is going to hate you one day, when they wake up to how you were complicit.

  10. One of the saddest of TW’s examples of racism was being asked if he was a glue sniffer and not allowed near the til by someone who had known him and his family all his life… That is ingrained racism, and its pretty hopeless fighting against that kind of indignity, yeah the way that would make you feel, it would stick alright.

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