‪Turns out the ‘machete’ the Police used to justify shooting at a mentally ill man 12 times was actually a 7 year old blunt ornamental knife ‬


As soon as we found out the NZ Police had shot another NZer, I immediately posted the stock standard response to any killing in NZ by the cops


  • Police did nothing wrong
  • ‘suspected weapon’
  • shooting victim had it coming
  • Police demand to have more guns
  • no comment until after reports
  • reports always damning
  • media have lost interest in story by then
  • untrained alpha Police shoot another person


…we are now into phases 2 and 3 of the stock standard response. The ‘suspected weapon’ and ‘shooting victim had it coming’ phase. Here the Police aggressively defend their actions, demand thoughts and prayers for the poor police who had to unload an entire clip into whatever mentally unwell person they’ve gunned down and then tend to start phase 4 where they demand more guns as a response,

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The Police haven’t tried phase 4 because I suspect even they appreciate they’ll be hard pushed defending this killing once the details leak becaus  it now turns out the ‘machete’ the Police used to justify shooting at a mentally ill man 12 times and killing him was actually a 7 year old blunt ornamental knife .

It’s no wonder they’re moving into phase 5 so quickly, the ‘no comment until after the reports’ phase because they really don’t want us asking too many questions about this one.


  1. They should always check to see how sharp the knife is first!!??
    Maybe we should be asking why, if the person was this mentally ill, what support they were getting from the local health system.

    • Is that the mental health system that was runned down by the last government the one that didn’t care when patience went missing the one that didn’t listen to the mental health workers who were crying out for help , including more trained staff and better facilities. And the same government that kicked sick vulnerable people out of state houses and cuts funds to social services all so we all could have brighter future

  2. Yes most city boys can’t lay their hands on a machete. Thought that was suspect description of what he had. The police description of how they handled this poor guy who was clearly having a psychotic episode which they had been informed about is abysmal, and nothing short of murder. They should have kept their distance while monitoring him until he calmed down, which he would gave done. They had immobilised his car, and they could gave closed the road before rather than after killing him, and let’s not forget this was happening in the early hours of the morning. Why are the police not trained in how to help and deal with mentally I’ll people. They confronted him, then they shot to kill. Very stupid, very wrong, very tragic. Solo sad. Poor family, poor boy.

      • He had been recently diagnosed as Bi polar @ Andrew (you heartless ignoramus). He was on medication and had had a relapse. Read the statements by his family in the herald …..and then pull your head in!

    • Our NZ police still have not learned from the Steven Wallace debacle in Waitara they are still doing the same old shit and getting away with it by investigating themselves .

  3. We’re used to seeing cool calm and collected cops on TV shows but is the reality that these two real life cops were freaking out? Given that only 4 of the 12 shots hit the guy and then one of them in his back you’d have to say they were anthing but cool under pressure.

    The big question for me is how mentally equipped young cops are to deal with these situations because it looks like they’ve just been handed guns and pushed out on to the streets.

    To that end I feel sorry for these particular cops, they’ve been put in a position they clearly can’t handle with a police culture that seems to teach them that they’re surrounded by crazy people and there lives are perpetually in danger.

    • Well you clearly don’t understand the mentality of why these individual want to be cops?? Its a power trip and they love it even car chases are exciting to these adrenaline junkies it get them out of their boredom of investigated burgs that they won’t solve or handing out tickets for govt profit or making racist comments about a minority demographics that is their industries main consumer (Maori) So to actually use a weapon on another human being especially if they’re deemed to be unworthy (Criminals) for the society that they police then these adrenaline junkies will have no problem in pulling the trigger without thinking of alternative to resolving a situation peaceefully.

    • There is a basic flaw in the arming of our police.
      It mostly stems from the excessive political influence and activities of the NZ Police force.
      The ‘feel good’ factor and demonstrable power associated with packing semi-automatic pistols has been long desired and the major push at present is for regulations to allow them to be worn as part of standard uniform.
      Great for recruiting people with exactly the wrong psychological profile to the force.

      The major extent of the flaw is that these 9mm semi-auto pistols are incredibly inaccurate, incapable of incapacitating serious threats and generally only suitable for human executions at close quarters.
      No surprise then that this is exactly what is happening , month in month out.
      The majority of armed police forces , outside of USA , arm their police with short barrel shotguns, mostly pump action 5 shot.
      Most of these nations have crime and socio-economic issues that make NZ look like a safe haven.
      The norm is to load them with non-lethal rubber projectiles which are
      incredibly effective up to 30m range at incapacitating, seldom lethally , any physical threat to officers.
      There is also an easy option to switch ammunition to enable reasonable protection to the same officers if confronted by individuals or groups with miltary style weapons.
      A solid lead 12 gauge projectile will destroy a modern car .

      Time then to remove the 9mm Glocks from the Police arsenal and replace them with short barrel shotguns, rubber bullets and a public approved training and deployment program.

      • I believe the American police use Glock models in S&W .40 rather than the 9mm version for this very reason. I suspect 9mm was chosen because you have to give less training with a lighter calibre. Once you start giving people .40 you’ve got to really make sure they’re trained up before you let them go about brandishing it.

    • Aaron

      Police don’t get anywhere near enough firearms training. Amateur shooters often get way more and there is a fair amount of derision among the shooting community over cops and their gun mishaps (like leaving a Glock on the cistern in a Parliament toilet…)

      Also recently there have been articles posted about new (Millennial) cops being too soft to handle tough situations.

      So none of this surprises me.

      Also – where was the Tazer?

      • Excuse me but what happened to the approach of ‘talking someone off the balcony’ as opposed to shooting to kill ad a solution. Gun culture from the US, that’s what happened.

        • I blame the last government they turned us into a bit of a Police state and they breached NZders privacy and everybody that believed key is a mug 9 yrs he fooled too many gullible
          NZders now we are all paying

  4. “Here the Police aggressively defend their actions, demand thoughts and prayers for the poor police who had to unload an entire clip into whatever mentally unwell person they’ve gunned down and then tend to start phase 4 where they demand more guns as a response, ”

    Magazine, my dude, magazine. ‘Clips’ are the little pieces of metal 1930s rifles had to let you load in the 5 or 10 round strips through the top.

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