Political Caption Competition




  1. Hahaha ahahaha a a ! That’s funny. And a heaving ocean of irony.

    And that’s why a benevolent dictatorship works well for the Masses.
    It kind of acts as the cork in the bottle that keeps the dopy, psycho Genie in.
    And, We, are the dopy, psycho Genie of course.
    The film ‘Idiocracy’ just gets more and more prescient.
    Perhaps be renamed ‘Facebookocracy’?
    Instead of ‘Brawndo’ ? How about ‘Trumpdo’?

    • “Its the putting it right that counts”——- and bugger I don’t know how to put it right now!!!!!!!

  2. And as the congregation around him prayed for world peace young Mark suddenly had the revelation of how to thwart them all. Those school bullies would finally be paid back…

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