Justice delayed is justice denied – what the latest grotesque National Party underfunding has done


What the latest Official Information Act request shows us is a National Party who were told almost a dozen times that the Human Rights Review Tribunal was too underfunded to function.

After reading the papers my thoughts are that we have only begun to comprehend the damage to the social infrastructure 9 years of National has caused to gain their budget surpluses.

The OIA papers show that the National Government were warned a dozen times about the budgetary pressures the HRRT caseload were causing and they were given multiple opportunities and solutions to ease that pressure.

We instead have been left with a Human Rights Review Tribunal that is so underfunded it can’t prosecute the State for abuses of power. I am still awaiting my case against the failed Police Nicky Hager raid in 2014, despite the Privacy Commissioner Investigation concluding Police had not only breached my privacy but my civil rights as well.

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“Justice delayed is justice denied and when it’s against the state, how else is the individual to fight back?”


  1. More of the gnats mess they have left behind for someone else to clean up and no doubt we will see more mess its all starting to come out. Its just a mater of time so there so called surplus has come at a huge costs to our country and too many NZers including Martyn whose privacy has been breached. Our NZ police force need to sorted now, stop the rot.

  2. Given the precedent of Nicky Hager, I would have expected the police to have admitted fault here, to have apologised, and to have paid compensation. The whole of the ‘Dirty Politics’ scenario is shocking; the police may be bound by their own processes.

    I have said before that the Human Rights Tribunal – and presumably therefore the govt – may be transgressing s 27 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights ‘Right to Justice’ provisions, because the fact that you are unable to progress your claim, means that in effect, you are being denied that right.

    If the National Govt was told by the HRC that it was unable to carry out it’s statutory functions and didn’t adequately address this, then the N Govt has to be at fault here, and whether the lack of HRC funding was due to just penny-pinching may be debatable.

    Kia kaha.

  3. +100…great Post…The Nactional Party under jonkey was a cynical opportunist party which violated New Zealanders rights and the environment

    …and why the Greens would want to gift Nactional the extra advantage and air time and parliamentary time of their questions makes the Greens deeply sus imo

  4. My understanding is they did pay some compensation to Mr Hager it was kept confidential. (the amount )However our police force don’t seem to be learning from there mistakes the Tuhoe raids they eventually apologised but that was only after a lot of arm twisting. Then we have the illegal raid on Mr Dot coms mansion usa styles (they must be watching too much tv) and this cost us tax payers 90k.
    (thanks to finlaysin) Now they seem to be hell bent on pursuing with car chases and innocent people are getting hurt or killed what the f…k is going on in this organization and what is it going to take for them to wise up and get their shit together. The bad culture has been there for sometime it was there under the last labour government to someone needs to sort it.

    • It is unfair blaming National Party stuff-ups on the police.

      Does anyone really think that the Tea- Cup- tapes waste of tax payer money would have occurred if John Key hadn’t gone running off to the police about something so inconsequential ? If I remember rightly, that was the first incident of the police appearing to act as political agents, but it was certainly not of their own instigation.

      Shame the money isn’t there for the HRC, a big shame, but at least in this country, govt critics just lose their jobs, or lose their funding, and do not get tossed into canals.

  5. National have dragged us into a +$11 billion dollar hole with their secretive austerity nine year program that has now burdened us and our kid’s and grandkids for two generations going forward now.

    So in just nine years of this “insidious secretive austerity” National just lied to our face saying we had “a rockstar economy” and this is the most criminal deceptive act against the NZ Public any Government has done to us all in our living history.

    They should be tried in court to face the whole country for their crimes against the people.

    Keep it up Martyn, but should we plan forward now to raise funds for a case against them (class action) because it is a valid case of their use of public tax paid funding for totally improper use, as their were so many times they squandered our public funds for sheep farms in arabia, a flag change and buying favours with Warner brothers, and many more while they run our infrastructure to ruin?

    • I seriously think that the National party MP’s should face criminal charges for many of their activities. From selling off assets cheap through mates aka Meryl Lynch, to bare faced lying about the state of the economy to stay in power, pushing the country into monstrous debt to give richer folks tax cuts which were really just bribes, the whole dirty politics, mouldy middlemore and all to keep the main Natz on their fat cat salaries, Ex Chinese spy MP, the list goes on to keep them in powe, the lack of interest in any long term plan for the country and lying to keep the cash rolling into their 0% tax haven coffers. It’s like a Politician Ponzi scheme with insider trading and if the financial folks can go down for it, so should those at the top doing it too, the politicians.

      Lying to the public and then benefiting from the lie by a politician should face some sort of criminal charge.

  6. The ‘ State’ is the banking industry wearing sheep’s clothing.
    You’re up against a Bank State. Not, as we would hope, a social/democratic state maintained by us via our vote for the good of us all. In other words, the common good.

    Back in 1973, the BNZ in Timaru argued that the $27 K they lost into their system was accidental. My father argued that it was not, and he set about to prove that. After many, many lawyers at about $10k each the BNZ nailed my fathers arse to the ground aided by don brash’s 22% interest rates on $27K over a period of contest of seven years culminating in us losing our farm to $310K on an original dispute involving a total of about $45K all-up. ( $27K plus default interest on rates, rabbit board rates, interest payments for plant etc. ) $45K over seven years equals $310k.
    That’s what you’re up against @ MB.

    Our ‘ government’ is not a ‘government’.
    What ever administers our funds paid by us via our taxes to it for a flag change vanity project, a new face currency rejig, a rich con artists tax funded movie for warners bros, a media company enjoying a massive $48 odd million dollar tax break etc, is not a government in our collective best interests. In fact, they are traitorous, dangerous and as yet unchallenged. They’re like the thief you catch in your home but he/she refuses to leave until she/he’s spent all your money, sold your shit to others and ate all your food. Don’t laugh! That’s exactly how it is.
    They need to go. The Banks need to go.
    Why do you think the HRRT is so underfunded? It’s a tactic. A strategy. To make sure no one can have a go at the pricks. And it’s also part of the many headed beast that is our laughably dangerous politic.

    P.S. Why is it? That whenever I approach The Daily Blog website, my wifi gets disrupted? And nowhere else.
    I run a macbook pro and am always changing my pass words etc. Just sayin’.

  7. Individuals should not be allowed to fight back is more to the point.

    When all else fails ” hit em in the pocket ” works every time.

    The rich own the justice system for the righteous.

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