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  1. Not the mainstream media:

    ‘CrossTalk on Skripal case: The Problem with BoJo’

    “After weeks of media hysterics and official claims without a shred of evidence, the case that Russia was behind the Salisbury poisoning incident is falling apart. Transparency and the rule of law never played a role. It always has been about politics and a pernicious agenda. What happens next sadly is only too predictable.

    CrossTalking with Marcus Papadopoulos, Alexander Nekrassov, and Patrick Henningsen.”

  2. Not the mainstream media:

    ‘CrossTalk on Skripal case: Toxic Relations’

    “Words have consequences and threating actions can be very dangerous. This is the atmosphere engulfing the West’s relations with Russia. The poisoning incident in the UK has yet to be explained to the public. But this has not stopped the British and American governments from playing the role of judge, jury, and executioner.

    CrossTalking with Charles Shoebridge, Annie Machon, and James Jatras.”

  3. Christ save us! I despair at our ‘broad church .. the Left’ sometimes.
    Here goes a case of a pot calling a kettle ‘black’ … or more precisely, something really black with an ego the size of bus calling someone with a bit of a grey tarnish.
    “Male , dare I say it,mostly, prepared to substitute insult for reason

    [lprent: Personally having passed over your comments a few times as being inane, naive and rather stupidly sensitive. ie you like to dish it out but get indignant when others do the same to you. But I suspect that you simply have a very low standard about what constitutes a “bloated ego” for others and fail to look in the mirror to observe your own often enough.

    I usually find the dialogue on here to be pretty tame compared to my normal life. Here I normally only really use my sharp edges and overweening ego to deal with trolls. Which you appear to to be degenerating into.

    This is your warning. If you really want to start masturbate your ego by trying to start a flame war in the way that you appear to be doing right now, then you tend to wind up having to deal with me and my abrupt ways of dealing with trolls waving their matches and gasoline. Read the policy about how much I like cleaning up the debris and change your behaviour before I start noticing more than your sensitive ego, general dimness and the tree growing off your brow. ]

    The ‘bloated ego’ bit is what got me

    • It has become a bear pit; as I said, It’s his site. It is as he wants it to be.

      The person he’s referring to is articulate and erudite. If only the fool (the ‘he’ previously referred to) had the wit to acknowledge this.
      Ah well.. His monkey-site; his problem.

  4. This got BIG headlines during the G20 protest reporting, it was only very FEW rich prick cars that were burned, and the rest was hyped up to the maxx by the crap commercial media. Ordinary people in Hamburg noticed only little disturbances and were rather annoyed by all the media presence by the big state dignitaries, who blocked traffic endlesly in Hamburg, but when do we get objective reporting?

  5. Phil Twyford is right as our rural roads are so bad now since National allowed the extra heavy trucks now on our dirt roads we can’t use them any more so we sent Phil this note;

    Protecting our environment & health.
    In association with other Community Groups, NHTCF and all Government Agencies since 2001.
    Public COMMUNITY letter;

    8th March 2018.

    To; GDC/NZTA Roading Manager.

    Subject; Request for road pavement permanent seal repairs please to Te wera Rd from the one way bridge at end of tar seal to 1.5kms past 750 Te wera Rd. This dirt road has over three times the amount of heavy freight trucks now carried on this road than it had in 2005.

    Refer back to our last letter to you d/d 26th March 2018 and most importantly the letter of 31/1/18 ‘health alert’ of severe road dust letter with the documented readings of severe road dust issues, the pictures are attached at the last few pics of this public health letter please review again that letter as I have attached it again at the bottom of the email.

    Our case for tar sealing of our part of Te wera Rd from the beginning of the dirt road by the Matawai Conservation estate to 1.5 kms south of this point to relieve all three farm residences on this 1.5 km part of the road. (A new resource consent may be lodged shortly for a new extra Auckland based investor to build a large ‘retreat complex’ also we are now advised making four resident homes along this 1.5km stretch of road and a health issue of extremely high dust measurement levels are now being measured daily when dry weather is present.

    We have previously advised GDC of this evidence in a letter to GDC roading Manager Davie Hadfield. See letter at end of email d/d 31/1/18 and pics above of dust measurements in excess of 700 PPM PM10 in our air please as evidence please.

    QUOTE; 31/1/18 we said;
    First reading was ,784 PM10, and 15 minutes later was seen at a whopping 576 ppm PM10 and last reading 30 minutes later was well over 200 ppm PM10 still.


    Te wera Rd is being feed from several large commercial rural back block roads, with many farms and other industries it is shown in these Google satellite map sites here.

    Farms and other industries who send freight through Te wera Rd will be from;
    Rere via Mutuera Rd, Motuhora Rd, Tahora Rd, Tahora Settlement Rd, Rakaroa Rd, Wharekopae Rd, Moanui Rd.

    Link on these and observe the industries that will feed the Wera Rd infrastructure as the products of aggregate and farm products and stock feed truck movements use Te Wera Rd to get their freight in and out of this remote region.

    We state this is a principal road for rural transport and is needing to be sealed with a heavy duty tar seal application to sustain the massive increased truck traffic we have witnessed today aft increasing through the last five years here.

    We have been observing the traffic levels on Te wera Rd for 13 yrs.’ and heavy truck traffic has more than trebled since 2005.,177.440383,17,38893302,20040066&loeid=38893312&u_his=1&u_nplug=4&u_nmime=5&brdim=0,0,0,0,1366,0,1366,728,1366,637&prev_fmts=468x15_0ads_al&format=fpkc_al_lp&kw_type=radlink&hl=en&rt=ChBayVYiAAVqGAqWLcf1D3kbEgEgGgj7k5s7qACWEygBUhMIzcyutKqp2gIVz2mWCh1QNQPFeAGCAQ8KC1N0cmVldCBWaWV3EgCCAQwKCExpdmUgTWFwEgCCARIKDk1hcCBvZiBTdHJlZXRzEgCIAQE&ad_type=text

    My car has FURTHER been affected by these rough road surfacing and needed FOUR wheel re-alignments just last year alone and now TWO WINDOS CRACKED BY STONES BEING PICKED UP BY OTHER VEHICLES AND TRUCKS so far this year now.

    We ask again please; ‘Have you done an AADT count of heavy vehicles lately?’
    We await your response.

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