Wait, what? National lied about the Earthquake rebuild as well?

By   /   April 6, 2018  /   24 Comments

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Everywhere we look, the National Party underfunded and hollowed out every budget they could to create a false budget surplus to afford tax cuts.

You would think after all the shit Christchurch residents have had to put up with, this latest admission of incompetence by the National Party is surely the cherry on the top of one sick turd cake.

As if finding out the state used corporate spies to spy on Christchurch earthquake survivors was bad enough, it now turns out National lied about the re-repairs done due to their slack and incompetent rebuild.

In 2016, Brownlee claimed the re-repairs had cost $70million. Two days ago it turns out the cost for these botched repairs was $160m. Today we learn the amount is actually $270m.

Everywhere we look, the National Party underfunded and hollowed out every budget they could to create a false budget surplus to afford tax cuts.

Rotting sewage filled Hospitals without power, a Christchurch rebuild that needs another rebuild, a traffic infrastructure that barely functions, social services that don’t service and a health system that has been underfunded in the billions.

And yet what is the media’s focus? Petrol tax hysteria and Clare Curran’s coffee dates.

Things NZ msm focus on:

-Clare Curran’s coffee dates

-Petrol taxe hysteria

Things NZ msm ignore:

-War crimes

-grotesque health underfunding

-grotesque social service underfunding

-grotesque education underfunding

-grotesque infrastructure underfunding

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    How do you tell when a National Party politician lies?

    Answer = It happens every time their mouth opens.

  2. Michelle says:

    yes I listened to the interview on RNZ this morning it was shocker. Brownlee is a joke he should be ashamed of the mess in chch and the EQC and fletchers have a lot to answer for. Bloody disgusting that many of the fix ups did not meet the building code practices and did you hear his lame excuses. And he was trying to shoot the messenger what an incompetent sod and who voted for this clown.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Brownlee is a sad bloke now that he has lost his sidekick Steven joyce now. He seemed lost without his ‘Key clutch’ now.

  3. WILD KATIPO says:

    Keep it up , Mr Bradbury , – basic morals,values and ethics are at stake here.

    And without those, we are no more than the animals.

    Unfortunately , all too many of the far right wing neo liberal ilk believe we are just that , – mere animals to be exploited. And they do that because it relives them of the responsibility of having a conscience.

    Much like John Key giving the order to massacre small children in Afghanistan.


    Thats the neo liberal far right winger for you.

    The hollow men and women.

  4. Some guy says:

    The thing is, I don’t think anyone in Christchurch is in the least surprised by this. We have for years been very vocal about the fact that the repairs being done were inadequate and not to the level specified in our insurance contracts.

    Now that the government is being forced to re-repair (and re-re-repair, and re-re-re-repair) the shoddy work that they specifically instructed Fletchers and their sub-contractors to do, the real costs are coming out and are much more than if they had just done it right in the first place.

    As for us – our repairs were not up to standard but we won’t be pursuing it. It just isn’t worth the stress. Sometimes you have to put your emotional wellbeing over getting justice.

    The National parties repair strategy was simply to kick the can down the road so that the real costs get paid later.

  5. Mjolnir says:

    The Nats are on the back-foot with bad headlines revealing incompetence at every level. No wonder they’re pushing the ClareCurran thing so heavily. This is an unholy, septic mix of “gotcha politics” and “gotcha journalism”. It deflects nicely to focus on a coffee date ratger than 9 years of under-funding, service cuts, and burnt out service workers. Now, about that Clare Curran thing, what coffee did she drink? Or was it tea? And did she take sugar with it andwas it fucking organically grown???

    Yeah, like we need to know.

    • bert says:

      I have read Stuff and the N.Z.Herald and nothing on this story. Neither sadly an, as you say their incompetence at every level. The media is set up as protection for National.

    • darth smith says:

      how about carol hirchfeild as chair of rnz+
      give that nact griffin the boot

      • Red Buzzard says:

        +100 YES to Carol…and Richard outsky

      • clare elliott says:

        How is Carol Hirschfeild allowed to resign and stay silent as to why and what and wherefore….This is bullashit!!!…the Nats have left a squirming,dark hole which has been left to the clueless to guess as what on earth went on here…and I’m furious that the only journalist wisw/brave enough to answer these questions is banned….for a reason I know not what….C’mon,NZ!!!!This is NOT good enough.

  6. Kim dandy says:

    One just need visit Christchurch to see ‘how much has NOT been fixed, so, so, so many years on.
    Brownlee will be the next to resign, here’s betting.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Yes brownlee next then maybe Nick Smith as his pollution of our water is about to resurface as the cost of fixing our environment will make the CHCH bill look like a bargain at woolworths.

      Nick Smith will clear the scene just before the Environmental bill is announced I am betting.

  7. simonm says:

    I’m starting to think that losing the last election was a masterstroke by National. They’re now trying (and succeeding) to pin the blame for the disasters caused by their neglect on Labour.

    I heard Soimon Brudges on RNZ the other day. He had the temerity to say it’s time to forget that National was in charge while Middlemore Hospital became a mould-infested, raw sewage ridden hellhole, and for Labour to hurry up and fix the problem using the “massive” surpluses National left behind for them.

    Labour needs to fight back against this misinformation campaign and put the blame back squarely on National where it belongs. People have very short memories and it won’t be long till Labour starts to own all of National’s failures unless they step up and set the record straight now.

    • darth smith says:

      if national had stayed in power the denial and looting would have continued what pisses me off is bastards just walk away doctor Coleman he spent 9 years blaming annett king then he just walks away from the mess my sense of justice wants to see hangings or the very least never getting a management job ever again anywhere

    • Red Buzzard says:

      RNZ and Guyon Espiner go softley softley on Nactional…they always have…the interviews are often almost like pals talking …no interruptions and the tone is decidedly intimate and friendly

      ….compare this with the adversarial tone when Espiner is going after especially Winston Peters or anyone in the Labour government coalition…and he lets selected attack dogs do it for him eg uncritical attacks on Ardern and Peters for not expelling Russians

      …this is why there needs to be a clean out in RNZ if the new government is to remedy run down substandard hospitals and care, a chronic housing shortage for NZers and succeed in cleansing the corruption of the last jonkey Nactional government …which imo lazy matesy journalism from the mainstream state media aided and abetted for nine years

  8. Aaron says:

    Maybe we should have done some maths. A basic house costs $200,000 to build so you can make 300 houses for $60 million. Does it sound like the equivalent of 300 houses was enough to repair all the quake damage?

    • darth smith says:

      i think labour should announce a royal commission of inquiry in to the national party there criminals 9 years of fraud should be investigated

  9. let me be frank says:

    “….this latest admission of incompetence by the National Party is surely the cherry on the top of one sick turd cake.”

    except there has been no such admission…and as long as Brownlee draws breath there will not be…he aint going to change at this late stage.

  10. jennifer says:

    the chch rebuild needs to be investigated/audit by an independent body – a lot of the money may have been funnelled to individuals incl brownley/key and associates – the details of who and when can all be traced – now national is out the bodies are harder to hide

  11. Theodore says:

    With every passing day, there seem to be more and more revelations of National’s incompetance. It’s high time their so-called reputation for being good financial managers was scrutinised and put to the test.

    I could be a good financial manager as well if I didn’t pay for my car’s upkeep. Eventually it would break down and end up a pile of junk. That seems to be the Nat’s style of financial management?

  12. JustMe says:

    The past National government as from 2008 through to late 2017 must taken responsibility and accountability for their actions and inactions.
    If they tread the tried and true(for National)mantra of blaming everyone else but themselves then on their heads be it.
    Looking at the feeble excuses by Gerry Brownlee, Jonathan Coleman and even Simon Bridges indicates to me they knew what was wrong with the National Party policies but were too gutless and weak to say things, under the National government, were totally and absolutely wrong.
    No instead they resorted to blames games. Talk about pure childishness on their parts.

  13. Zack Brando says:

    This fat-ass needs to be pried off the government teat. Hopefully he’ll be the next Nat out the door.

    Who else is sick of his attempts to infantilize question time using dubious standing orders and conceit?

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