Alleged NZ War Criminal cover up artist resigns and NZ media STILL obsessed by Clare Curran’s coffee dates – peak denial reached

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This is insanity. Our fourth estate have completely failed us. The only way this war crime gets covered now is if it appears on Married At First Sight and admits cheating while going on a coffee date with Clare Curran.

What can one actually say about the NZ mainstream media that hasn’t already been spat upon them?

The man who allegedly oversaw a war crime cover up steps down and you would imagine that the NZ media would finally stop with their Clare Curran fetish and be forced to examine and question a war crimes the NZDF covered up.

You would think.

Insanely the media fetish for Clare Curran continues unabated, this time using a right wing blogger…

… so let’s get this straight.

Hager and Stephenson publish a book just before the 2017 election making war crime allegations against the NZ SAS during a botched revenge attack. 21 Afghan civilians, many woman can children, are killed or wounded during the attack.

No ‘terrorists’ were found.

What makes this allegation even more compelling is that the Prime Minister at the time, John Key, personally signs off on the mission after the NZDF contact him to gain permission because the level of accountability to conduct this attack falls well outside their agreed role.

John Key personally sign off on the mission after only a 30minute phone conversation.

The NZDF at the time lie and mislead the public about the true level of carnage they cause.

Bill English refuses an inquiry based on lies.

This lie is exposed when the NZDF finally admit it last month and the NZ Herald catch them out.

The person who lied and misled the public and the media, Lieutenant General Tim Keating, is exposed as stepping down.

Media utterly ignore those war crimes, the NZDF lying about it and Lieutenant General Tim Keating stepping down to focus on Clare Curran and her fucking coffee dates.

This is insanity. Our fourth estate have completely failed us. The only way this war crime gets covered now is if it appears on Married At First Sight and admits cheating while going on a coffee date with Clare Curran.

Meanwhile this guy walks free…

…this guy walks free…

…this guy walks free…

…and this little girl we killed lies cold in the grave…

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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    Good Post ….RNZ is failing us miserably for critical intelligent investigative journalism…it is a propaganda machine

  2. Afewknowthetruth says:

    ‘peak denial reached’

    I very much doubt it. Things are going to get a lot worse a lot faster over the coming decade (declining energy return on investment, melting ice caps, abrupt climate change, pollution of the air, land and waters, unravelling of fiat currencies, resource wars, social meltdown etc.) and the mainstream media will continue to pretend none of it is happening or that there are small problems that can be ignored or addressed by tweaking the system slightly.

  3. WILD KATIPO says:

    This is New Zealand’s My Lai .

    My Lai Massacre – Wikipedia

    And while not of the same scale of deaths , the fact that our Defense Force had been given direct approval by our Prime Minister makes this war crime particularly serious.

    It would of been akin to Lynden B Johnson ordering the My Lai massacre.

    John Key , Jerry Matapere , Keating , and English need to be bought before our courts to answer for war crimes. In English’s case it would be for trying to pervert the course of justice while MP and then Prime Minister.

    It would be far better that NZ tried them first before the International Criminal Court did. At least it would save our country having to be shamed internationally even more.

    International Criminal Court – Wikipedia

    Then again , who really cares about minor issues such as ‘shame’ when the greater issue is a small girl lying cold in a grave because of the evil committed by the corrupt and duplicitous politicians / military leaders we had the extreme misfortune to have occupying those offices?

    Perhaps we should hand them over to the International Criminal Court after all and be done with it.

  4. Michelle says:

    I would like to know who is paying for the RNZ CEOs QC. I hope it isn’t our taxes I am sick of these leeches. These people need to get real we have just had 9 years of one of the most corrupt and divisive governments we have ever had and our mainstream media have been oblivious. Now they are making a mountain out of mole hill why because they still haven’t come to terms with losing the last election they are so bitter and twisted. Everyday we find a new mess left by them.

  5. bert says:

    More insight into Richard Griffin…

    “Beneath Mr Griffin’s guileless exterior is a sharp intellect that enabled him to become the voice of politics for 14 years and subsequently to wheel and deal behind the scenes – first as press secretary to Mr Bolger, then as TVNZ’s lobbyist and finally as a public relations consultant in partnership with former TVNZ chief executive Ian Fraser and former National Party president Sue Wood.

    He knows where the decisions get made and how to influence them. “There is always a window of opportunity where you can make a difference by going to the political homeland down in Parliament”


    says it all really.

  6. bert says:

    More from Richard Griffin

    “”I can’t believe I did this. I went past several offices in the gallery saying ‘I have had far too much to drink, but I’ve just got to talk to [host] George Balani’. They all said ‘Griff don’t, don’t be foolish, don’t do it’ . . . ‘No, no, I’ve got to do this’,” he says, replaying the folly that preceded the disaster.

    “I was far too drunk to be on air. It was pretty obvious I was way past the limit. The next day the management of Radio New Zealand said ‘This is simply not good enough.’ I agreed with them.”

    Mr Griffin was taken off air for a week, but kept his job. “Thank God for liberal thinkers, that’s all I can say. It was disgraceful, but I can’t claim to have led a particularly responsible life. I’ve made every mistake in the book, more than once on some occasions. I don’t claim to be a paragon of virtue, particularly when it comes to irresponsible behaviour when liquor’s involved, but it doesn’t matter, I don’t think.”

    So why was Hirshfield forced to resign again you bigot?

    • mary_a says:

      Bert, perhaps Carol Hirschfeld was a threat to Griffin’s position. From what I know about her skills, she has the credentials to be the power house of RNZ. Maybe Griffin realised this and found Hirschfeld capabilities somewhat intimidating.

      Interesting that the Curran/Hirschfeld saga should be on the boil now, right when the NZDF Chief is stepping down! Another diversion tactic from Natz no doubt, with msm helping smooth the way!

    • Red Buzzard says:

      …because it is boys- will- be- boys( forgive us)

      ..and inquisition for the girls

      …especially the uppity super smart girls who ask awkward questions and see through the male bullshit

  7. mary_a says:

    The NZH dedicated a whole 8 lines to the resignation of NZDF Chief Tim Keating!

    Now anyone got the time to count the far too many number of lines msm has dedicated to the Curran/Hirschfeld story?

  8. Kim Dandy says:


  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    The Griffen vs Hirschfield Saga is an interesting one ?

  10. bert says:

    Now the media is obsessed with the petrol levy…

    Two things. we need to pay for the increased traffic on our roads and the damage it causes… and if you don’t like it, being an immigrant HDPA I suggest you go back and live in South Africa whence you came. Now if anyone loses the 2020 election for Labour, it will be the self obsessed right wing media!

    • Michelle says:

      Bert the media are obsessed with taking the new government down and what NZ citizens need to remember is 6 months in government is not enough time to fix the 9 years of mess and damage the gnats created.

  11. Tom Gardner says:

    War is hell. C’est la vie

  12. John W says:

    A new RNZ board and CEO.

    The present lot are gate keepers.

  13. remo says:

    It’s more than insanity. It’s proof positive ‘the media’ collude.
    Not so much fake news, which is the norm,
    But no news at all. You cannot complain about that under the complaint process.
    Let’s see how RadNZ handle the outright lying of Boris Johnson’s “Porton Down identification of the Skripal ‘nerve agent’ as ‘made in Russia’ when they patently, categorically and absolutely had not done any such thing.

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