“It wasn’t me” – Simon Bridges on the horror underfunding of our social infrastructure

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If only the news media had spent as much time focusing on this grotesque political obscenity as they have chasing Clare Curran’s coffee dates.

Lie and deny everything 

The audacity of denial by Simon Bridges over the state of Middlemore hospital is astounding

National Party leader Simon Bridges is refusing to accept responsibility for infrastructure problems at Middlemore Hospital that came to light under its watch.

…this is effectively the National Party…

…so after being caught creating an environment of fear whereby DHBs couldn’t ask for more money, after hollowing out social infrastructure to fund tax cuts for the wealthy, after Middlemore is found to have black mould, after Middlemore is found to have raw sewage leaking into the walls and after Middlemore admits to major power cuts – all because of policies of neglect exacerbated by National over 9 years – Bridges refuses point blank to take any responsibility.

If only the news media had spent as much time focusing on this grotesque political obscenity as they have chasing Clare Curran’s coffee dates…

…we might have been able to hold National to account.

Once again, the media in NZ have allowed National off the hook.


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  1. Marc says:

    Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, even more tax cuts, even greater tax cuts, we can afford this, we are the glory of self interest in NZ Inc, that was Bill Fricking BS English (lack of knowledge of the language) and also that John Bend the Truth Key Guy.

    FFS, do we need more such lies, that is the heritage we have, I WARNED Labour to go into bed with NZ First and others, to take charge now, you will be punished by the idiotic, short attention span suffering voter of NZ Inc, who is not the brightest by any judgment, as I dare determine as a long time observer.

    • Marc says:

      Petrol, petrol, petrol, tax, tax, tax, oh the devil is there, got it? The MSM are the messengers of vested interest parties, that includes AA, National Party, the road transport network guy, Ken Shirley, business lobbyists all over the place, got it?

      Maggots they should be called, they should face the poison that is needed to kill that kind of sick blood suckers off for good, like the fleas on our export plants, which they never did much about.

  2. This is what tax cuts got Oklahoma;

    Now, as Oklahoma stumbles through a budget crisis after years of steep tax cuts, his call for higher taxes on his own industry and a rethink of what makes a state’s economy viable has struck a chord here.

    On Wednesday, the Republican-dominated legislature failed to muster the supermajority needed to pass an interim bill to fund essential health services, deepening a political impasse. But many Republican legislators agree with Bartlett that what’s needed is to put Oklahoma’s finances in order so that it can afford to pay teachers more and invest in social programs and infrastructure.

    ref: https://www.csmonitor.com/Business/2017/1026/Oklahoma-cut-taxes.-Now-a-squeeze-on-public-services-forces-a-rethink

    New Zealand is catching up with the realisation that if Kiwis want a First World society with good services, we better be prepared to pay for it.

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    “Who; – what me”
    Lying ’10 bridges’ again eh?

    Just can’t help themselves can they?

  4. Greg says:

    Politicians should not be entitled to royal titles, Cabinets constitution means they cannot be held personally responsible for policy and decisions they make. So why should they be rewarded for doing a job they get well paid for and enjoy perks beyond being in the job.

  5. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Public hospitals are for the ‘peasants’ who cannot afford private health care, and therefore are funded to ‘peasant’ standards.

  6. Siobhan says:

    Anyone still wondering why John Key left the building in such a hurry??

    • Attila says:

      There have been some interesting rumors, but nothing to do with his mismanagement of the economy or social support.
      If a Labour PM behaved in the same manner the media would be having a field day.

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