Movie Review: Peter Rabbit 5 stars: Animal House meets Monty Python meets Love Actually


It’s Easter, that means taking my 8 year old daughter to her Easter Movie.

I wanted to see The Death of Stalin, you know, a rom-com, but she wanted to see Peter Rabbit, so rock-scisser-pappered for it.

Unfortunately she knows I go rock first all the time, and instinctually counter defend with scissors.

Damn that child knows me too well. I’m pretty sure I’m getting screwed on the pocket money to chores ratio too.

So Peter Rabbit it was.

Glad I lost

Firstly the animation really is wonderful. Secondly the soundtrack is amazing (Timebomb by Rancid?!?) and thirdly it’s very, very, very Millennial safe space funny.

TDB Recommends

James Corden does for Peter Rabbit what Robin Williams did for Aladdin.

There are some wonderfully clever bits and it’s actually worth watching twice because some of the jokes are so fast.

Sam Neill’s lifestyle flashback as Mr. McGregor is possibly the funniest 30seconds in cinema.

I give it 5 stars, my daughter gave it a billion plus infinity.



  1. Great. I’m going. I need a diversion from ‘reality’.

    You seen Arthur and the Invisibles by Luc Besson?

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