When it comes to covering the left, the NZ msm has all the balance of Israeli media covering the occupation of Palestine



Key leaves with war crime allegations unanswered

English leaves with Todd Barclay questions unanswered

Joyce leaves after lying about $11.7b budget hole

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& Coleman quits while Hospitals flood with sewage

BUT media want to bitch about Clare Curran’s coffee date?

When it comes to covering the left, the NZ msm has all the balance of Israeli media covering the occupation of Palestine – war crimes, budget lies, spending public funds on hush money & underfunded mouldy sewage hospitals are less important than Clare Curran’s coffee dates???

The mainstream media can’t tell us what to think anymore, (we allow Twitter & Facebook to do that for us), but it can tell us what to think about and the manner in which they have turned a blind eye to the far, far, far more serious issues of war crimes, using tax dollars to hush up a public servant, lying about budget holes (when Joyce was actually creating a $20b budget hole in the NZDF) and mouldy, sewage drenched public hospitals who were too frightened to ask for the repair money to focus on Clare Curran makes the media in this country evidence that ugly ducklings become graceless swans.


  1. When it comes to covering the left, the NZ msm has all the balance of Israeli media covering the occupation of Palestine…or infact all the ‘balance’ of the NZ msm coverage of anything political be it America, the UK, the middle east, Russia, etc etc…
    the MSM News and current affairs exists for one reason and one reason only Manufacturing Consent.

    • You should never let the bus take you somewhere your mind did not arrive five minutes earlier. It’s not a joke to those policy nuts when they have to explain out of date programs because they cannot out-think junior journalists.

      A good first step would be to simply adopt dirty politics and mimic those things which most annoy left wing communities.

    • Totally agree Siobhan, and with the advent of independent online news sources, the MSM just doubles down

  2. As usual Marty, you sum it up.
    I have been saying this on the Standard site to howls from right wing trolls and frustrated lefties who “want it all” in 6 months.

  3. And who ‘owns’ the media?
    Who ‘own’ the four major trading banks who most benefit from a compliant MSM?
    And why?
    What’s in it for them? A few lousy buck$ ? Or a whole country?
    I see adern has mooted that NZ might become a republic ‘ within her life time’.


    I think your focus is falling short, like a pop gun at a rifle range.


    You must surely realise that the impetus behind politicians who insist on a bias MSM is the banking industry. Those scum fucks suck billion$ out of our economy annually so they’re not going to want an M$M sniffing around in their sock drawer because you can bet your sweet little man-buns that they’ll have their dead eyes on a bigger target.

  4. The MSM in this country is beyond a joke.
    Most people reading the daily blog already know this.
    I just don’t bother with NZ MSM anymore.
    I wish other New Zealanders would wake up to the farce.

  5. Have you considered @Martyn that the voices of our ‘msm’ are those of the fearful aas they look forward to the inevitable, and as they try to knock back just one more glass of Chardonnay before it all goes tits up.
    I look arouns my neighbourhood. 20 or 30 years ago a Joe Average until the pressures of consumerism and gentrification kixked in.
    Today… I watch the number of houses whose owners are ‘over committed in debt’ desperately trying to sell their houses in order to pay for the interest on that flat screen in the toilet (or bathroom) that pushed it all over the edge.
    I’m expected to feel sympathy for them too!

  6. Seems like you support utter corruption in govt then, which is what the MSM, quite rightly, for the good of New Zealanders, has been calling out. Good on them and about time. More to come, well done Melissa Lee. Ardern too weak to sack her, the public can see all.

    • “The public can see all” is surely one of the most absurd comments yet. Is it an April Fools Day joke ?

      The public – whoever that may be – see what a bunch of myopic journos try to make them see. If the public could see all, then this once well-functioning little country would not have been governed by a ship of fools for the past nine years, and so many good people’s lives so sadly diminished.

      Miles, read Nicky Hager’s last book, and then the Hager book before that, and the one before, for some potted accounts in nice easy words, of the utter corruption and the faces of ugliness in recent N Z politics.

    • What!!??
      Where the hell have they been for the last 9 years then
      They’re some kind of Rip Van Winkle?
      just woken up?

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