The obscenity of the March For Our Lives


There is an obscenity at the heart of the March For Our Lives protest action.

Children are protesting to be safe at school while they learn.

How far has America fallen in its gun fetish when the children of their mighty nation are too frightened to go to school? How damaged by gun addiction have you become when the total number of children impacted in mass shootings are large enough to form their own electorate? How trapped by self fear and loathing must a people feel when they can’t protect their young from the weaponised society they’ve mutated into?

That naked and crucified truth, that these children are begging for safety while they learn, is too enormous and too profane to ignore and  any attempt to distract the focus from those children pleading to be safe in their schools is beneath our collective dignity and intelligence.

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People who believe the children speaking out against mass shootings at schools are ‘crisis actors’ also believe shape shifting reptile aliens secretly run the world.

To give such opinions platform is a profanity against education, civility & the better angels of our nature.

America, your children shame us for our silence. All power to their voice.


  1. Spot ON Martyn They put the adults in the usa to shame.
    The adults fascination with guns and their grip on their beloved 2nd Amendment boggles my brain.

  2. Completely disagree Martyn. These kids are nothing more than attention seeking corporate-media show ponies and bullies on behalf of the globalist agenda intent on disarming Americans to subvert their constitutional rights. The overwhelming majority of Americans both young and old support the right to bear arms and the undemocratic demands of these children is embarrassing. Without the 2nd Amendment America would truly have descended into nothing more than a tinpot dictatorship on par with China. If they don’t like it they should be convincing their parents to move to Canada.

    • That just sounds kind of hysterical. Besides US citizens endure almost unbelievable indignities from their state, federal and corporate authorities with apparent fervent acquiescence. The second amendment is about taking collective action against the corruption of the state and yet the only action US citizens seem capable of undertaking is the massacre of school children. This is not written anywhere in the second amendment. The US still doesn’t have a public healthcare system – something which all other non-gun owning democracies have been able to introduce. Have you looked at the historical evidence of other modern industrialized societies that have introduced gun control – not removal of guns or the end of gun ownership – just some simple registration and licensing processes? Kind of similar to what we do with road vehicle ownership. The evidence would suggest that US gun owners have nothing to fear but fear itself.
      Take some deep breaths Bazza – US Millennial’s may well deliver the kind of democratic push that will remove the second amendment from the US constitution altogether within the next 10 years.

  3. Steppenwolf ‘The Monster’, An album from about 1972. More and more relevant as the years have passed. Cheers, Keith

  4. in the 60s and 70s, the youth of America formed their counter-culture movement to oppose the war in Vietnam. Now they are reforming that movement to oppose a war in their own country. From Saigon to San Francisco, they are mobilising for the simple right not to be shot to death.

    The times they are-a changin’…

  5. Not really.

    These kids are just tools in a well oiled propaganda campaign organised by the Democrat Party. You really think a handful of teens can organize an event of this scale? 😉

    The previous president (Obama) had control of the white house, the senate and congress yet despite many fine words he did nothing. That’s because this is just party politics and the bone between the two dogs is the gun issue.

    Nothing substantive will be done because it’s a vote loser. The last president to do anything was Clinton with the magazine size ban and it cost the Democrats over 50 seats in the midterm elections.

    Since this whole charade began, opinion polls have swung heavily toward the Republicans and NRA membership applications have soared.

    The Democrats could just be throwing away any advantage they might have had in the midterms.

  6. YES onto the truth again Helena.
    This whole thing is b.s . and a bigger agenda behind it.

    FFS Martyn in many ways you’re a sellout, because you don’t do your homework properly. Stop trying to spread yourself thin. Even that picture is just so pc and contrived. Like the cast for a Hollywood movie prodn. FFS
    Stick to NZ politics.

  7. “America, your children shame us for our silence. All power to their voice.”

    Oh so that’s what it is? And there I was feeling like this stinks of controlled opposition and the manipulation of idealistic minors by adults who have failed to get their way.

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