If we have the money for a Billionaires boat race, we have the money to stop raw sewage leaking into our Hospitals


Hahahahaha, just seeing how we got all those surpluses by not funding anything properly now eh suckers?

Can NZ’s public buildings please stop leaking raw sewage?

Sewage dripping through ceiling closes Māori Land Court in Christchurch

Sewage leaking into Middlemore building’s walls

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We’ve gone from leaky homes to leaky buildings. Thank you National Party, looking at the obscene truth of your underfunding over the last decade, we now know how you managed all those budget surpluses.

To the new Government, if we have $40million to sink into a billionaires boat race then we have the money to stop raw sewage dripping into the walls of our Hospitals.


  1. Its about priorities and your right Martyn we had a government that cared little for many of its people. We are now suffering the consequences. We now have a government that has been in power for 5 months and they are expected to fix 9 years of damage in 5 months some people need to get real the damage done to our country and many people will takes years to fix. One of the hardest things to fix is peoples attitudes.

  2. And we have thousands of stupid kiwis parting the waters & worshiping the ground that Ed Sheeran walks on. The God like adoration being given to this jumped up, mediocre foreign minstrel sums up everything that is wrong with our nation. It’s sickening so I’m right behind Haley Holt on this one. Too old too drag out the hardware & put my army skills to good use. Considering going bush or leaving NZ for good, can’t take any more of this idiotic crap & the unstoppable ruination of the the country I dearly love.

    • As some people feared: We find ourselves with a new government looking more like National-lite than Labour.
      By the way, who’s Ed Sheeran?

  3. This was another show of how powerful the rich lobbyists can get their way aty the poor citizens expense.

    Rob the poor to pay the rich.= America’s cup.

  4. A boyfriend at the time who owned a yacht once told me that a yacht is ‘a hole in the water you pour money into’.
    Most politicians appear to be in the job for the primary purpose of vanity and ego and the fact other peoples(aka taxpayers)money foots the bills for the vanity and ego projects/quests.
    More money is being poured into the AC than what would fund say Lifeline. And we must remember the past National government cut funding to Life-line but increased funding for a “Group” that Mary English was in.
    To fund the life-styles of the rich at the expense of the poor who are left footing the bills of the rich spending shows an unbalance.
    Accountability is required and at no time should the poor be treated with disdain(as the previous National government so regularly did when it suited them)because without the poor the rich cannot have any reason to boast, seek knighthoods and photo opportunities.

  5. One cannot help but realise that this is where Steven Joyce’s $11.7 billion fiscal hole sprang from: underfunding of critical services and infra-structure. If Labour, NZ First and the Greens had any political nous they’d be singing this from every rooftop at every opportunity. As one of the bloggers here said “it’s time we held the Nats to account for their gross mismanagement while in government”. Otherwise the pricks will keep it again and again.

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