Hosking’s attack on Unions text book right wing narrative construction

By   /   March 27, 2018  /   13 Comments

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It’s a reminder that the Union movement will continue to be National’s go to target for their own political agenda.

When he’s not raging about apartments that don’t have carparks, Hosking is belching text book right wing narrative construction.

National are targeting the Unions as part of their strategy against Labour, every industrial action is exploited if not actually set up by right wing interests.

In his column today, Hosking blames Labour obviously, but he also attempts to tell Nurses who feel hard done by that it is the Union itself that will never gain them the respect, conditions and pay they deserve.

This will be an additional message added to the rights attacks on Unions, a broader electorate will be told it’s Labour’s fault that their commie mates are stirring up Trouble down Mill, while an internal message will be used to those striking that it’s their union who is to blame so that the privatisation interests waiting on the sidelines for 2020 will push for individualised contracts as a solution to further weaken Union negotiating power.

It’s a reminder that the Union movement will continue to be National’s go to target for their own political agenda.

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  1. Neil says:

    The very fact that Mr #Hoskaganda’s rants lead the political “news” most days at New Zealand’s most grossly partisan news outlet tells us all we need to know about #TheDailyReckon, aka The NZ Herald.

  2. Michelle says:

    put a cork in his nui nui waha while its open (= big mouth)

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Hoskings is a dirty little man devoid of any moral fabric compass and is an example of a “hollow man”. .

      • Observer Tokoroa says:

        Herald Likes Hosking

        Because they both like Slavery

        They lust for it. They crave it. They detest Nurses getting wages.

        They scream at their grandmothers getting a bit of Superannuation.

        They dislike children – with venom foaming at the hosking twisted mouth.

        They are sarcastic louts – fitted with mean low level minds.

        Neither Herald nor Hosking has ever done one thing that is positive or constructive. Not a single thing. Nihil.

        H & H – defectives – – pity them.

  3. bert says:

    If he had an ounce, just 1 ounce of intelligence, he wouldn’t be commenting on this if his useless fucking party paid what teachers and nurses were worth over the past 9 years. To somehow say that it’s the unions fault for not getting what they’re worth beggars belief, but then again, Hosking has always lived inside a bubble. I notice his wife( whom won’t take her husbands name) also has a column on this, labels Labour in not supporting a big increase yet at no point places the word “National” anywhere in her column around the under funding for nurses years. Her aim is to influence readers into believing this is Labours fault. Time to jump back into your husbands bubble Kate.

  4. Mike the Lefty says:

    Mike Hosking! Is he still here?

    • Observer Tokoroa says:

      Yes Bert

      The really sick side of Hosking, is that he has never, while chiding millions of New Zealanders, he has never complained about his political light weights who have done nothing but fatten their own pockets.

      When Key was busy getting his sickening jollies by plugging away at little blonde girls hairs – with sexual overtones on his weak face – Hosking did not as far as I know, call him to account.

      If Key had gone even deeper into chilren’s privacy – Hosking would likely have blamed Labour.

      Hosking is sick in a whole lot of unbalanced ways. He even pretends to know everything.

      National is the unwholesome idiot party. Constantly displaying their stinking wealth. But never Wisdom. Led by the Herald and Hosking.

      • bert says:

        Correct OT, Hosking probably thinks the courts are wrong in awarding Dot Com $90,000 for Finlaysons corrupt nature. I know Hosking hated Dot Com and poo pooed the Moment of Truth even before hearing it. Needless to say when Hosking wrongfully shot his mouth off about the maori electoral roll, it was normal service resuming. He is a cock!

  5. Cemetery Jones says:

    Don’t worry, it can’t be much longer before his obsession with continuing to appear slim and youthful by living on black coffee and lemon water see him starve to death in his mansion.

  6. Timbo says:

    A ‘Mike Minute’ usually averaging 146 seconds

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      A consistent lack of solid food rapidly diminishes the attention span and ability to reason. Example: the form and content of Mike’s 2.5 minute minute.

  7. John Kerr says:

    Why give him oxygen by reporting on his rubbish?

  8. G.A.P. says:

    Totally agree JK, i can proudly say that after watching a couple of minutes of his first television show i have never once taken note of anything this prat writes, televises, or pontificates about on radio numb.

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