$212.5m for Billioanire Boat Race???


Why can’t the bloody billionaires pay for their own elitist boat race?

I don’t care about all the supposed economic benefits, they are always inflated and mostly bullshit.

I don’t care about what it does for the boating industry, good for them, they can pay for it.

I don’t care about national pride in chasing billionaires in their boat games either.

In short, I don’t care.

This is being sold as a great win because it won’t be as greedy or obscenely expensive as first suggested.

Yay, but $212.5m is hardly a victory is it?

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If billionaires want to use our public space for their boat race, then they should bloody well pay for it!

How on Earth can a left wing Mayor and left wing Government bray about this as a success? We are blowing $212.5million on this when we have 41 000 homeless, a suicide rate through the roof and welfare agencies with toxic cultures that are still part of the problem rather than the solution.

If only poor people needed an expensive place to keep their boats – then we’d build them houses!

Let’s be clear, I have no problem with us contributing to this event, but we can do that after the mouldy hospitals have been cleaned, nurses paid, teacher recruitment dealt with and welfare agencies forced to take on culture changes.

Until then, the billionaires should pay for their own elitist ego wank race, not us.


  1. They should take it on as corporate debt. What a poor investment for tax payers. Investing into rich mens profit. If this was student debt there would be an outcry. PAY IT BACK!

  2. Assuming that you don’t have a private jet or escape boat, it’d be a VERY good idea to start preparing your kids to fight in the coming civil war.

    • Ohhh dear Castro, STILL banging on about the ‘civil war’ but you refuse to put a timeline on it!, when can we expect this?, as according to you, it was going to happen when National were in power and now the left are in power it’s still going to happen…WHEN?…just give us all a rough estimate (a month either way we will forgive you on accuracy). We are all sitting comfortably you may reveal the ‘civil war date’ to us now, or are you just posting from your parents basement and angry with all society because your mum has made you go up and clean your room?

    • This is an obscene example of where labour gets things wrong when they hesitate to save our regional rail services (Gisborne) but they can shell out an obscene amount of our taxed money in a fucking boat race!! I shattered now, speechless jacinda you have made another grave error.

      • What do you really expect from a smiley face, third way clone who invites the boring, middle of the road Eddy Sheeran over for a cuppa? Citizenship & a big chunk of land Ed? Yes please!! Bugger off Ed, & take the bloody Americas cup with you. Another ridiculous CARGO CULT moment, lost any respect I had for the woman.

  3. Yep agree with AC it should just have been a loan to be paid back.

    $98 million ‘given’ by Auckland council for a billionaire boat race. At the same time they have chamber of commerce people going on about PPP’s because Auckland council also does not have enough money and also needs a regional fuel tax.

    Could it be, all the council decisions of spending helping developers in Westgate malls as well as boat races? But where oh where is all that money from the economic gains they promised? It’s that trickle down idea again. That isn’t working.

    Yep spend the council rates on billionaire boat races and then cry poor because they spent all the money on corporate welfare.

    Next steps in the shock doctrine approach, is to borrow at bank rates (not the cheaper rates they get as a council) with massive overhead to do PPP’s because they need the infrastructure which they wouldn’t have needed had they not introduced lazy immigration. Last year Auckland grew 2.8%, which over time, is massive on top of many other increases of immigration in previous years.

    With all the beach closures it also seems like the council failed to put in proper procedures to safeguard the environment as well as making sure there was enough housing and public transport BEFORE they colluded with government and industry to pander to right wingers wringing their hands because they can get people cheap enough and want the ‘economic’ benefits of more people buying stuff in Auckland.

    Fact is, we have less skilled people here than 5 years ago. Lucky it has all been worth it, because now we have abundant cheap labour at Subway, trucks drivers who may or may not have a fake license, and plenty of workers for the Hilton.

    Although worrying about commercial mall developments I don’t think the council and government have bothered to build a single extra public hospital though. In spite of a massive population increase.

    Yep, Malls and boats are more important to plan for and spend money on for the ratepayers by our council CEO and lackies.

  4. And this is what David Parker, the arsehole we have as a government minister has to say:

    “I am very pleased to advise that we have succeeded in negotiating a venue on the Auckland waterfront that all New Zealanders can be proud of.”

    Meanwhile, tens of thousand (maybe hundreds of thousands by now) of ‘proud’ New Zealanders struggle to pay their rates and put good food on the table.

    If ever there was evidence the government could not care less about ordinary folk and is only concerned with the agendas of banks, corporations and opportunists this travesty of ‘Labour’ government is surely it.

    • Yeah, but they are still better than bloody National. We have run out of options, until total collapse.

  5. Is Jacinda /Parker the same combo deal as Lange/Douglas? It’s starting to look like it. Not a good look Labour. National lite.? You have some credibility to reclaim.

  6. And the same for sports stadia for the Dismal Few who actually go to watch, pay hideous prices for bottled water, create social and traffic problems and then have the CHEEK to bore the rest of us for the remainder of the weekend, yea, verily under the seventh day or so thereafter.

    White elephants, the lot of them. (And that includes the mob posing as ‘role models’.)

  7. “Let’s be clear, I have no problem with us contributing to this event,”

    Well, I fucking do.
    micky fay, that dirty little scum bag, swindled us by buying the the BNZ with Kiwi tax dollars and fucked me over directly. I’d like to see him and his mates drown in the harbour, not try out cocking each other while we Kiwis rot in gutters.
    Fuck them all. Tell them so. Throw something.



    • Totally agree Countryboy the sheeple have very short memories. I could not believe it when i first heard that the thieving huckster had moved back to nz and brought an island, he should have been arrested at the border.

  8. Phil Goff threw away his left wing credentials in 1984 when he fell under Roger’s economic spell.

    There is no left wing Martyn , it just pretends to be when the tide goes out for the corrupt , illegal National party.

    Yet we were so desperate for change last year that we voted for a different set of faces but the same agenda.

    Nothing has really changed and i and many others knew it wouldn’t

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