If only the NZ media could focus on War Crimes the way they focus on golf games and cheating cricket

By   /   March 26, 2018  /   2 Comments

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…I am so embarrassed by our media sometimes.
This is one of those times. 

Is it weird to anyone else that the NZ media have focused more on a bloody golf game between Key & Obama than they have on the NZDF caught lying about a war crime our Prime Minister personally signed off on?

Imagine what would happen if we focused on the NZDF caught out lying about murdering 6 civilians. badly injuring 15 more and burning their homes as we do about a cheating in a fucking cricket match.

Imagine if this little girl we killed…

…got the same NZ media focus as this…

…I am so embarrassed by our media sometimes.

This is one of those times.

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  1. esoteric pineapples says:

    Sports journalism is as high up the journalism scale that any mainstream media journalist aspires.

  2. mary_a says:

    Agree. I’m extremely angry and ashamed, that National government sanctioned war crimes are not the focus of msm’s attention right now. NZ and the rest of the world for that matter, need to be informed of the atrocities which took place as a result of Operation Burnham!

    Obviously, Natz still have media in its pocket.

    In protecting National by not publishing the facts of Operation Burnham, taking part in a massive cover up of events, msm has exposed itself to be equally as culpable as the former National government.

    Shocking and shameful!

    RIP little Fatima.

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