TV REVIEW: Q+A – Jacinda under omnishambles pressure + the madness of the Greens

By   /   March 18, 2018  /   7 Comments

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I’ve seen the Greens do some spectacularly stupid things in the past, but handing over one question to the fucking National Party every Parliamentary Question Time is fuckwitedness at a level I’ve never witnessed.

Q+A remain the only political show worth watching in the morning on the weekends and they showed their importance today.

The pressure Jacinda is now under with her omnishambles of a week was painfully obvious.

She’s desperately trying to clutch to the ‘victim led’ defence. Their ‘victim led’ approach was adopted without any external advice, Police weren’t originally suggested and no aid was offered until almost a month later and only after a complaint was made on social media that Labour weren’t doing anything.

That’s ‘victim led’ is it? So what Jacinda is telling voting parents of NZ is that if their 16 year old went to a Labour Party event and was inappropriately touched the Labour Party wouldn’t tell the parents.


The truth is that every person working with young people can break confidence if there is the possibility of self harm, Andrew Kirton and Young Labour weren’t in that  position to make that call so parents should have been contacted.

You can’t claim ‘victim led’ as a defence when none of the wrap around services to provide agency were offered for almost a month.

This omnishambles created immense pressure and you see that pressure with Jacinda’s bewildering support for action against Russia that are actually far further than the British have actually suggested.

It looks like Jacinda is prepared to go to war with Russia to try and overshadow the mistakes of the Labour camp.

Poorly managed and poorly thought through.

James Shaw is on and unbelievably announced that he is going to hand one of their parliamentary questions to National every single Question Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve seen the Greens do some spectacularly stupid things in the past, but handing over one question to the fucking National Party every Parliamentary Question Time is fuckwitedness at a level I’ve never witnessed.

What the fuck are they doing?

I spent the entire rest of the show shaking my head at this new Green Party strategy to inadvertently support National.

Trying to defend the Greens handing over one of their questions to National every week as some sort of bullshit exercise in transparency is like cheering Ronald McDonald as a nutritionist.

If there was ever proof that the Greens are no longer an effective political vehicle for real change, this decision is it.

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  1. Observer Tokoroa says:

    Yes Martyn

    Her own Party hung her up to dry – from the top down, this past week. She now knows that nobody will defend or protect her. Not even Little.

    But the real problem stems from the loss of a proper voting system. Namely FPP – First past the post. FPP is a system which unifies and clarifies. The current thing is a shambolic bedlam owned by the insane.

    The Greens however, are an amusement pure and simple. They exist to put a stone in any shoe they can find – bar their own. A sort of Donkey from a Midsummer’s Night Play.

  2. Colin says:

    RIP Green Party

  3. Michael says:

    Ha ha, I was wondering what your reaction would be.

    I think your missing the three dimensional checkers the Greens are playing.

    I’m confident that Judith, Simon and the rest of the gang will take these extra questions in the spirit that they were given and use them for the betterment of all New Zealand and not just for the small increasingly wealthy minority.

    We are witnessing the dawning of a new era in NZ politics.

  4. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    With respect to the alleged Russian nerve agent attack, Jacinda should have said that until she sees irrefutable evidence from an independent and impartial investigation of Russian culpability she will remain neutral on the entire issue. This ridiculous pandering we maintain toward what we still see as our “superiors” (e.g. USA, UK, China, Europe and even Australia) is why we can’t grow up into a properly politically independent nation.

  5. Marc says:

    NZ politics, an OMNISHAMBLES galore.

  6. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes Jacinda was naive here.

    She was ignorant as we see that the National Party has already got their own “operatives” inside her cabinet now as Shane jones (who jioned the National Government as a Pacific Island representative years ago,) has already showed us this.

    We now see when Jacinda is busy signing off TPP or giving money to other countries the national Party “black ops” will strike to damage her.

    My advice to her now is; she needs to take a firm control so all her ministers must step up while she is “absent here”.

    But Jacinda now needs to get real and re-organise her cabinet soon!!!!!

    Because her ministers like Shane jones ” are now failing her sadly as Shane Jones is an arrogant man that will not meet the community groups and pushes his often right wing policies now since his Gisborne “fuck-up speech “when he said “I have not seen any support for rail”!!!!!!!!!

    Is he an idiot??????

    Our community has for a very long time been calling for Winston Peters policy to re-open our rail to be adopted by this labour NZF coalition!!!!!!
    But Shane Jones is appearing to be deaf it seems, and so far is unresponsive to our repeated requests to his office to meet us but still wont meet with us on this.

    Shane Jones needs to be ‘sorted’ by Jacinda now.

  7. Siobhan says:

    I don’t recall this sort of reaction from NZ over the Litvinenko poisoning. And my own memory of that event the UK reaction was (as far as the public was concerned )more police led, with proper investigation taking center stage rather than the immediate beating of war drums.

    Maybe the West is punishing Russia for killing off our arch enemies, ISIS, now Russia gets to be the bogey man to ensure a compliant and unified public.

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