Dear NZ media, thanks for ambushing Jacinda, now how about that other ambush?

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It would be great if we could get the same energy and focus on that now, cause you know, war crimes.  

Dear NZ media

Thanks for holding the Labour Party to account over incidents at their summer camp. That the Labour Party are attempting to claim this is ‘victim led best practice’…

“Professional support and counselling, as well as an explicit offer to facilitate going to police was not made until last week – more than three weeks after the incident took place”

…deserved being highlighted and exposed for the bullshit that it was. Labour claiming the rights of a 16 year old trumped parents being informed was self-inflicted political suicide worth covering and Andrew Kirton leaving Jacinda to twist in the wind when she was ambushed at the press conference was excruciatingly politically embarrassing and all understandable in terms of the clickbait infotainment your profession has been reduced to.

We all appreciate that.

But,  is there any chance you could all now please spend the same energy & focus on our possible war crimes now the NZDF admitted they lied?

Can we get to that now please?

Because as humiliating as Labour’s excuses and spin are, it pales into insignificance when we are talking, you know, war crimes.

Seeing as Key personally signed off on this SAS revenge attack, this issue goes straight to the heart of Executive power and there is a clear legal road ahead that could lead to war crime prosecutions.

We killed this 3 year old..

..we killed 5 other civilians, we wounded 15 more, we burnt civilian homes to the ground. The NZDF lied throughout the entire event, Key signed off on it personally and Bill English refused to set up an inquiry.

It would be great if we could get the same energy and focus on that now, cause you know, war crimes.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I see no one seems to care about the 15 year old that spent 6 night in a cell typical

  2. Francesca says:

    spot on Martyn!
    But you know , this is the point in the road, as Chris Trotter points out, where the new government discovers its intestinal fortitude and defies the 5 eyes arrangement(in the most face saving diplomatic way possible)

    …or not

    We wait and see what they’re made of
    our own nuclear free moment?
    We’ll see

  3. Johnnybg says:

    War is a nasty business & bad shite happens. Ease up on our Defence Force a little as soon, when world war 3 gets really hot & reaches our far flung shores, we will need their skills & expertise. At some point, we may also need their help in removing the traitorous globalization fanatics who currently run our country.

  4. I Kiddle says:

    I agree. The NZ media ie TV1 TV3 Prime and Radio NZ are all aggressive when it comes to indiscretions at a labour party social event but they do not have any curiosity about the killing of innocents in Afghanistan or about the obvious attempt to demonize Russia in the UK. They follow their masters, the same creeps who have been killing and maiming in Afghanistan, regardless of the idiocy of their claims. That Russia would bother with some has been spy, who had already been pardoned by them, in the lead up to the world cup in Moscow is so stupid it would be hilarious if it were not for the fact that Russia now must be beginning to feel slightly aggrieved.
    For those who have relied on the MSM for their information about the state of play in the super power nuclear arms race, Putin did not boast about their new armaments it was a factual statement. They are way ahead of the west and it appears they are They now have the ability to destroy whomsoever they please. ( Fortunately they have some measure of morality unlike the USA and the UK) The UK responded with this spy poisoning bullshit. Because of their hubris and desire to maintain their stranglehold on the global economy the US and NATO elites, who we are allied with, are the biggest threat to NZ and every other country in the world. What does “our” media do about it? It slavishly reproduces the propaganda from the UK with no questioning whatsoever. I think the NZ media is pathetic, including Radio NZ in fact they are the worst as they use their reputation as being fair and having interesting articles about say NZ native birds, to leverage their propaganda.
    Just like the BBC.
    I think a girl being molested at a party is unfortunate. Being dragged into WW3 because our allies have run out of places to loot and are pissed off because Russia and China wont bow down and be shafted again is an absolute global catastrophe.

    • G.A.P. says:

      Totally agree I Kiddle, evil baby eating Russians and Putin BAD. Mass murdering carpet bombing, depleted uranium munitions using, sovereign nation invading, arms selling usa GOOD. And we know this why??? From our obscene joke MSM, Anyone remember the all expenses payed junkets to the usa for many of our news readers?

  5. Draco T Bastard says:

    Labour claiming the rights of a 16 year old trumped parents being informed

    It does.

  6. Marc says:

    NO questions about that by Lisa Owen on Newshub The Nation today, while asking all kinds of other questions, trying to get Jacinda Ardern as PM caught out on issues she was grilled about.

    John Key got away with almost anything, Jacinda’s honeymoon is now surely over, and all attempts are made to make her appear weak and contradictory.

    As for the SAS and their actions in Afghanistan, oh, don’t scratch off that gloss on the surface, soon it will be ANZAC Day, we do not want any blemish on their reputation, they are ‘heroes’, always.

  7. mosa says:

    I remember Corrin Dann and the fireside chat with English and Key when they were elected in 2008.

    Never pushed , pressured or grilled once about the next three years and how they would deliver the ” Brighter Future ”

    Just pub talk without the bar tab.

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