Why Andrew Kirton should have gone yesterday, victim led can’t look like this & National’s infamous ‘Princess Party’ means they have no moral high ground

By   /   March 14, 2018  /   26 Comments

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The backlash against Labour’s ‘victim led’ solution only builds while managing to enrage every voting parent while those impacted are only getting support after a month.

‘Victim led’ can’t mean this.

National Party Blogger David Farrar in his fancy dress costume as pedophile Jimmy Savile 

The backlash against Labour’s ‘victim led’ solution only builds while managing to enrage every voting parent while those impacted are only getting support after a month.

‘Victim led’ can’t mean this.

Leaving four 16 year olds to make decisions for themselves and just cutting the 20 year old loose seems like a terrible way to deal with all of this while claiming it’s ‘victim led’.

Some have claimed that allowing the 16 year olds agency like this is the right thing to do.


If there is concern of self harm, privacy concerns can be over ridden so there are exceptions to this rule, Andrew should have done that.

Surely the 16 year olds needed to have their parents informed immediately, full legal options explained plus wrap around counselling services. The 20 year old in question also should have had counselling offered.

What happened instead? A ‘victim led’ approach was adopted without any external advice, Police weren’t originally suggested and no aid was offered until almost a month later and only after a complaint was made on social media that Labour weren’t doing anything.

Timeline of events

• February 9: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks at the opening of Young Labour’s “Summer School” camp in Waihi.

• February 10: A 20-year-old man allegedly sexually harasses or assaults four 16-year-olds – two males and two females – during a camp event.

• February 11: The man is thrown out and the victims offered support. Shortly after Labour’s general secretary Andrew Kirton is informed.

• March 3: Follow-up offer of professional help offered to victims, according to Kirton.

• March 4: Energy Minister Megan Woods receives complaint about lack of response by Young Labour and contacts Kirton, who says the matter is being dealt with “appropriately”. Woods does not raise with Ardern or anyone else.

• March 12: Newsroom publishes the allegations and Ardern is blindsided by media questions. The party issues a statement saying it is “extremely disappointed” about the incident and launches a review.

• March 13: Ardern accepts the party was too slow to offer support but says she won’t sack Kirton, who later reveals he’s been told a second incident at another camp years earlier.

• Yesterday: Kirton says one of the teens has made a complaint to police.

How was any of this best practice or ‘victim led’?

Beyond the immediate safety and mental health issues of those impacted by this is the political dimension and on this front there can be no forgiveness.

Kirton is the General Secretary of the Labour Party, he had every obligation to inform Jacinda so that she could not be blindsided by the media! It is outrageous that she was put in that position and it was painful to watch Jacinda get clobbered like that.

Now also consider the political backlash here – Kirton is telling every single voting parent in NZ that if their 16 year old was indecently assaulted at an official  Labour Party function, he wouldn’t tell them because he was following  ‘victim led’ approach???

That is political suicide.

This needs cauterising. If Andrew is sacked today it looks like Labour have taken back control of the situation, if he is allowed to stay on until the media hound him out it will look like a crisis and with a new allegation of an indecent assault made and one of the 16 year olds going to Police, this isn’t going away.

Sack Kirton yesterday.

As for the National Party and their mouthpieces suddenly becoming feminists standing up for woman, should we remind everyone of their infamous Young Nat ‘Princess Party’ from Dirty Politics

Here’s one such excerpt from the source material that deserves further attention:

April 25, 2011
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:01am

i wasnt going to say that in case your email gets read
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:02am

my email doesn’t get read


Apparently Pinko is the main driving force behind the Princess party
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

well i was going to say i have cleared the field for you, given you the most likely targets and will get them drunk for you
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:03am

he has invited [REDACTED] to it and to the one the next night
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:03am

righto, good cleint recruitment

he asked if he can bring neil miller, which i said yes to
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:04am

she likes threesomes so it could be promising for her and a young nat
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:05am

i’d try [REDACTED] she is filthy

not many young nats coming, i told jordan i didnt want them because they are retards
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:05am

just dirty girls who flip it up
Simon Lusk, 4/26, 12:06am

thats the plan, and i have carefully kept the balance of princesses to guys uneven

make sure [REDACTED] knows not to come without a full princess outfit and a bottle of bubbly
Cameron Slater, 4/26, 12:08am

i better go book a fucking moneky suit

…there’s no moral high ground for anyone here and the only thing everyone needs to learn is that sexual harassment is epidemic and that everyone must align to these new realities in a post #metoo world.

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  1. janine says:

    Honestly all of this pales in comparison to the Labour party signing our future away with the new TPPA just the other day.

    Yes it’s bad that 16 year olds are drinking and being assaulted at Labour run parties.

    I suspect these teenagers and their parents are quite capable of dealing with this assault situation without the rest of us who weren’t there and probably don’t know the full facts getting involved.

    I feel it would be much better for the country if we concerned ourselves with our long term future and the impending dangerous loss of sovereignty to multi national corporates.

    This is Labour’s crime as far as I’m concerned and this is what outrages me.

  2. Michelle says:

    Well her in NZ 16yrs old can have an abortion get contraceptives and the parents aren’t told they can get married have sex and pay taxes some mugs were saying they should vote why when many of our 18year olds aren’t interested

    • John says:

      Michelle, you’re absolutely correct on this matter. There’s a real “witches burning at the stake” mentality rising here which is way out of perspective in my opinion. It’s this sort of mentality that’s driving many good men away from teaching…too bloody scared of being falsely accused of inappropriate behaviour and this doesn’t help in any sort of “balance” in society.

      • Michelle says:

        Yes John we desperately need more men teachers far too many women in this profession and far too many middle class pakeha women now I m not being racist my mum is pakeha.

  3. Stripey says:

    The difference between Slater, Lusk and Farrar and well ANYONE at that Labour camp is that the actual events at the Labour camp were real and not just like SLF – in their wildest imaginary dreams.

  4. Cemetery Jones says:

    Ok, I’m claiming credit via my post in the other thread for that Farrar photo surfacing here.

    Dark Majik.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Now hiring a Professor for The Defence Against The Dark Arts… Should actually be a university subject. How propaganda and conspiracy theories work and how to counter them. There fore I nominate thee.

      Something also important to differentiate in fighting against propaganda is to know who you are fighting against: know whether you are pitted against a propagandist whose job is to propagate a narrative or against someone who is only the echo of what he or she has heard. In the second case, your job is to convince the opponent in order to convert him or her to your perception (which, ideally, should reflect as honestly as possible reality). The other case, fighting a propagandist, is fundamentally different as they do not obey the rules and the goal of the argument is less the other guy and more the public.

      A propagandist’s job will rely on repetition and exhausting the enemy, finding a weakness and attacking repeatedly on it even if it doesn’t matter to the actual argument, as showing the opponent wrong even on an unrelated point will allow them to rely in turn on a fallacy: if A is wrong on something, then it must be wrong on everything and B must be right.

      • Cemetery Jones says:

        Indeed, although I have to say looking at how that’s gone for some people (attempting to convince the propagandized that they’ve been had) seems not to be going so well in the digital trenches of the culture war.

        I think the tricky new fronts which have opened is that the left-right axis now intersects with the national vs global question of allegiance, the debate on free speech vs. ‘safety’, and of course the ability or lack thereof to have an adult conversation about Russia.

        Increasingly, I find the problem with the approach taken by the left and the various points in the equation which intersect most strongly with it lies in the failure to adequately apply the principles advanced by Saul Alinsky in his classic Rules for Radicals. NZ is kind of in a phoney war period in this regard. Winston Peters may just be the only politician who gets it, though I suspect it derives from his own insight rather than any reading of Alinsky.

        Elsewhere however, one only has to visit the trenches of digital culture war, twitter or youtube being exemplary battlegrounds, to see that the main problem with the left is that our propaganda isn’t funny (outrage is the currency, and repetitious outrage bores people) and goes outside our experience (trying to advance gender science, pitting some noddy who doesn’t believe in biological sex but somehow gets to teach in the sciences against Jordan Peterson).

        This breaks three fundamental principles identified by Alinsky as key to winning: first, that ridicule (i.e. being funny when conveying your point) is the most potent weapon known to mankind, and second & third to always keep within the experience of your people, while taking the opponent outside theirs. In these two in particular the NZ left is as disastrously inept as our overseas counterparts.

        • Sam Sam says:

          I mean it’s so classic of radicals on the fringes of the political spectrum to claim that they represent a group of people ie transgender, or pro choice, end of life groups, when in fact there opinions are there own. Classic really.

          For me I speak for myself and if people happen to agree then the more the merrier. Even when some one pisses me off I always try and give them the benefit of the doubt. People don’t immediately check to see if evidence is correct, if it’s sufficiently complex it may take years to dispel fallacies. I know for myself it took me a couple years to go through relevant material to find out communisms killed far less than the official western narrative. So that the results are not immediately accurate in my opinion does not make the truth of the matter less achievable.

          To create those conditions on a scale that produces a worlds best democracy has several problems. In thrurh journalism has a lot of questions to answer, still suppose the general population was helped along by a few trendy cultural geniuses. In a team race and no one likes some one being left behind.

          • Cemetery Jones says:

            Oh absolutely, like I have friends who have traditionally been far less ‘left’ in their politics than I have, but they sided with the middle class against the working class on Brexit because it was the prevailing ‘correct’ progressive viewpoint by the opinion shaping forces of the left hemisphere of the media.

            As to the death rate of 20th century communism, I always figured the right wing was rounding it upwards a few million and then some given the sort of numbers I see them putting about. But regardless, the amount of death was still far too high for any good those systems did. Social democracy is still the best we’ve got, as much as there is yet to fix.

  5. Red Buzzard says:

    I am more concerned about this:

    Women’s rights , childrens’ rights have been made a BIG DEAL by the new government recently , Jacinda Arden and the Labour Party have been championing them and waving the flag and leading the charge

    ….so why, unlike Australia and other countries , is the Labour Party and Jacinda Ardern deliberately and against all opposition by those abused as children ,excluding an examination of abuse by religious institutions?

    … particularly the Catholic Church which has long opposed and undermined the rights of women and been at the forefront of the abuse of children

    …even Catholics are speaking out:

    ‘Vatican ‘in fear’ of NZ abuse inquiry – whistleblower’


    “An international Catholic whistleblower says the Vatican will be “quaking in fear” in case the New Zealand Catholic Church is included in an inquiry into state abuse. The government has repeatedly stated it wants to leave Churches and other non-state institutions out of the upcoming Royal Commission into abuse. Father Tom Doyle of Virginia in the United States, says that will suit New Zealand’s bishops and priests very well. The one-time canon lawyer first blew the whistle on the global abuse scandal in 1984 and his work featured in the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight. He told reporter Phil Pennington that of the dozen-plus abuse inquiries he’s been involved in, he’s never seen one that’s limited like New Zealand’s. The communications advisor to the New Zealand Catholic Bishops, Amanda Gregan, says she is not aware if the Vatican has told local Bishops not to lobby to be included in the Royal Commission. RNZ has had no response to repeated requests for New Zealand Cardinal John Dew to publicly state whether he will ask the Government to do this.”

    (If the Labour Party persists with this policy of excluding religious institutions from examination by the Royal Commission into abuse , it will be a stain on the shiny glossy new Labour led government which will last. People and voters will perceive hypocrisy .

    Elections are not just won on a positive affirmative vote ( of which the Left has a slim majority)…but they are lost by those who ,perceiving hypocrisy, injustice and corruption, choose not to vote. There are many apathetic non- voters in New Zealand…people who in the past would have voted Labour and are lost to the Left.

    Why is the Labour Party protecting the Catholic Church and other religious institutions from examination in the Royal Commission abuse inquiry ?….This is so NOT serving the interests of NZ women and children !

    …Is it a question of money?

    …Is it a question of donations to the Labour Party by the Catholic Church and other religious institutions?

    … Where are the loyalties of the Labour MPs?

    Questions need to be asked and answered …at the moment it is incomprehensible )

    • David Stone says:

      Bear in mind that the Mormon faith is extremely patriarchal . The dutiful wife is unquestioningly subservient , even if she is intellectually clearly superior.
      Did you watch “Big Love”?
      It might be awkward for our present Prime Minister to set up too intense an enquiry into this aspect of the churches.
      D J S

      • Michelle says:

        This country is also still very patriarchal David one just has to look at salaries and boards and the attitude towards women. It comes from our anglo- saxon background where having a wife was said to be as good as having a good plough

  6. Marc says:

    So how many minors has Farrar had his hands on, into their pants or panties, does anybody know???

    Time to tell the whole truth, thanks.

  7. Marc says:

    I sense this is a repeat or continuation of dirty politics, new style. Yes, Labour did stuff up again, Young Labour that is, and the party suffers, yet again, perhaps justifiably.

    But there are many other forces at work, to undermine this weak government, and they are succeeding. Farrar led the way on his Kiwiblog days ago, raising the issues with that abuse and alcohol availability at that Labour Summer Camp days ago.

    National have their own stories to hide, they just have better resources and legal advice, so we never learn about much that goes on at the Young Nats and other parties or functions.

    They also often have rich parents, which helps, as always, not just with access to education and so.

    This is totally stupid the way Labour handles this, even Jacinda is stuffing up, and it shows, Labour are not in control of their own affairs.

    That is of course what Nats want, what David Seymour wants, and the MSM are usually on their sides, as we have seen over the last nine years.

    I cannot believe the amateurism and stupidity within Labour to deal with it as they have. By now things should have been tidied up, they should perhaps had invited the police to ask questions, and so forth.

    But no, it is all defensive, Jacinda having to explain in front of media cameras. This is just the beginning, I knew it was going to come, this government will fall apart soon, not on policy, on poor management and appalling PR strategies and operations.

    I give them the middle finger, they deserve it anyway, with the poor policy and program we get, a few morsels for some, for the rest, business as usual.

    If this is the alternative to a Nat led government, go and f*** yourselves. I want different government, a different country, a different society and progress and real change, we are NOT getting it and that is disgusting.

  8. Catherine says:

    I can’t help it, call me suspicious, but I smell a big dose of dirty politics going on here. National’s election loss has unleashed some real hatred towards Labour, and there are people who would stop at nothing to bring down the government. Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that somebody set a very sick cat amongst the pigeons? Right wing politics has become a very dark art indeed, and I am very, very suspicious about the story behind this story

    • Michelle says:

      agree 100% Catherine possibly the reason why they (the gnats) have been so quiet they at too busy lapping it up.

  9. Marc says:

    We have a total over reaction, also within Labour, there was ONE person, about 20 years of age, who behaved inappropriately, he deserves to be reported to police and the rest left with them.

    All this hyper over reaction, to ban alcohol, to stop all summer camps, and all this overly PC mad BS is not going to help Jacinda, Labour and the government.

    Stop over reacting, get real, address the culprit and leave it to the police to deal with, that is the appropriate action that should have been taken, not all this PC BS galore.

  10. Marc says:

    For FFS for heaven’s sake, here we have the MSM dictate the stories of the day, and all run around like headless chickens, while we have REAL issues in this lost and useless country, CHILD LABOUR:

  11. countryboy says:

    farrar should look like savile does now.

  12. Michelle says:

    I see hoskings and co (his wife) are now experts on teenagers 16years olds

  13. Dean Reynolds says:

    Bomber, time to drop all this stuff. Jacinda & LP President have front footed the issue – you’re simply putting yourself on the side of Hoskings & his dim witted wife

  14. Observer Tokoroa says:

    The sluts and slobs who year after dull year, comprise the one eyed media of this tiny nation, have been told that one person aged 20yrs, sexually assaulted three 16 year old girls and one 16 year old boy at Young Labour camp weekend.

    The alleged perpetrator was a gate crasher.

    The Young people were asked to decide whether the police should be called. Whether parents should be advised. They declined those options.

    It is not unusual for !6yr olds to make decisions that effect them personally.

    However, Labour must find a way from the top down to publicise and to ensure that every person under 18yrs is cared for as if by a Parent or Guardian at events.

    Alcohol is a Devil that should not have place where near persons under 18yrs. Even that age is very young !

  15. Miles says:

    I believe Jacinda knew. Her body language said it all. Wonder if Winston is still proud of his choice?? And to think we had an honourable and decent govt already in place, before undemocratic MMP destroyaed it.

    • Dean Reynolds says:

      Miles, how often do you visit planet Earth? If you think the last government was honourable & decent, (think Pike River, SAS cover up, housing crises, Todd Barclay, etc) then you’re totally delusional. The last National Government was the most corrupt & incompetent Government NZ has ever had