Political Caption Competition

By   /   March 14, 2018  /   5 Comments

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Controversial Young Nat fund raising campaign for Judith Collins doll

Controversial Young Nat fund raising campaign for Judith Collins doll

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  1. Michelle says:

    that dolls looks like something out of a horror movie

  2. Margaret says:

    Wouldn’t It Be Loverly
    Julie Andrews
    (It’s rather dull in town, I think I’ll take me to Paris, hmm
    The mistress wants to open up the castle in Capri, hmm
    Me doctor recommends a quiet summer by the sea, hmm, mmm
    Wouldn’t it be loverly?)
    All I want is a room somewhere
    Far away from the cold night air
    With one enormous chair
    Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?

  3. Doc says:

    Chucky’s girlfriend Chuckles

  4. Seadawg says:

    Judith on one of her better days.

  5. countryboy says:

    Jesus fucking Christ! That’s quite literally the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen.

    What is it? About those who identify with being Right Wing?
    I was sitting beside a dapper little French fellow on my last flight. He was coy about his work and weird about life in general.
    Then, I realised that he might be Right Wing, a recently deleted Kermit The Frog, muppet cast-off. He talked about zis and zat and said “Oh, but of course.” a lot.
    When he said ” I zink it shood be every man from himself.” I said ” Great! But what about the women?” He said “Oh! But of course, every man from himself, including women.” We chatted until I ran out of the energy to entertain myself so I let him fall back into his seat like a fat guy going down on a deflating air bed. ( No, not that kind of ‘ going down’.)
    As the plane landed, taxied, stopped and heaved us lot out of its guts we bid fair adieu and as he walked off? There it was. For all to see. Anal retention. He was entirely erect ( No. Stop it. ) and as he sped, all aloft and in trim mode was that a squeaking sound?
    The Right wing are fucking weird bastards. They are! They have a certain kind of energy that’s a bit plastic-ie and sickly. Like sick on a car seat. Sort of sickie and yuk. You noticed that? They’re not quite cooked or something. They have no creativity. They can’t paint a picture to save themselves. They’ll plagiarise as of right, but to actually create something is not able to be done by them. Weird aye? They’re like an alien species that don’t know it themselves.
    But they’re fucking winning man. The bastards are everywhere. Collins is such a mistake of nature. Ok, I get it that nothing’s perfect, but really? That’s the sperm that won? ( Not one of mine.)
    Everything about her is odious. Her beliefs, her agenda, her eyebrows, her mean little mouth, her battle-armour hair, her schadenfreude. She’d smirk in glee at a crushed kitten. And she’s housing? That’s hilarious in a deeply unsettling sort of way. Think the British version of ‘The Office’ mixed in with ‘Monty Pythons Flying Circus on LSD