Statement from Labour Party on harassment/drinking at event


The Labour Party is extremely disappointed that young people attending the Young Labour camp were exposed to highly inappropriate behavior by an individual who was also at the event.

Young Labour has apologised to the young people involved.

We are extremely disappointed that an incident like this happened at a Labour event and we are working to make sure those involved receive any support they need. We are deeply sorry for the distress that’s been caused. It shouldn’t have happened.

The Labour Party has initiated an external review of our policies and procedures including those involving alcohol. This review will involve our various sector groups, including Young Labour.

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We want to ensure a situation like this is never repeated.

The morning after an evening in which we understand several young people had consumed alcohol, Young Labour was alerted to complaints in relation to the behaviour of a 20 year old man.

The camp organisers contacted me in the days following the event and explained what they understood had happened, and the action they’d taken in response to it.

Those included having clear processes in place such as a dedicated welfare phone line and designated support people.

We have also offered further, professional support to those involved.

I have subsequently banned the perpetrator from any future Labour Party events.


  1. Labour in damage control and digging themselves deeper and deeper on this issue, The Standard post on it has basically told commenters NOT to mention the Labour camp and any posts that are derogatory to Labour will be deleted and poster banned…gotta love The Standard when in defensive mode, Ban..Ban and suppress free speech 🙂

    • Eee what ever ‘I’m right,’ the Last time a National government had to deal with aligations of a sexual nature they just payed the victim off. That is no longer acceptable.

      • Labour have form! Darren Hughes…happened in senior Labour Ministers house..naked man running down the street…again all hushed up!

        • No one cares about your knowledge of Labour Party. There will be no pay outs, there will be no soft on crime, there will be no affordability vs poverty issues, conservatism is dead, the government budget will be restored to pre John Key levels or this government will become irrelevant through lack of wrap around services for sexual assault. You dork.

          • Head in the sand I see Sam, there will be a resignation over this, but its all nothing according to no harm done eh? Its all the nasty MSM and National to blame eh, wonder how you would feel if it were one of your daughters assaulted and you were not informed, probably acceptable as it was Labour organised but you would want prosecutions if it were National organised…hypocrite

          • Are you two illiterate. I have zero clue how you two could read my comments and come to the conclusions you muppets have arrived at. So which are you? A sock puppet or a meat puppet?

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