Anti-rodeo movement stands strong on an outright ban of rodeo in New Zealand

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New Zealand’s anti-rodeo movement is united on ending rodeo for good.

Direct Animal Action, Anti-Rodeo Action NZ, Wellington Animal Rights Network, NZ Animal Justice League, Farmwatch, SAFE and global organisation World Animal Protection, all welcome the new Government’s upcoming review of some of the worst aspects of rodeo. But all organisations remain united in their call for an outright ban on rodeo in New Zealand.

“Our movement welcomes the review of some the worst aspects of rodeo – calf roping, flank straps, tail twisting, rope burning and the use of electric prods – particularly as Labour made-pre election promises to ban (not just review) four out of five of these rodeo tactics,” says Apollo Taito of Direct Animal Action.

“While the review is a step in the right direction it signals that this is just the beginning of the end for rodeo in our country. Rodeo is still inconsistent with our Animal Welfare Act that requires ‘physical handling in a manner which minimises the likelihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress’. Instead, rodeo distresses, scares, injures and can even kill an animal.”

“To this end, this season has been one too many. Rodeo in a 2018 New Zealand must go,” concludes Mr. Taito.

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