TDB names next Cyclone Hon Steven Joyce


Because climate change is a political problem & not a scientific question, The Daily Blog is naming all cyclones after our MPs and Companies who have done so much to hold back genuine climate change reform – this new one that is joining our increasingly erratic and weather pattern is called  ‘Cyclone Hon Steven Joyce’ in honour of Steven Joyce who did sweet FA in 9 years on climate change.

Our climate is picking up speed for rapid climate change now. This has gone beyond being a problem to be dealt with in the future, it is an existential threat to our present.

There is a heat wave in the Arctic in the dead of winter the likes of which has never been seen before.

Climate change. It. Is. Here. Now.

This period of acceleration is when we need to be redesigning our culture, economy and society.

We desperately need to be in adaptation mode. We are not.

We will apparently be carbon neutral by 2030 though.

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The millions dead and the vast economic wreckage by then will all seem worth it I’m sure.

Shout out to who once again called this before the State weather forecasters.


    • Yes SS Joyce did nothing but increase our carbon footprint during his reign;

      Just by pouring three times the amount of ‘heavy freight trucks’ on our roads during 2008-2017.

      While at the same time Joyce deliberately sabotaged and ruined the regional Kiwi rail network at the same time.

      So that was causing an increase in transport emissions of approx 19% during the years from 2008 to 2017.

      So Martyn, perhaps we need a cyclone named after Joyce’s stupid senseless road policy such as calling the cyclone as “joyce truck mania”

  1. ‘weather pattern is called ‘Cyclone Hon Steven Joyce’ in honour of Steven Joyce who did sweet FA in 9 years on climate change’

    Sweet FA? Not quite true, Martyn. What Steven Joyce did. was to promote polices that immensely exacerbated our collective predicament and brought on faster Abrupt Climate Change, and through the denial-of-reality stance he adopted, he ensured that no preparations were made for what will impact very severely over the coming decades, i.e. massive disruption to food supplies, increasingly fast sea level rise (and all the erosion that goes with it) and smashing of infrastructure etc.

    What I find sickeningly ‘amusing’ is that when I highlighted the need for a completely different approach a decade ago I was assured by the then council officer responsible that the water system in the district was extremely resilient; just recently a pipe that was smashed as a result of a storm resulted in thousands of people having no water at all, panic buying of bottled water, and a ‘boil all water for consumption’ notice that remained in force for a week.

    The regional council’s so-called Direct of Environment is quoted as saying: ‘Climate change will be good for Taranaki’.

    I’m afraid we are governed by fuckwits and liars, Martyn, and they are more concerned with career development and personal acquisition than their own children’s futures.


      It is all very true, Joyce should be jailed for his crimes against the state and NZ people.

      • Noooo!
        We have paid his salary and perks for years.
        We shall pay his perks and pension for years.
        If he ends in a converted shipping container – make it ‘user pays’.

        And double the rent every three months. Canterbury or Auckland market rates.

    • @Nitrium – great link, thanks.
      Yes, Monday looking not good for the top half of the North Island.

  2. Or the big daddy of them all, the one who knew what it all meant, but did little despite himself – the destructive Nick Smith.

  3. What is this ‘Hon’ stuff? If it means what I think it means, Joyce couldn’t even SPELL the word – let alone be it!

    • An official title is usually an indication that a person has facilitated looting and polluting on behalf of the global money-lender industrial empire, or has served the empire’s political agenda by lying to the masses and keeping them distracted from what they should be thinking about.

  4. David Parker surely must be next for being the Judas on climate change by signing TPPA without a single clause about climate change or any change to the ISDS apart from a cover letter.

    His previous career has been pretty sad, in all portfolios he ever held, NZ has gone backwards on, (conservation, climate change, etc)

    He’s another lawyer who doesn’t practise law but also so unpopular he can’t hold an electoral seat because he loses so much.

    (Funny enough, those that worship money over people, and extra litigation rights for corporations and bureaucratic policy for ordinary folks while deregulation for business, less taxes for business and more for ordinary folks, are often unpopular with Labour voters!)

    But in Labour they promote the unpopular types and then lament while Natz keep winning! (Maybe because Natz policy matches their voters, while Labour’s doesn’t! Newsflash!!!)

    Source Wiki

    • Yes, David Parker was worse than useless as Energy Minister (in complete denial about Peak Oil and even the nature of oil) and we described him as Park Bench because that was about as proactive as he was. And he was equally useless in the Environment portfolio. A snout-in-the trough career politician who is mostly clueless about the matters he is supposedly dealing with, and carries out sabotage by default.

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