Oh surprise, surprise Steven Joyce suddenly resigns


Oh surprise, surprise Steven Joyce suddenly resigns.

What amazes me is the utter lack of journalistic curiosity here.

When it was the Labour leadership fight between Shearer and Cunliffe, the Media were making shit up half the time and it would dominate headlines for weeks upon weeks.

With National no one questioned who leaked the Barclay texts to Newsroom, no one questioned who leaked info on Winston’s super to Newshub, no one questioned why Bill was getting destabilized just before the conference, no one questioned Chris Bishop getting taken out 24 hours before Bill suddenly steps down and now Hooton tells his boy Bridges in the NBR to kill off Joyce by offering him nothing, Joyce reacts in fury with threats, the NBR sacks Hooton (Hooton btw has just been offered a job at the Herald so his power and influence has jumped 10 fold) and suddenly Joyce steps down while the Press Gallery Political Editors seem to have no insights whatsoever!

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Look Press Gallery Political Editors, it was written last week ffs…

…what do the Press Gallery Political Editors need to start doing some, you know, journalism?



  1. “However I feel that it is time for him to get a new team around him to take National forward and win in 2020 and then govern again for the benefit of all New Zealanders.”

    Steven Joyce.

    And there in lies Joyce biggest problem, they never ever governed for “all” New Zealanders and definitely why National lost the election.
    To Steven, “good luck and fuck off”. Join the other Judas to our country in English and Key and hope that we never hear your name mentioned again.

    • Joyce was only ever about power. He had that under Key and then English. Under Bridges it is clear Joyce had no power, so resigned. Joyce was the catalyst for corporate business being taking care of whilst others were left to fight for the scraps. There were allegations of cronyism; caucus bullying, miscalculations during the election campaign by Joyce. As quoted by Fran O’Sullivan “Joyce tendency to run policies that saw overly generous “corporate welfare” at the big end of town, without getting sufficient payback or return on the taxpayer’s investment.”

      Joyce saw himself as a high flyer with unlimited power, his 11.7 billion fiscal hole showed his arrogance. Well Joyce’s power is now gone, to the rest of us, he was always a nobody.

      • Why did Joyce apply for the leadership if only to resign 2 weeks later to look after his two boys and spend more time with them. Which one is it Steven? Seems like a copy and paste speech of Bill English. Why not admit that you were both pushed, doesn’t look good on your C.V?

  2. It wouldn’t have taken much to unhinge this “loose cannon as we saw this in Napier in 2011 when our committee sat and discussed the rail to Gisborne with him and he was very abrupt that day as we saw, as he was surrounded by bodyguards that day to so he must have been feeling the anger from the community then as he was against rail and only interested in building more and more roads the bloody fool he was.

    Now we can hopefully start rebuilding our neglected run down regional rail services again to lower the trucks killing us all on our narrow windy single lane roads.

    Rail hub an economic boost … (“Wairoa Star” – Tues 6th March 2018)

    A Wairoa rail hub operation could be sending logs to Napier Port by the end of this year.
    Hawke’s Bay Regional Council transport committee chairman Alan Dick said there would be many truck drivers hauling
    logs from harvest sites into the rail hub, and with some encouragement and good management they should be based in
    Wairoa rather than Napier.
    “They will contribute significantly to the Wairoa economy by buying their fuel, tyres and maintenance locally as well as
    living in Wairoa.
    “Apart from employment in the hub yard, significant gains from the local basing of the short-haul contractors has the
    real potential to boost Wairoa in an unprecedented way,” said Mr Dick.
    Rail yards would likely be leased from Land Information NZ and/or use KiwiRail land.
    “It will have to be fenced off and a contractor or perhaps KiwiRail staff will be employed to weigh, scale, stack and load
    the logs from later this year.”
    Mr Dick said the operation of the hub would be costed into the weekly freight rates.
    “The logs will be received into the hub for processing and then streamed by rail to the Napier Port.”
    KiwiRail chief executive Peter Reidy told the “NZ Herald” that to go to a week-day service, they would have to invest in
    new assets.
    “If the forestry companies and the regional council are willing to keep investing in the line, we’d be willing to put some more
    flatbed wagons on it and operate a five-day-a-week service. That’s the goal.”
    Late last month Regional Development Minister Shane Jones announced around $5 million from the Provincial Growth Fund
    to reinstate the line for log trains between Wairoa and Napier Port.
    KiwiRail was invited to start running a weekend logging service between Wairoa and Napier in April last year, as a first step
    towards the possible reinstatement of the rail link between Gisborne and Napier, which was washed out north of Wairoa in
    storms in March 2012.


    • Time to re-joyce and to Joyce and re-joyce again.

      Next must be Nick Smith and David Carter & David Bennett & ……………..

  3. So ,…. we have the NBR moving Hooton along , with the prearranged post of working for the NZ Herald as a sweetener but also to further their neo liberal ends ( marvelous things, these cellphones and personal computers… ) ,… meanwhile Joyce is dislodged and now Hooton gets a free run with his golden boy Bridges.

    Very tidy.

    Meanwhile, we get the feeling Joyce is having his day of explanations in the very same Herald Hooton will soon be working for…

    Oh yes,…the far right wing neo liberals have the media machine , and the motives,… money and power.

    And to that end,… they all sing a familiar chorus together while drinking wine from the same cup and at the same time,… stabbing each other with daggers in the back…

    I don’t think Joyce will be overly worried,.. his advisers will have something lucrative for him lined up ,.. maybe shares in a dildo factory , whatever it is… he will lack for nothing.

    As will Hooton , who will continue to stage his quasi fascist neo liberalism with whatever gullible stooge he can find to fill the National party leadership… he will not lack ,… the cashflow from his ‘advice’ will make sure the money still flows and the contracts keep on coming…

    New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

  4. Bugger. I was going to go to the ribbon cutting of the two-laned bridges in Northland with Simon and Steven.

  5. No more friends left in Natz for four votes Stevie boy, now Key and English have deserted the Natz vermin infested ship of lies, subterfuge and dirty politics. Oh dear, so sad, such a pity, what a shame, never mind!

    Now who will the next Mr/Ms Fixit be?

  6. You hit the nail right on the head there Martyn. Was thinking just a short while ago how the media, that includes everyone in the press gallery, a most odious group of National party sycophants, sickeningly tore into David Cunliffe and the Labour party without mercy for months on end, yet when it comes to the National party, there’s barely a whimper.

  7. Good riddance, when it comes to Steven Joyce. As for the ‘press gallery’ and NZ ‘journalists’, I prefer the real Muppet Show.

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