Latest Update on my Human Rights Tribunal case against NZ Police


The latest update on my Human Rights Tribunal case against NZ Police has come back and after the Privacy Commissioner found the Police had breached my privacy and civil rights, after the media picked up the story, after the media highlighted that they couldn’t even begin the case because they were underfunded and after the Associate Minister for Justice tweeted his support, the Human Rights Commission have come back to me to confirm they have no idea when they will be able to hold the Police to account because they still don’t have the money…

…it doesn’t matter of you are right wing or left wing, we can all agree that a Human Rights Review Tribunal that doesn’t have the money to investigate Police for abuses of power is a complete failure of process and accountability.

Remember, this is just for a bloody teleconference with the Police! This isn’t even the start of the investigation!

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The Privacy Commissioner has done all the heavy lifting for the HRRT, yet they are so underfunded they still can’t can’t hold the Police to account.

This is insanity and it seems to be purposely underfunded so that the Police always win because people give up.

I’m not giving up, and I will hold the Police to account for their abuse of surveillance powers.

I will keep you updated as the case proceeds.


  1. Thanks Martyn for the update.

    Seems you have been failed twice by Natz government agencies. 1) for carrying out illegal surveillance on you and 2) under funding those agencies which deal with human/civil rights abuses, so you are unable to seek justice. Appalling situation.

    Hang in there friend and keep pushing for justice. However, take good care of yourself during the process. You have our support.

    Kia kaha

  2. I still think the National government allowed all departments including police, health, education expecting to be elected again.

    Their policy would have been privatisation of all departments as they were not able to work as they were with funding available. Thank God they are not the government.

  3. Hi Martin. If you want action then you should contact kate raue in Greytown. she knows how to get action from the bureucracy

  4. Yes this is bad Martyn you need to pursue this and the NZ police hierarchy have a lot to answer to.
    I ditched Westpac and bank with a NZ owned bank (Cooperative) after I heard what happened they can give our banking records to the police at the drop of a hat they can get stuffed they ain’t getting my money and other NZers need to follow suit

  5. Like others I lost ALL faith in watch dogs and systems long ago:

    Add the HRRT to this story:

    Most people are lazy, or too busy with own short term concerns, they never read or study much anyway, and this is the problem progressives and truth seekers face, there are too few that bother to take note and take a stand, hence Martyn will not get anywhere with his complaint.

    I do by the way have a rather dim view of our Privacy Commissioner, he is not that committed himself, and his staff are partly incompetent, as records presented to me show.

  6. This ,…. lack of funding borders on criminal negligence of the former government.

    Recall that an anti corruption unit was set up in Brisbane after the state Police dept ( and Joh Belke Petersen ) were found guilty of gross misconduct and corruption.

    There’s a reason why we need these organisations , – because no matter how much we want to trust in the authority’s set over us, – none of them are sacrosanct. They are all human institutions with the same potential for abuse as the next ; therefore the very fact that there exists under-funding in such a critical area needs investigation.

    And one of the questions to be asked is JUST WHY did the National party allow such conditions in the first place , – and JUST WHAT were their motives for doing so ???

  7. Have they ever thought of using give a little?
    Or perhaps crowd fund Martyn.
    I would donate, as I’m sure others would, to see our police force held to task, as they should be over this matter.
    NZ justice…pfffff.

  8. This situation should give all New Zealanders, Left, Right, Centrist, cause for concern.

    Do I really have to cite the late Rev Martin Niemöller’s famous quote again?

    Because unchecked, unbridled State power will eventually come for us if we dare raise our voices…

  9. Maybe someone is paying attention to this thread eh? A certain drop off in posts & page views was to be expected when the natz copped the flick, but that could have been managed if this ‘blog’ sysadmins didn’t have such an anal policy of running the magnifying glass over all posts and then wandering off for hours.
    This makes it impossible to have conversations or as the trots like to say ‘dialectic’ unless posters sign up to either rss intrusion or obsessively check threads at 20 minute intervals.

    This is crazy when there are many more reliable methods of preventing denial of service or lawsuits.

  10. I still think the National government allowed all departments including police, health, education expecting to be elected again.

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