GUEST BLOG: Hadley Grace Robinson-Lewis – Life as a Mental Health Nurse and the Social Model of Medicine


ABOUT HADLEY GRACE ROBINSON-LEWIS: I studied at the Auckland University of Technology where I completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing. I’m Passionate about, Neurology, Psychiatry, Medicine, societal issues and Maori Health. I’m highly passionate about advocating for the mentally ill. My passion for assisting the underprivileged and those experiencing hardships in relation to mental illness has led me to charity work. In 2017 I initiated a $25,000 renovation through Habitat for Humanity for a women’s refuge in Auckland. I would like to share my passion and experiences with everyone.


  1. I’ve never met a person yet who isn’t barking mad. The tiers of lunacy are infinite and the most we can hope to achieve in life is to place our progeny in harms way by dropping them head first into the mad house that’s called ‘ life’. Just like our parents did and our parents before us.
    The trick, in my humble opinion, is to accentuate that fact that we’re not alone. We must all shoulder the solemn responsibility to take care of each other in order to protect our selves from each other because once on our own we become prey for the predators.
    I wonder what your opinion is on sadistic narcissism? I see it as a ‘ new’ dysfunction as a symptom of more than 30 years of one or two sadistic narcissists indoctrinating our hearts and minds with their particular insanities for their bank balance.

    Entirely off-topic perhaps but what’s this about…! ?
    The weird phenomenon of Terminal Lucidity

    Best luck in your life’s work by the way.

  2. + 100 country boy.
    I agree that sadistic narcissism is one way of expressing the default personality of capitalism.
    I don’t think its new.
    The default personality of capitalists is possessive individualism.
    In the process of possessing scarce resources they indulge in sadism which means their pleasure centre is fixed on winning at all costs.
    The default personality of those predated on by sadists is masochism.
    Those who are treated like shit blame themselves and the nearest scapegoat group for their pain rather than the system.
    The circuit breaker is conscious class struggle. When the masochist majority has its moment of truth and gangs up on the sadists.
    I we want ‘life’ to be more than a terminal condition we have one option – survival socialism.

    • I think you’ll find it’s the system that’s been set up to fail every one. Only a fraction of a percent actually know how to make money properly. The vast majority of educators just sell learning platforms that only make them money because they are commissioned based.

      So you can borrow $600k for a house or franchise, we’ll give you access to our products so you can sell them at $20 a pop. That’s all an education is now a days. Even primary school teachers are just pushing a Ponzi scheme and don’t even relies they’ve been told to make all the wrong choices.

      and we have to start talking about state monoloplies. So prisons shouldn’t be privatised, roads can’t be, BUT why is rail privatised. As thatcher said “privatising rail was one to far.” no we dont go to Europe. People are too dogmatic. Those who can read between the lines (smart people) and see value in education do get there monies worth because they work 70hr weeks there whole lives. The class struggle is so unstable and we all k ow it. You’re either super successful and surrounded with more opportunities than any one would know what to do with, or you’re super unsuccessful where failure becomes the norm and the vast majority never get out of poverty traps. And it’s that moment when you’re neither successful or unsuccessful that we can’t control. Personally I would like every one to be successful but I know statistically 90% of the population will make all the wrong choices.

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