FACEBOOK WATCH: The unbridled joy of the Mongolian Honorary Consul in New Zealand


One of the few things to truly tickle my fancy this year has been the news that Matthew Hooton, the architect of the Death Star, the moral Shepard of the right, the High Priest of Dirty Politics, has somehow managed to become the Honorary Consul for Mongolia to NZ

I know that we should all be deeply hateful of Hooton and his machinations in masterminding the rise of Collins and Bridges into taking over the National Party, but the sheer absurdity and wondrously quirky joy of him becoming the Honorary Consul for Mongolia to NZ still has me giggling and gurgling with glee.

The  Mongolian Honorary Consul in New Zealand has now opened its own Facebook page and the delight of seeing stories about adventurers braving wolves and bears to skate 100 miles across Mongolian ice lake or snowboarding across the Gobi desert or the quirky dinosaurs the region once hosted just all manage to make the entire absurdity of this even more delightful.

I think that this quirky beauty Hooton has managed to bring into the world means that when our revolution comes, we don’t kill him slowly, we give him a quick death as thanks.


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