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  1. Women Investigative Journalists outside the mainstream media:

    …and who is investigative journalist Kiwi Suzie Dawson?…mentioned above by Elizabeth Vos ‘Disobedient Media’

    …”Towards the latter half of 2017, this author embarked on a joint project called ‘DecipherYou,’ founded by the Internet Party’s Suzie Dawson. The DecipherYou live stream events represent a never-before-seen glimpse into Snowden files that have never seen adequate press scrutiny. The project represents a world-first journalism initiative that encourages the public to participate in a real-time research. Disobedient Media recently published an overview of DecipherYou findings, ranging from the revelation of the NSA’s interference with foreign banking institutions to the agency’s self-described responsibility for failed intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq…

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