GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Crown Law Trying to Usurp Corrections as the Biggest Bully on the Block


The Crown lost an extremely important case relating to fundamental human rights in the high court.

It appealed to the court of appeal and five judges there unanimously throughout its case.

It has now appealed to the Supreme Court. God knows how much this is costing the taxpayer, it will be in the hundreds of thousands though.

Everyone is getting paid big bucks except for me and Richard François. Not content with me presently having no computer access, and most of my court case records on the computer, and Pare Max not having yet forwarded 80% at least of my hard copy files and legal material, the Crown is arguing I have no “standing” to be involved in the case.

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This rather than concentrating on the merits of the case.

I am confident that they will lose when this case is heard by the Supreme Court on the 6th and 7th of March.

The Human Rights Commission represented by arguably New Zealand’s top human rights Bill of Rights commentator Russell McVeagh’s Andrew Butler is intervening on my side.



This is the crown law, which is a department of the state, that is not acting as a model litigant, (as its Policy Manual requires) and is helping on wasting enormous taxpayer dollars.

As Attorney- General, is David Parkercontent with what is being done in his name?


Arthur Taylor is The Daily Blog’s Prisoner rights advocate blogging from inside prison.


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