The Daily Blog Open Mic – Sunday 11th February 2018

By   /   February 11, 2018  /   4 Comments

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Moderation rules are more lenient for this section, but try and play nicely.

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  1. Red Buzzard says:

    NOT the mainstream media:

    Globalist mega wealthy Soros does not like Brexit….or what the British have decided in a democracy

    …so who is undermining a democracy and who is undermining the British for their decision?

    …(incidentally a decision which other European countries are scared to put to the vote)

    ‘Soros & the £400k Question: What constitutes ‘foreign interference’ in democracy?’

    “You’d have to have a real sense of humor failure not to laugh. The news that US billionaire Soros donated £400k to an anti-Brexit group came on the day that YouTube said they found no evidence of Russian interference in Brexit.
    Repeat After Me (with robotic arm movements): “Unproven Russian involvement in Brexit – terrible! Impose more sanctions on Moscow! A £400k check from an American billionaire for an anti-Brexit campaigning group – that’s no problem; it’s helping our democracy!”

    You don’t have to own a brand new £999 state-of-the art Hypocrisy Detector from Harrods, to pick up on the double standards. Just having a few functioning brain cells and thinking for yourself will do. For months in the UK we’ve been bombarded with Establishment-approved conspiracy theories – peddled in all the ’best’ newspapers – that Russia somehow ‘fixed’ Brexit. Getting Britain to leave the EU was all part of a cunning plot by Vladimir Putin, aka Dr. Evil, to weaken Europe and the ‘free world.’…


    Kim Hill RNZ on Brexit: ( interview undermining Brexit democracy and the British: a German says how stupid the British are)

    ‘Nicholas Boyle – Brexit is a collective English breakdown’

    …and John Pilger (pro Brexit)

    …an interview re anti neoliberalism, anti authoritarianism , pro British grassroots democracy (“an act of raw democracy”)…

    ‘John Pilger Revealing and Insightful Interview on Brexit & E U’

    ….and Tony Benn on Brexit

    … the pro grassroots democracy Left British politician and statesman speaks out : ( how different from the corporate globalist mega rich Soros interference in British democracy and those autocrats who deride British democracy and the stupid British)

    ‘Tony Benn – EU Referendum – EU Empire – Democracy – Brexit’

  2. mary_a says:

    Chris Bishop chatting up teenage girls on social media! Another creepy Natz MP, following in the footsteps of a former pervy leader, John Key?

  3. Red Buzzard says:

    correction: oops Professor Nicholas Boyle is not a born German but a British academic academic specialising in German