(UPDATE) Bob Jones quits NBR after obscenely racist column



Bob Jones is a cunt.

Now I say that as someone who is a great fan of cunts, they are my favourite holiday destination, and I would never want to denigrate a place that I have such wonderful memories of, but the bluntness and crudeness of the word seems to perfectly describe Bob Jones.

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I’m going for definition 1.1.

The columnist, who once bragged about goading a protester into committing suicide in what was the NZ Herald’s only snuff column, has decided that NZ isn’t racist enough and has penned a truly offensive evaluation of Waitangi Day.

Here it is…

…isn’t it great that the NBR has a paywall so that we don’t have to read this trash? I say build that paywall higher so we don’t have to hear Matthew Hooton as well.

Let’s just remind ourselves again as to why Māori have every reason to be pissed off with Pakeha on Waitangi Day?

Oh yeah, that’s right. We stole the vast majority of their land.

In a year when this was what we were seeing, a Prime Minister humbly feeding people at Waitangi Day…

…after making a speech like this…

…with juxtapositions like this…

…we could have been forgiven into believing that we were truly progressing, but thankfully Bob Jones has managed to drag us back into the late 1800s.

What a cunt, and not in a nice way.

PS – If your concern with this blog is my use of the c word, and not what Bob Jones wrote – you have your values wrongly wired.


UPDATE: Bob Jones has quit the NBR due to the NBR pulling his obscenely racist column from their online site. The Daily Blog has asked if Bob Jones will be joining Cameron Slater on Whaleoil. The Daily Blog has had no response from his office.  

In the immortal words of Tau Henare…




  1. Unbelievable that the NBR rag let this shite through? I suppose the ed & sub editor was having a bbq at the holiday bach and let this article slip through there fat greasy fingers on the iphone when releasing it to print thinking that oh well except for a few typos, she’ll be shcweet azz mate!

  2. Why would any one treat Bob Jones, Michael Laws or Don Brash with any respect what so ever. I am pretty sure none of them ever managed a productive enterprise, Bob speculated in real estate and currency, Michael did what?? that was useful, and of course Don was Reserve Bank government under a system that Bruce Jesson describes as having exactly the opposite outcome as was on the packaging.

    The other thing they have in common is that they all make disparaging remarks about our indigenous cousins and grandchldren.

    Why give them air time or space

    • Bob Jones made most of money by talking up shares in his companies, while taking advantage of a dead cat bounce to quietly sell off his own holdings in them before them went bust. He is most famous for setting up a one-joke political party specifically to manipulate the 1984 election, and get his Rogernome mates into government, so they could remove all those pesky regulations that were stopping him fleecing pensioners of their life savings. More recently, he became famous for thinking he was too important to pay attention to the safety of a plane he was riding, or the safety of the rest of its passengers. He is the kind of person who makes human excrement look respectable by comparison, and it’s a huge win for rational discourse that the NBR has finally stopped dignifying his intellectually bankrupt trolling by putting it in print.

  3. Martyn

    I am glad you released this trash from the NBR.

    It is a reminder that the most wretched and callous weasels on this hole planet are English speaking Capitalists.

    Worthless bastards. We need a law that would place them in prison for being not only useless, but for being unworthy amongst men women and children. In a word Despicable.

    If you want filth – real filth – seek a capitalist. Especially an English Capitalist.

  4. Bomber no doubt as you are so upset about Pakeha stealing Maori land you as a white male heterosexual will acknowledge your privilege and donate your house to local Iwi?

  5. Those pitchforks and guillotines are getting mighty sharp… civil war is coming, c*nts like Jones are simply gonna get lynched in the street 🙂 Bring it on

    • Castro the anonymous avatar, who ever you are. You do realise you probably just red flagged a terror watchlist for that comment and is probably the last guy in the world to be wanting to organise any of that eh…

  6. It appears that Bob Jones’ mum never taught him that just because a thought may enter whatever passes for his brain, that it might not be appropriate to actually say it out loud.

    He may think he was being “witty” or “provocative”. I prefer the terms ignorant and bigoted.

    If the NBR believes, hand-on-heart, that free speech was well served by publishing Jones’ incoherent racist rant – might I offer up some scribblings copied directly from public toilet walls? After all, it appears that free speech on the NBR is not tempered by employing common sense or self-discipline of any description.

    • Please don’t bring his Mum in to it.
      I read Lloyd Jones’ memoir and I was so stricken , had tears in my eyes at his descriptions of her
      “Speaking the Silence”
      Amazing how 2 brothers born of the same mother can be.

    • Frank, pricks like jones have an aberrant personality condition where predating on others brings feelings of elation.

      His brand of narcissism has cost thousands of citizen victims significant loss with his lies about shares, ruthless landlord activity preying on the unfortunate and stealing their personal property for nothing more than a power trip, assaulting those who tried to stand up for themselves, colluding with roger douglas to strip NZ of public wealth and a long chain of destructive acts stripping NZ of its sovereignty.

      The presstitute have held him up as a darling and give the bastard voice when he deserves to be attacked.

      jones won’t “examine his own shit” ( his own words) which say a lot about his mental state.

      Parasites like jones need confinement.

  7. I’m glad to say we no longer stock Bob Jones books, haven’t for a good few years. Maybe once a year some 25 year old boy, who isn’t quite ‘intellectual’ enough to read Ayn Rand, will ask for ‘Bob’ and be quite taken back at my response.
    Though, not as taken back as the poor sods who ask for Ayn Rand.

  8. In snuffling around in the dirty and dark rabbit holes of this “Satan Rules Okay” world, I have discovered that those whose net worth is over a certain level are required to make sacrifices in order to retain that wealth. Clearly this was a “humility” sacrifice. Well done, Bob. It takes big balls to make such an ass…. of yourself. Your Master will be pleased.

  9. You know why racist columns suck, and why the writers are cunts?

    1. Racism is ignorance, you cant debate ignorance, you can only argue a side therefore creating two sides; a side of people who know right from wrong and a side full of stupid people.

    2. Somebody who instigates racial debate through there words is either a leader gathering a force of stupid people and therefore should be arrested for inciting race hatred or no better than a suicide bomber who users words and position to launch racial handgrenades and then just walk away.

    I truly believe Bob Jones doesnt believe his own words nor do i think he gives a shit whether anybody reads it. which simply makes him a cunt.

    Unfortunatly wherever there lives more than one race there will be racisim, where people are fat, skinny, disabled, rich poor or whatever there ill be bigotry. We are inherently all cunts.

  10. What do Bob Jones, Michael Laws and Don Brash have in common? They are all old stale bigoted misogynistic blowhard scrotes. Racism pours out of their mouths to the extent they are virtually drowning in it! And all three of them are (or were) members of the National Party. Says it all about National culture then!

    I’m also highly suspicious Jones was responsible for deliberately forming the NZ Party back in 1984, as a means of breaking Muldoon’s hold on government, enabling the neo lib free market economy to become established, no doubt for his own rotten benefit! There are conflicting stories about this time of our political history, however it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that Jones was part of the toxic machine which contributed to the destruction of the whole social and economic fabric of NZ. He was there!

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