Why Steven Joyce is about to be shot in the face

By   /   February 5, 2018  /   7 Comments

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Joyce is the canary in the coal mine for any Leadership challenge.

Once more to the breach of Steven Joyce’s face dear friends, once more to the breach!

Steven Joyce is about to be shot in the face.

Not literally.


The National Party is used to parachuting in Leaders. When the National Party values are as hollow with self interest as the Right’s are, National Party rank and file see parachuted in Leaders as simply a new marketing investment, they don’t get precious about not serving your time like the Left does, but there are limitations.

Steven Joyce is that limitation.

An outsider who was mates with Key, Joyce’s style of crony capitalism has locked out many on the Right who all get to collectively enjoy the public teat when their side is in.

This means Joyce has made an enormous amount of enemies.

Remember, Joyce went straight from candidacy into senior Cabinet Minister and wielded real power. While Nats accept parachuted in Leaders, they sure as Christ have no intention of losing the privileges and perks of power to someone as arrogant as Joyce.

Joyce has the favour of English so publicly demoting him  would be a clear signal that the Collins/Bridges faction are now calling the shots.

Joyce is the canary in the coal mine for any Leadership challenge.


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  1. Denny Paoa says:

    I concur, with your premise Martyn. But I’d still like to see Crusher & Benefit go for each others blood! A “BloodFest Match” is what the public deserve! Give the Public What they Want!

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    “If Joyce thought he could get away with caning Peters over the superannuation debacle without it coming back on the Nats, then maybe the Great Strategist wasn’t so great after all.”

    Well yes, Joyce has always been the bully to hate.

    His obstinate bully type character was always going to get him hanged as much as the massively oversized expensive video screen he had placed at the centro court of his MBIE ‘propagandist nerve centre’.

  3. Just saying says:

    We need JC now, more than at any time in the last 10 years.

    Unmarried mother PM’, nanny state, climate change conspiracies, beneficiary fraudsters endemic in Aotearoa.
    The atheist Mallard lame duck removing Jesus Christ from the Parliamentary oath – the country is spiraling towards hell

    Time to get back to the Right politics by giving the leadership to a strong woman like JC. Along with THE most stable of coalition partners ACT.

    You know it makes sense.

  4. The Weatherman says:

    I wonder whatever happened to that recording of John Key chastising Joyce about Mediaworks, which also implicated Key as having prior knowledge of the deal.

  5. Sumsuch says:

    Don’t say ‘shot in the face ‘ Martyn. Him, just a radio flunky, apart from a NZer.

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