Trump’s fake State of the Union

By   /   February 1, 2018  /   3 Comments

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There were two things that stood out for me during Trump’s State of the Union address.

There were two things that stood out for me during Trump’s State of the Union address.

The first was his need to laud the courage of others who were tested in situations his policies are exacerbating.

If Trump had one inch of the courage of the heroes he hid behind, we wouldn’t despise him so much – that he requires their acts of conscience to gloss over the lack of his, is the real story.

The second thing that stood out was his constant use of economic statistics to justify his first year in Office. Trump has injected the US economy with Meth in the form of inane corporate tax cut welfare and is now congratulating himself for the erratic heart beat and psychosis.

This address was billed as bipartisan but Trump doesn’t build bridges, he napalms them and then blames the fake media for pointing out he’s burnt them.

This is a man who will say Black on Monday, White on Tuesday and then by Friday scream that no one cares about colours.


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  1. Siobhan says:

    Could anyone reference us to a State of the Union address that wasn’t bs?

    Admittedly, its usually slicker, more ‘seemly’ bullshit, delivered with a good dose of fake humble…but still bs, and its all lead the American voter, and both the Republicans ,i>and the Democratic Party, to this wondrous dead end freak show that we see today.

    But the stock markets are happy.

    And thats what matters.

    So don’t expect any real change of direction anytime soon.

  2. … and cue the Trump supporters pointing out that it’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault.

    Orwell’s “Goldstein” in “Nineteen Eightyfour” was a clear warning how gullible some people can be when it comes to Two Minute Hate Sessions focused on a demonised individual.

    Meanwhile, if anyone thinks Trump is a better President than his predecessors, they might consider that the mantra “America First” sounds eerily similar to the 1930s slogan of Nazi Germany, “Deutschland über alles” (“Germany, Germany above all else”).

    That’s because the veneer has been stripped away and we are looking at the naked face of fascism, done the American way.

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