Calm down, I performed on stage when nearly nine months pregnant – this is what women do, women have babies and they do stuff


I performed on stage when nearly nine months pregnant, (though my baby threatened to upstage me, and the crowd could see him wriggling).

I did jury service with a baby only months old, I did script read-throughs with a month old breast feeding baby, (pop the table cloth over their face so they can relax), I went to the TVNZ awards with a three month old baby, (those days). I made another short film. I continued to perform, with a young breastfeeding baby, carrying him up to the microphone at readings, where sometimes he joined in, I made a 240-minute documentary film, as the mother of a 1, 2 and 3 year old (just the one child, -it took three years), having separated and living without support or any funds, I directed theatre productions and events, writing designing and taking all roles lets see, 1, 2, 3, 4, of them. I ran a legal case over the course of 4-5 years to preserve my custody rights and subsequently I became an advocate for women going through the family court. I made a film about the occupy movement with a two-year-old in tow. I put my name at the helm of the protests to forge awareness about the corruption behind post office closures also with a two-year-old in tow, and made an address to the commerce committee, and put a petition to gov’t and made and collated all the media, to the extent of sometimes delivering the media to the publishers. I fought off the persecutory demands of the governmental agencies and pointed out where they were failing the public and fed this information back to advocacy and activist organizations. I pursued a second medico-legal process over the course of the entire decade which meant an exploration of the medical world, I battled for my legal rights in this regard to be taken seriously, and put the foundation together for a case. I did a dip grad degree in education with a 5 then 6-year-old at the time. Others will have their own list.  Mine is inconclusive.   And for me that was all without the income and support team of a government official, and with no money and no partner,( often having to walk (or run, or bike ) everywhere, or ask for community support), -the hindrances of those without income. -so, I think Jacinda’s role as leader of the government with a substantial ‘village’ around her plus Clarke, plus as much paid help as she needs, – is going to be perfectly fine. 

But this is what women do, women have babies and they do stuff.

Let’s start looking at the infrastructure around the workplace and early childhood as inhibitors to women who are otherwise perfectly capable and willing to get on with their lives: archaic draconian systems that inhibit and oppress women who have children.

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A system that uses women’s natural state as the agent for reproduction as an oppressive tool against the potential for women to have an equal status in society as anyone else, needs to be altered in this day and age.

SO let’s look again at how women are treated in the workplace who become mothers, who are NOT Jacinda Adern, and let’s not acquiesce to futile petty encounters with those winkers who like to keep a negative focus on her, she’s fine. Other women in New Zealand are not, yet.

So, as we all get used to the pregnancy, and the child that follows, can we please refrain from falling into a state of total tabloid adoration, but allow the inferences to unfold in a way that changes infrastructure at a level that really benefits women who are otherwise not given as many options, or who are vulnerable to having their options taken from them on account of their being women who have children. Let’s also consider those women for whom the option of even having a child is controlled by circumstances outside of their personal influence.

P.S. I have already congratulated Jacinda on her pregnancy along with several thousand others.  I think its great.  Many teachers will tell you babies bring a calming and nurturing effect into a classroom, and I should think it will have the same effect in the house and in the corridors of power too.


  1. Genevieve McClean

    Thanks for the fine article and glimpse into what a wonderful lady you have become as it is inspiring to see the young take up the challenge from us old dogs of war at 73.

  2. “But this is what women do, women have babies and they do stuff.”

    Quote of the year.

    One day this will barely rate a murmur and the 19th Century trolls will have moved on to other Issues Of Blood Pressure Raising Significance.

  3. By the way, Genevieve, the link on the main-stories headers leads to another article – hence why you’ve probably not had too many comments. (I had to find this by scrolling down to “THE LIBERAL AGENDA” to find your piece.)

    • There are lvls to this are there not?

      This maybe speculation but…

      At the bottom of the education ladder there are those who seek out a kind of introduction to new ideas or ways of thinking.

      Then there are probably the between work and dinner types just looking to get a bit of a cultural edge over work mates at lunch.

      Then above all them are people like who try and get the jump on the markets because Blogs are great way of seeing what people think.

      And of course there are the commentariats with some really strong opinion that wouldn’t ordinarily be aired anywhere else. Martyn is a great example after being hounded out of mainstream media for critiquing setting governments. Which is a slippery slop for any attempting to censor IMO.

  4. Women can do anything I played softball till I was 7 months pregnant and I was the catcher I was so big I had to kneel on one of my knees as usually I used the squat position when catching the ball from the pitcher. My sister was running up hills and biking when 7 months pregnant so I’m sure our PM will be fine. People need to stop exaggerating.

    • Queen Cleopatra bore a son to Julius Caesar without blinking an eye about how she ran Egypt. Where does all this nonsense about the weakness of intelligent women come from?

      • This is where a lot of people fall short. A lot of people want to get out of the gate and become an accomplished leader/entrepreneur in 3 weeks to 6 months. Then there’s a lot of people who get out of the gates and fall short. And then there are people who’ve got split personalities and think in parallel terms that life experience gives a kind of quantifiable business acumen. There’s a saying that university just gives you a basic understanding of your chosen industry, they don’t actually show you how to make money properly.

        So you’ve got to be in the game because to actually quantify a leader/entrepreneurs progress over a period of time with out having any real money and risk, and backing themselves. Because you can’t measure emotional detachment to profit and loses over time, and I would say over 20 years out of all the mentors Iv ever had none of them have had proper emotional detachment, so the people I’v worked under tend to freak out when it comes to making money and/or losing money for various reasons.

        In terms of objectivity the risk in that scenario where woman gain pay parity is almost like a textbook case study for emotional detachment. Because the objectives and risk management practices that woman are implementing right at this moment is actually all about doing the right things at the right time, and that’s actually a skill set you can’t learn unless you’re in it and practicing with real money.

  5. I’d like to see how well adjusted your kid is when he’s 30.

    Given in mind that “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society”
    Our society is SICK , btw.

    You’re a bit naive /young/optimistic and premature for now.

    [Cassie, if this comment is directed at the author, you are skirting at the edges. I have already banned one individual for ongoing personal smears, I do not want to do it again. Stick to the issues please. – Scarletmod]

  6. PS Bearing in mind that
    “It is no measure of health to be Well Adjusted to a Sick Society”
    Society is SICK at this time.

    LGBTQ (ZZZZ whatever) & “gender irrelevance” dominance today is a clear sign of a Civilisation in DECLINE .

    WELL it is, for OBVIOUS reasons.

    (pardon the “political INCORRECTNESS”. But political correctness is NOT same as TRUTH.


    • I would be quite happy if my son (or daughter) was LGBTQ, Cassie. As long as he or she was happy. The rest of your slur against LGBTQ speaks more of your own prejudices than others who may not share your fantasy ideal of a binary gender.

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