New Zealand Prime Minister announces pregnancy on Instagram


How perfect is this?

Congratulations to Jacinda and Clarke.

We now cross live to Mark Richardson and The AM Show for comment…


  1. Hahaha, this is what I thought might happen, during this new Labour led government!

    So it happened a bit earlier than I expected.

    That is what will happen, so Winston will be Acting PM, for six weeks after the child’s birth for a start. And as being a new mother may put greater demands onto Jacinda, he will be in charge for other periods after that also, I suspect.

    Winston’s dream is coming true, he will be PM of NZ.

    Jacinda will continue as PM, but even though some may think she can still do her leader’s job as normal, she will inevitably need some days off, which is understandable.

    Great news for Jacinda and Clarke, I am sure, but it may encourage some dissenters within the governing arrangement to take the opportunity to push for their agendas, thus creating some uncertainty about government stability.

    The ‘am show’ has already reported, only about half the million trees will be planted, as Shane Jones had to concede, and Phil Twyford is not revealing much about the prospects of getting the ten thousand homes a year built.

    If this government sees through its 3-year term, it can count itself lucky.

    Many voters may lose faith and with negative lobbying by Nats and MSM reporting and vote this government out in 2020.

    • I don’t know what you guys get up to over the festive season when you’re on holiday with a lot of time and heaps of food. You know what I mean don’t you…

      • Yes, I am a cynic, the ‘happy couple’ stuff was provided in abundance by the MSM, as I expected. Who cares about policy and the future of the nation, they all get completely consumed by excitement about our PM being pregnant.

        It bit similar to the excitement of ‘Kate’ of the Royals, I note.

        So to get a bit more balance, I provide my somewhat down to earth, some will say cynical view of things.

        Jacinda is now treated a bit like John Key was, it seems to be all about personality and private matters to be happy and proud about. Who cares about politics.

        But for a day, I can put up with it, but let us not forget what challenges lie ahead, for the whole country and its populace.

  2. I’m I correct in assuming Jacinda has already birthed a child while an MP? This is going to be interesting the way MSM handles there shit…

  3. Congratulations to them both. Let’s hope they will be happy baby is healthy.

    Predictably, the trolls are going to blow their minds when they hear this. LOL!!!

    Jenny Shipley on RNZ spoke very well, and took a swipe a the trolls to piss off.

    • I heard her as well, Samwise. For the first time ever, I agreed with 100% of everything Shipley said. She was a cool voice of reason and you’re right, she brooked no shit from the trolls!

  4. I started laughing as soon as nanny RNZ announced it (and even delayed Matinee Idle by 30 minutes because of the news) and I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

    What a lovely hope filled way to cock a snoot at the awful NewZild media muppets.

    So who is going to dare to be first to criticise the PM for “poor judgement”?


    And congratulations to Jacinda and Clark…

    😀 😀 😀

    • re …”and even delayed Matinee Idle by 30 minutes because of the news”…personally I was pissed off …I preferred “Matinee Idle” ( I have never been one for Royal babies )

  5. Q: With the PM Preggers. With an income in excess of $470k I guess the child will have a good start in life ay? On $470k+ I’m sure the kid will have a nice dry warm house to live in with plenty of kai & a nanny or two as well as two parents to care and provide for them and probably a Trust Fund set up for their privileged widdle future… 🙂 Move the Fuck On NZM. Like, How many houses have they built? Are they still spending $140k/day on Emergency Accomodation for the Homeless families! Why is Brendan Boyle,MSD/WINZ Ceo still got a job! FFS!

    • +100 TAKERE…well said ! …and if the Labour Party truly cares about all children and the most disadvantaged children why is the Labour Party not investigating the plight of children abused by religious institutions? What is Jacinda Ardern’s position on this?

      ‘Abuse victim backs inquiry including religious institutions’

      “The government has promised to set up an independent inquiry into abuse of children in the care of the state within its first 100 days in office, but groups of survivors want its scope broadened.

      Darryl Smith, who attended Marylands School in Christchurch in 1971, said the abuse he suffered by the headmaster of the school traumatised him for the rest of his life…

      Psychologist Michelle Mulvihill, who was involved in Australia’s Royal Commission of Inquiry into institutional responses to child sexual abuse, today also urged the New Zealand government to include faith-based institutions in its own inquiry.

      Lawyer Sonja Cooper, who specialises in representing victims of abuse, said the government may be concerned that a broad scope would be too costly and unmanageble, but that it needs to broaden the scope as much as possible so all victims can gain some closure.”

        • nah…we have had enough of good taste Pollyanner optimistic ‘Womens Weekly’ political celebrities…like Key looking cool by his swimming pool

          …we need desperately to get back to the real needs of the poor in New Zealand ( the original Labour Party)…those without houses, or living in substandard houses , those unable to afford houses and opportunities for their kids, the children who live in poverty stress and their parents …redress the injustices to those children sexually abused by religious institutions ….not sweep them under the carpet

        • No, not really Frank. Just not sycophantic or a Labour party stooge. I’m not interested at all in the personality/celebrity politics, as an Activist, Socialist Aotearoa member, the fight goes on every day! So this bullshit is just another distraction-card to be pulled out when theyre in the shit. Like now! Theyre frightened of there own shadow, so this stunt will appease the peasants for a few more months. Call me a cynic & I’ll just tell you to get fucked. Labour are a Neoliberal bunch of middle class wankers with a few exceptions ….

          • Perhaps you should check your male privilege Denny.

            For male politicians having kids (or rather, their female partners), it’s barely reported.

            But when a female politician – or the PM in this case – has a baby, it’s revolutionary. The questioning of Ms Ardern’s capabilities were never exercised on male leaders.

            All predicated from male privilege, but not from the point of view of women still having to fight this crap.

            Check out simonm’s post below, at January 19, 2018 , 2:55 pm, where he reports a comment published on Kiwiblog.

            PS: I’m not a Labour Party member, supporter, stooge, whatever. If that was meant to be a slur, you may have to look at better options. Calling me a Closet National Provocateur might get my hackles up.

            • What a load of bullshit Frank! I’m not interested in shite politics or wankers attacking other people with a different opinion Frank. FFS! With no Houses Been Built, $140k per day been spent on Motels ect …. and everybody is expected to be in awe of the little pakeha gurl done good!FFS! Get a fuck’n reality check Frank. Seriously, over intellectualising politics is dangerous …. 🙂 🙂

              • No, he’s not “over intellectualising politics”, Takere. He’s made a valid point and the degree of male privilege vomited up by Jacinda Ardern’s announcement is a stark reminder that subconcious and conscious misogyny is still rampant in this country.

                Why on earth you’re blaming Ardern for homeless living in motels eludes me. You DO KNOW it was National in power for the last 9 years, eh? Ardern wasn’t even Labour’s leader. It was National flogged off thousands of state houses. Your directing your anger at the wrong person.You seriously need to check your own male privilege and knock off the trolling.

  6. Just saw this comment on Kiwibog in response to the news:

    “Well, maybe we should just get all “Progressive” and support her having an abortion then…”

    Stay classy David.

    • Given that Farrar’s the one who is known to be in the habit of dressing up as Jimmy Saville, maybe we should slap him with a restraining order to make sure he doesn’t…

    • I didn’t want to. I new it was going to be all manner of brain twisting in there to make it like Jacinda bad, and National with sweet scented gardens cover there bullshit.

      Get past the first comment or so and it quickly becomes unlegible. It’s amazing really. They’ve lost there minds in there.

      • Yes Sam 100%;

        National members/supporters all have descended into a toxic pool of muckraking idiots, that look so pathetic now.

        I almost feel sorry for their sick minds.

        The interview with Jacinda and Clark was good last night on the “Project” !!!!!

        It was the first time i have watched the “news media channel show just to see the new expectant parents.

        Best wishes to the PM and family from HB/Gisborne.

  7. “Mr 7%” Winston will be like a fox in a henhouse during those 6 glorious weeks – an oportunity he never had before .

    • Yes, – posted over on The Standard . All I can say is good on Jacinda , this is turning out to be a real slap in the face to all the sanctimonious far right wingers who tried to use this against Jacinda and the coalition with their faux concern for the country…

      And the icing on the cake?

      Winnie ( again and again and again and again …) gets the last laugh.


      You dont outwit the Silver Fox no matter how hard you try. As I said at The Standard ,… he reminds me of Snoopy v Red Baron….

      Snoopy’s Christmas (with lyrics) – YouTube

    • He has actually and it’s not the PM or acting PM that runs the country ,we won’t even notice the difference.
      The PM is having a baby it’s much better than previous PMs with terminal cancer or alcoholism.

  8. This is wonderful news. Hearty congratulations to Jacinda and Clarke.

    This event will certainly put NZ in the spotlight.

    And Winnie gets his dream of being PM of NZ during Jacinda’s maternity leave, albeit for a short period of time. No doubt this will keep him in good spirits.

    I think Jacinda has already demonstrated how strong women are. Dealing with morning sickness and continuing to work would not be an easy task by any means. However, in Jacinda’s case to lead and form a new coalition government, as well as coping with a spiteful, obstructive and petulant opposition, while not being particularly well herself, has shown her not only to be strong, but also very capable of doing the job in hand.

    This news will be a right poke in the eye for Mark Richardson and his moronic “alpha” male mates!

  9. Youre better off under the Labour / NZ First / Greens coalition.

    No matter what angle you want to look at it from.

    The alternative is unthinkable.

    Or would you prefer Rimmer the Welfare Trimmer as stand in Prime Minister …I think not.

  10. Now wait for the old white NZ men brigade (and some white NZ women) pontificating about the old nonsense that women’s brains are adversely affected by pregnancy and motherhood – completely ignoring the fact that the brains of many powerful and unchallenged men are permanently affected by lust, corruption, narcissism, acquisitiveness and drink, severely impairing their ability to make rational decisions.
    Mothers cannot do worse and will most likely do better in the sound and sensible decision stakes.

  11. What could be more hopeful, for a nation, than to have a Premier not afraid to bring a new life into the world?

    Hip, hip, hooray!

    We need to celebrate this wonderful event.

    What could be more natural?

    When a Premier dies in office, the nation marks the solemn occasion with a state funeral, usually with an official day of state mourning.

    When a Premier gives birth in office, in my opinion, the nation needs to mark this wonderful and happy occasion as well.

    Street parties anyone?

    A state holiday maybe?

    (The whole nation will probably stop anyway to follow this event).

    So how’s about we start a tradition.

    As more and more women reach the highest office in their nation and the world.

    Women have children.

    Let’s celebrate this fact and normalise it.

    The thought of the chance for a paid day off, might even encourage more people to vote for a women leader,

    Good on you Jacinder.

    We love you and wish you the best.

    Who will be the brave MP to put a bill in the ballot for a state event to mark this happy occasion?

  12. Birth and death are human realities, we mark one, why not the other.

    It is common practice to celebrate the death of a head of state (usually a man), with a National Day of Mourning. As more women become heads of state, we should celebrate them giving birth, with a National Day of Celebration.

    A national day of mourning is a day marked by mourning and memorial activities observed among the majority of a country’s populace. They are designated by the national government. Such days include those marking the death or funeral of a renowned individual or individuals from that country or elsewhere, or the anniversary of such a death or deaths. Flying a flag of that country and/or military flag at half-staff is a common symbol…..

    Presidents of Mexico, usually on the day of their funerals (these days are usually considered municipal and religious holidays in Mexico City and federal holidays in the rest of the republic.) Miguel de la Madrid in 2012 was the most recent.

    State Funeral

    State funerals usually include much pomp and ceremony as well as religious overtones and distinctive elements of military tradition. Generally, state funerals are held in order to involve the general public in a national day of mourning after the family of the deceased gives consent. A state funeral will often generate mass publicity from both national and global media outlets.

    State Nativity

    State nativity celebrations (if they become an entrenched tradition) may eventually include some pomp and ceremony, and some religious overtones, but preferably state navities should be secular, casual and fun. Fireworks might be good. Neighborhood street parties, definitely.

    State nativity celebrations (unlike state funerals) should have zero elements of military tradition.

    State nativity celebrations like state funerals must have the consent of the family of the head of state. (and obviously, the consent of the head of state herself).

    A state nativity just like a state funeral will generate mass publicity from both national and global media outlets.

    That’s gotta be good for the New Zealand brand.

  13. Jenny Shipley’s comments on Radio NZ this morning was probably the most insightful she has ever made in her political career. Rightwing trolls with bursting brain bloodvessels would do well to listen to her.

  14. As i commented on the Standard well done Gayford you are a machine and thanks PM for bringing one home for the team.

    Winston must be in line as a god parent and i bet that is in one of the sub clauses of the coalition agreement that has not been discovered yet.

    Jacinda will struggle to leave her first born after only six weeks of bonding but there is a country to run and the big question must be who will be busier Mr Gayford or the PM ?

    My prediction is it will be a healthy baby boy in June or July.

    Congratulations to both parents.

  15. Jacinda, the Mother of The Nation, we may call her soon.

    As a mother she will be almost untouchable, she may ensure Labour win again in 2020 and yet again in 2023.

    People are so wrapped up in emotional stuff and reactions, their brain stops functioning normally.

    The same happened when Key was in charge, for other reasons. He got away with almost anything, because of his casual and easy going personality, which many liked.

    Labour will poll 54 percent after June, the month the baby will be born, wait and see.

    • Key was an empty vessel and dead as a human being.

      At least Jacinda wants to make a real difference where it counts for all those shut out of their own country by not having money.

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