An unmarried pregnant Prime Minister whose partner will be the stay at home dad…


An unmarried pregnant Prime Minister whose partner will be the stay at home dad – the Right in NZ are literally rolling in their graves…


  1. While I congratulate Jacinda on her happy news, I find it sad that the left are so keen to devalue motherhood. Jacinda will need to fund an army of support to raise that baby – fortunately she can afford to.

    • What no. This is how it starts. No one has done this before. Jacinda is blazing her own trail. We can help her in this. What Jacinda does wil set a precedence for other woman to follow. I just don’t think that a female in a babies first years of life will make decisions any better or worse the the most hyperbolic of right wing hyperventilation.

      So taking 6 weeks out of the job to have a baby isn’t a small thing. But so long as she comes back and hits the ground running I think will be the best response to her critics.

      • Yes Sam, that’s what I thought too.
        The fact that our very own PM can give birth, be a mother and be PM at the same time will help our society to grow towards thinking of parenthood not (as it so often is now) a stumbling block in the way of a successful career – but a NATURAL PART of any career.
        In that way Jacinda is doing us a huge service and for my part I want to congratulate her and Clarke and wish them all the happiness they deserve.

        • Further more it’s a really easy reason for people to reject right wing memes.

          I truely believe 2018 will be the year of woman in politics and this event does not make that untrue.

          I can almost tast the knives in Bills back. So delicious

    • And the trolling begins, eh Redbush?

      A simply “congratulations to Jacinda and Clark” would’ve sufficed. But oh no, a woman having a child who is also PM, is just so mind-blowing, huh? Because when is the last time a woman got pregnant? No one is devaluing anything except trolls like you, Redbush.What would YOUR mother say to your trolling??

      • Funny she shouldn’t have to be married mothers have been treated poorly for generations I’m sure Clarke will do a lot to support Jacinta so she can get on with the job she’s capable off and as the one that stays at home works at the family’s whole wellbeing 24/7 it’s about time women are valued at more I wish ,them all the best with the challenges with baby and changing stick in the mud attitudes.

    • Utter rubbish. Her partner is going to be a stay at home dad. No other “support” should be needed (unless you think a man can’t raide a baby for some reason). Further, even during her maternity leave, she’ll be very much in control. Technology (mobile phones and internet) has made it easier than ever to work from home. If the douches like Mark Richardson hasn’t made such a fuss about this possibility, this would have been one of the biggest non-stories of the year imo.

    • The trolls are massing for a feeding frenzy eh Redbush…. Mark Richardson on the AM Show will be apoplectic.

      Ruth Richardson breast-fed while in Parliament. Didn’t hear the trolls, fundamentalists and mediocre opening batsmen bagging her and gnashing their collective gums. The sky didn’t fall, until after her Mother of all Budgets.

      We should have a #professionalmultitaskingmothers hashtag of support from all the professional mothers who looked after farms while their men were away at war, who looked after farms while their husbands were on All Black Tours or other representative duties, who hold down professional roles and manage households.

      Go back under your rock and take your ante-antediluvian opinions with you. You and your ilk would have women chained to the sink, with enough slack to shuttle between your beer fridge and your laziboy.

      Congratulations to Jacinda and Clark. Shame on you Redbush.

      • Damn. You beat me to it, “Just Saying”…

        My second* thought about Ms Ardern’s announcement was; the trolls wills be having brain hemorrhage ‘s over this…

        Sure enough: cue apoplexy.

        Because, y’know, no other woman in Human history has ever become pregnant.

        (*My first thought was: good on her!)

  2. Let them role!

    Science has come sufficiently along since Muldoons time. I suspect much to his dismay. Old people just don’t like change…

    I mean a couple hrs per day checking emails getting up to speed so in 6 weeks Jacinda can come back and hit the ground running. I mean the compromise comes when you have to focuse on work.

    If some one says they love you, and you reply ” I love politics and being a leader” and they say I love that to. Put a ring on it…

    • During Rob Muldoon’s time 1981-84 I also stayed at home to raise our first born and while I was also on the job while my partner (wife) went back to work (her choice too.)

      My am still with my wife now 44 yrs, and two grown up offspring that have grown into fine partners in our community.

      So go for it Jacinda & Clark, we all wish you both all the very best. – “Let’s do this.”

      • I’m retired so looking after children is what I do now. Pretty much making seeds into people just like me. This may sound boring but my favourite thing to do now is make school lunches. I’m a huge believer in school lunch being the great equaliser.

        • Thanks for that Frank, I will always remember my dear late mum saying to me “Son follow your heart” as i departed to sow my ‘wild seeds’ from that ‘surreal era of 1968.

          As a ‘straight’ guy with lots of “free love hippies” around us all then as “Woodstock” and the Vietnam war protests came calling, I learned very soon that some radical changes in our lives was coming and they were then very ‘real’ not imagined then.

          So in Canada while there I finally meet an English girl partner who was looking for the same values of being in full control of our own ways forward, so we partnered up to become a durable relationship that I daily will always feel very grateful for, so yes Mum I did follow my heart.

    • “Stone” by name and by nature.
      My response is;

      I think that Jacinda was raised as a frugal child.

      So this will ultimately pass in the spread of the genes from the parents to their children as has my parents passed on to me and my sisters and brother.

    • Spoiled?

      Perhaps you mean “spoilt”?

      How the fuck do you “spoil” a child? Feed it? Care for it? Interact with it? Love it?

      Is this awful tendentious presbyterian nonsense still alive in NZ? In 2018?

      Try reading something published AFTER 1660…

  3. You know some of the shitty comments regarding this pregnancy news from some members of the population just shows that NZ is caught in a time warp.

    We are now in the year 2018 not 1918 but so many have still not grasped that fact and are still as ignorant and bigoted as ever.

    Old habits and attitudes die hard.

    • 100% MOSA.

      In 1968 we were a more “progressive society than we are today so you are so right.

      Our new “Captain at the helm” may change all that after Jacinda emerges from her motherhood.

  4. Right wing trolls and left wing trolls are just that, trolls. There seems to be more focus on losing minds about what the trolls are saying, having lost their minds than on the actual news.

    Congratulations to our prime minister. I wish her the best.

  5. Also Frank I lived in that era where a strong seance of independence was over-ridding our lives and we don’t really see this now as “pronounced’ sadly.

    I think that is why we are all here speaking our disdain at the “new world order” the corporate world is pushing us all into, and my heart is saying NO NO NO, as it is foreign to all I have lived through in my time.

    I finally agreed with the old US values adage I heard so many times while living in USA that fitted my strong sense of independence, “Live and let live”.

    Jacinda and Clark will be a beacon of changes, back into our taking our own independence back from corporate control.

  6. If all goes well, and I sincerely hope it does, the Prime Minister’s child should be stood beside that other NZ Child who’s the most wretched, impoverished, poverty stricken, in poor health, mentally and physically. Any one of the 300,000. The child with an abysmal education out of a horror house ( car/bridge ) reeking with desperation and ignorance and will be, by default, tomorrows whipping child for the riche to look down their beaks at as they cluck indignantly as the now adult-child heads to minimum wage, prison, or worse, having been doomed by bad luck not to be born of privilege and position.

    When there’s no difference between those two children to be seen? That’s when I’ll get all clucky and smoochums.

    In the mean time…? Meh.

    • Happy new year COUNTRYBOY.

      Yes Jacinda was firstly bought up in Murupara!!!!

      Just look at the recent footage of that once ‘thriving’ timber town that now is seen as hardly a ‘bastion of wealth it appears now sadly.

      Jacinda certainly knows hardship so we are in safe hands there I feel.

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