Instagram hit by fake advertiser scam

By   /   January 17, 2018  /   3 Comments

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This is enormously damaging to Instagram who allowed a fake company to create a scam and advertise on their platform. 

Hex Collections were a company advertising a travellers map on social media platform Instagram over Christmas promising those who purchased the scratch map for $100NZ would have the product delivered before Christmas.

It turns out the entire thing was a giant scam with people caught up in the Instagram hoax trying to contact Hex Collections today only to find the companies website and Facebook site has been shut down.

This is enormously damaging to Instagram who allowed a fake company to create a scam and advertise on their platform.

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  1. Siobhan says:

    Instagram is fake.
    Your own life, that you think of as real, becomes instantly fake the second you turn it into an instagram moment.
    As for this, I know of no medium in the history of mankind that has not carried ‘fake’ news, fake promises or some sort of financial scam.
    This will be forgotten by morning tea time…
    Though I am sorry if it mucked up your Xmas Martyn. 😉

  2. Marc says:

    Increasingly masses of people live in FAKE worlds, of their imagination, or rather the cyberspace imaginations created by others. This is the new reality, we have endless numbers of people sit before their computers and other gadgets for hours each day, playing games, chatting of forums, with often fake personalities or accounts, sending dating and other messages around, some also to fake accounts, we have spam go wild, we have endless fraud and manipulation, welcome to cyberspace and ‘the web’ in 2018.

    The day will come where many cannot do simple ordinary tasks, they become totally dependent on computerised and robot like services, they will not have any idea of growing own food, making own things, of cooking, of doing ordinary tasks to survive.

    And with the stock markets trading now in reliance on computers that run the show, we have no crashes anymore, when corrections may be necessary. One day we have stock and other rates, that do not at all represent reality, and people will rely on this, invest and trust the figures, they will be handing over all their trust to fake or unreal conditions and supposed ‘realities’.

    As now most are totally hooked onto the web and many services, providers as Instagram, Google and what else there is, they will not even consider the risks.

    We live in days where taking control through manipulation was never more effective, a Hitler of sorts could get power any time in any place, and then go from there, the people are not really connected, they all are little possums looking into headlights, they are all tiny wheels in a huge machinery, they are so manipulated and misguided, they have lost all control, hence we no longer have democracy.

    I say the latter also with our new government in mind, they will face a system and a status quo, vested interest parties, lobby groups, people enslaved in a system, as investors of various types, they will be unable to change and move much as otherwise they risk full scale attack and sabotage.

    Watch what will happen this year, the first info was out today, by the technocrats that run MSD, answering to an OIA request by RNZ or so, some will come from National also, that it will ‘cost’ too much to change the law and allow sole parents to not name the father of their kids.

    That is the beginning, the system is against the government, the workers in government agencies are not going to be dismissed, many were and remain loyal to the Nats, and that is where this government’s grave will be dug, same as it will be assisted by business groups, that is their early burial.

    And the masses are not there, rather glued to their screens, they no longer fight, they dream, hope, fight and compete, against each other, for opportunity and their advancement, screw the rest.

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes Martyn,
    Scams are widespread on our current “digital media now today not only on Instagram.

    I have recently discovered I too have been conned also by a fake setup when a ‘blue box titled “The newest Windows feature update is here” so this has wipped out our entire operating system.

    This phoney program had forced me without any options to use it to update my eight month old ‘Windows 10 system’ and it removed my entire operating system and we lost all our new data and our new computer also so we have now lived without any computer for a month while the Auckland based Microsoft Windows people are trying to give us a program to install to resurrect our entire computer system again but so far we still have no system or memory again.

    We have paid $300 to a computer repair shop to take the files off our hard drive and store it onto a 1GB portable hard drive but we still have no operating computer.

    This is a problem as we see on the web others have also requested a repair of this sham from Microsoft.

    We live in a very shoddy world today don’t we all.

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,