People you should follow on NZ Twitter in 2018


There are some amazing voices and opinion on Twitter that you should consider following in 2018 to enable yourself to have a more rounded view of current affairs and the human condition.


Kiri Allen

Coolest Labour Party MP. Very funny and real. Rising star in the Labour party. 

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Just Speak

One of the best new generation activist groups to have come to fruition over the last half decade. Have made serious contribution to the justice debate and need to be part of any group looking to reform prison.



We Are Beneficiaries 

One of the most beautiful, poignant and painful twitter accounts in NZ. It uses artists to tell the stories of real beneficiaries and their experience with WINZ and MSD. The horror that is going on every day in everyone of these offices is terrifying when you read these. You must follow and allow compassion and empathy swallow you up in the experiences of real people doing their best in a hideous system. 


The NonPlastic Maori

Environmentalist and staunch Māori voice, Tina Ngata’s opinion is always worth reading.



Poet, dancer, TedX speaker – Jahrager is one of the most creative voices on Twitter and Instagram.


Tau Henare

Tolerable right wing opinion.


Hamish Keith 

Kindest person on Twitter.

Rachel Stewart

Best political commentator in NZ.

LaQuisha St Redfern

Insightful, delightful sci fi kitsch with lashings of diversity.  


Strong feminist perspective with lots of sharp commentary. 


People Against Profits

One of the best new Gen activist groups focused on Prisoner rights.


Kate Davis

Unionist and champion of the people. 

Ian Griffin

Director of the Otago Museum, always has some of the most amazing photos of the night sky around.


  1. As soon as any person plays the Twitter game, they will become part of ‘the game’, a bit like attention seeking individuals, dependent on ‘feedback’ their ‘followers’ give them.

    Twitter is absolute rubbish, over rated BS, and I recommend people follow NOBODY on Twitter, rather find other ways of expressing support or opposition.

    That would also stop the ones running and owning Twitter gather all your browsing and commenting behaviour, which they on-sell as ‘coded data’ to advertisers, who can still pretty much work out, who does what on Twitter and elsewhere on the web.

    If you care about your privacy and personal freedom, do NOT use Twitter, not even Facebook and certain other services.

    That is my honest and humble opinion.

    • Facebook is arguably the worst of them. All these “free” social media services are anything but free. YOU are the product that is sold to _their_ customers, i.e. advertising and marketing firms. These companies make literally billions of dollars from analysing your Facebook entries (and/or tweets) – it’s much like cattle being led to the slaughter. Zuckerburgler is laughing all the way to the bank.

      • There are alternatives powered by free code software, and hosted by not-for-profit collectives or social enterprises. Groups like RiseUp, Loomio, Disroot etc etc. Link sharing and short message public chats (and #s etc) can be done in a federated way, controlled by no one entity, via inter-operable software like GNU Social, Mastodon, Diaspora, Hubzilla, Friendica and so on. Find me on (GNU Social), not on the birdsite (although my Quitter posts are replicated there):

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