Over 100 protesters at Warkworth Rodeo – Direct Animal Action

By   /   January 4, 2018  /   Comments Off on Over 100 protesters at Warkworth Rodeo – Direct Animal Action

Record numbers of anti-rodeo protesters demonstrated outside the Warkworth Rodeo. Over 100 people from Warkworth, Northland, Auckland and as far a field as Wellington gathered today peacefully calling for rodeo to be banned.

The group Direct Animal Action held large ‘STOP’ signs at the entrance of the event, calling on the new Government to stop rodeo by banning it in New Zealand.

“We had over 100 people join our protest today which is a massive increase from previous years. The anti-rodeo movement is gaining momentum, with more people than ever participating in protests outside rodeos,” says Direct Animal Action spokesperson Apollo Taito.

“This rodeo season has already seen a number of protests outside rodeos with more planned for upcoming rodeos in Whangarei, Waikato, Christchurch and the Wellington region,”

“Every year, public outcry against rodeo increases. New Zealander’s have had enough of animal cruelty for entertainment and they’re willing to show this by turning up to a protest,”

“We’re starting to see a really strong shift in our society away from rodeo. When you’ve got Kiwi icons like the Lions Club New Zealand dropping their support of rodeo, you know this ‘sport’s’ days are numbered,”

“We absolutely congratulate our new Government putting forward a Private Members Bill that will ban the worst aspects of rodeo – calf roping and flank straps.

“But we are calling on the Government to take stronger action by banning rodeo full stop. No one wants to see animal abuse for entertainment anymore, rodeo has had its day in our country,” says Mr. Taito

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