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    Happy new year all.

    The first day of the new year kicks off on a bleak note for much of the country with cloud, showers and thunderstorms ushering in 2018.

    You’ll need to travel to eastern regions of both islands if you want to enjoy the summer sun. Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa, and Timaru south are the only parts expected to have clear skies across the day with nearly everywhere else shrouded in grey.

    MetService forecaster Brian Mercer said rain would move into Taranaki and Waikato before spreading across much of the North Island.

    In Auckland showers were expected to become heavy after lunch.

    Thunderstorms were expected to form over North Island inland ranges towards the end of the afternoon.

    Mercer said the best place to find the sun would be Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa and the far south of the South Island.

  2. NOT the mainstream media:

    Keiser Report

    “In this special pre-New Year’s Eve episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss their forecasts and predictions for 2018. Will bitcoin continue to climb? Or will it fall? Will gold ever rise again? What new innovations might emerge from the entire crypto space? They also forecast a day of reckoning between the Boomers and the Millennials and that the rise of bitcoin is a sign of this reckoning for the younger generation, who must invent an entirely new financial system because the older generation have hoarded all the assets of the legacy system.”

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