Twitter Watch: Rachel Stewart takes to NZ Twitter in best 2017 thread


The best columnist in the country, Rachel Stewart has taken to the self righteous lynch mob of NZ Twitteratti with an epic thread which managed to sum up all that is wrong with the medium…

…Wellington is barely functioning after such a torching.

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Here’s to a year where Twitter becomes a vehicle for communication that side steps the mainstream media corporate gatekeepers and becomes less of a public shaming avenue for frustrated angry liberals keen to virtue signal their way to identity politics heaven.


  1. Thank you TDB for beeing there for us all, so we wish for the crew at TDB and our other left wing blog sphere’s a better future in 2018 as we work to get our new Government to turn NZ around to be a warmer, caring, inclusive, responsive Government again.

    As we all work together to return NZ to being again a shared society commonwealth to provide homes for all along with quality health and wellbeing in a safe clean environment.

    As lives become more valued and incomes increase to make all our lives worthy of what NZ was once famous for, as being one of the best countires in which to live and raise a family.

    Welcome in 2018 with a new Labour coalition Government to work along side with us all.

  2. It may sound a little ‘star wars’ but let’s hope 2018 brings ‘a new hope’ to a few more NZers than just the 1 presenters.
    Love your work Rachael – also Martyn and rest of TDB team – great informative blogs through a turbulent year.
    ..and a happy New year to clean green too. Get those trains back!

  3. the fact is that despite doing good work/being a capable writer – stewart – like many other ‘activists’ – still has that blindspot about eating animals/her addiction to flesh..that is my only ‘beef’ with her..

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