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  1. It seems like Donald Trump has instructed the CIA to put in extra efforts to support an insurgency of kind in Iran, taking advantage of dissatisfaction by parts of the population about the economic and social situation (not that good, as the US has also partly sabotaged the Iran Nuclear Deal):

    If this does not work, and if civil war may not work, prepare for real war, between US or its allies (Saudi Arabia) and Iran.

    This is too much of a coincidence, after Trumps recent rantings about Iran. Expect something similar perhaps in North Korea soon.

    Popular uprisings there may be, but one must also ask, which forces may be behind it, fomenting this?

  2. Just going to make a few quick 2018 predictions.

    2017 was a tumultuous year for Trump but not as fraught as Bill Clintons 1st term. Trumps still prez after 2018.

    The coalition puts through a new water tax + TPPA

    Weatherization of homes and disaster relief recovery pushes inflation above 2.5% not below.

    Sweden does a Greece + swexit

    Global systemic finance risk pushes gold to US$2,000.

    Bill English steps down as leader of National. My pick to replace him is Amy Adams. The rest just can’t win IMO.

    Saudi King Salman abdicates the thrown advancing his son Prince Mohammad to the thrown ahead of schedule, signalling more war particularly against Lebanon and Iran.

    This turn around story is not for the faint hearted. New Zealand has had a lot of problems in the last 10 years and I do not believe the problems that plague her in the last 10 years will repeat in the next 10 years.

    • Bill English steps down as leader of National. My pick to replace him is Amy Adams. The rest just can’t win IMO.

      I hope not, Sam, but I fear you may be right. Amy Adams is eminently electable. My hope is that the Nats would go for someone like Collins or Joyce – both about as popular as Muldoon in polite Middle-class suburbia…

      • Lelz. The question is can the next Leader of National swoon Winston…

        My advice to National, especially Joyce, and 10 bridges. Just keep doing what your doing you little champs you

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