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Edwards spent 575 words and provided seven on-line links in presenting the case for boycotting Israel. He devoted 1758 words with 18 links to the Zionist, pro-Israel argument. The case for boycotting Israel is simple but the Zionists desperately need to obscure the truth.

BDS is the Palestinian answer to the failure of the United Nations to bring Israel to account. Not to support BDS would amount to nothing other than silent complicity in Israel’s violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Driven by its founding ideology, Israel’s war crimes are integral to the advance of the Zionist enterprise. The ideology’s narrow world view detaches it from the rest of humanity, including anti-Zionist Jews who abhor Israel’s human rights abuses and say firmly “not in my name”.

The restoration of justice in the Holy Land requires not only a repudiation of political Zionism but also its disempowerment. There is no place for either nuclear weapons or apartheid in the Holy Land. The Fourth Geneva Convention came into being as a counter to the harm caused by insane ideology. Let us now work for a renewal of respect for international humanitarian law and, with it, an end to Zionism.

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  1. Bryce Edwards is a fool for taking such a stance when there is irrefutable evidence that Israel is a country that does what it wants because it can without any real repercussion. In the beginning of their state when they either terrorized or tricked and bribed other M.E Jews to emigrate to Israel for cheap labor The Israeli European Jews discriminated against Arab Jews because the color of their skin and their ways were wrong. Being a Jew is a religious calling its not an ethnic race it the oldest monotheist religion (Belief in one God) then you have Christianity and Islam

  2. Bryce writes;

    The biggest challenge to your decision to boycott Israel relates to the very concept of boycotts – the idea that they can be inconsistent or even hypocritical.

    He doesn’t provide any meaningful alternative. Which would be good, as his comment leads on to my next point.

    The alternatives to non-violent action can be broadly lumped in two camps.

    1. Do nothing. Ignore all the injustices in the world. And leave at that.

    Is that even a thing we could tolerate? It would seem to me to strike at the very essence of what it is to be human to turn our backs on others who need our help.

    2. The other option to non-violent action is violent action.

    Personally, I think the Middle East has had more violence than it can possibly digest.

    It’s not something that our global civilisation could easily endure if violence ramped up in that region.

    All up, non-violence is a better option.

    It achieves aims.

    It reduces hatred.

    Fewer people are harmed.

    Bryce does suggest;

    Rather than boycotting your Israeli fans, there is another option – visiting the West Bank and Gaza while in Israel. This was actually suggested by the New Zealand Jewish Council’s spokesperson Juliet Moses, who says that if you wanted to help with furthering the peace process you “could have performed in Tel Aviv, a liberal secular city, and visited grassroots movements in the West Bank, co-founded by Palestinians and Israelis, as I did last year – movements promoting non-violence, transformation and dialogue between the two sides”.

    Is it me, or is that one of the most naive suggestions I’ve heard in a long time?

    That suggestion came from the NZ Jewish Council. I daresay the Tel Aviv government in Israel might have a few things to say about such a suggestion – most of which include the word “NO!”.

    And if a visit to Gaza and the West Bank was sanctioned by Tel Aviv, it’s a fair bet it would be so closely controlled by the “Ministry for Culture” that it would, in itself, be morphed into another propaganda exercise.

    Because my money is on the bet that no way would Lorde be permitted anywhere near Palestinian activists – most of whom are in Israeli jails, many without charges or trials.

    Funny how boycotts are levelled against Iran and Nth Korea because they “work”. But a boycott against Israel is… “inconsistent”.

    Why is that?

  3. Bryce is just a ‘media commentator’, he writes about the MSM and some blogs, and is therefore always mindful not to upset some people too much, particularly those writing for the mostly commercially run MSM. So what do we expect, it is more of the same we have read for years.

    He does not wish to upset the ‘mainstream’, as he perceives it, and to that you can count the Israel lovers.

    Hence his post and comments. I would not read too much into it, this is just like trying to sell an article and its author as you try to sell Macca burgers.

    Bryce has long given up his credibility for being a ‘critic’ of sorts.

    And as he belongs to the urban liberal lot, those doing well, he will dance to their tunes, do not upset anybody, certainly not our ‘friends’ in the ‘developed world’.

  4. Berean Literal Bible

    Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killing the prophets and stoning those having been sent to her! How often would I have gathered together your children, the way in which a hen gathers together her chicks under the wings, and you were not willing!

    – Jesus of Nazareth.

    Jeremiah 32:31

    “Indeed this city has been to Me a provocation of My anger and My wrath from the day that they built it, even to this day, so that it should be removed from before My face,


    Israel was meant to be a shining light on a hill for all mankind , instead it bears the hardship , ostracism and condemnation for making the same mistake over and over and over again… despite being made a country again in 1948.

    But perhaps ,… instead of blaming the average Jewish person , – and then being accused of racism – we could in fact look to another so called European ‘ Jewish family ‘ called the Rothchilds… who financed the building of the Knesset among other key institutions … and in fact directly and indirectly control events surrounding Israel in more ways we could care to imagine… and thus the world.


    Sinister Sites – Israel Supreme Court – The Vigilant Citizen › Sinister Sites


    And regards Zionism ,…one must be careful just WHAT sort of Zionism we are talking about , and in fact know the real origins thereof … one of which is truly malevolent…


    Frankism – Wikipedia

    Jacob Frank – Wikipedia


    And also what Frank got up to with the Rothchilds – and Adam Weishaupt.


    The 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad: The Illuminati Takeover


    Finally , to cap it all off,… a good video on the matter :

    History of Rothschild Zionism and Israel – YouTube
    frankish zionism rothschilds▶ 10:49

    So at least try and understand the real culprits behind the scenes who dont even live in Israel who are causing all the shit we see. Them and their little pro Rothchilds plants in the Israeli cabinet.

    • Oh , … and one other vid before I go ,… and in case your wondering what the hell has the Rothchild’s got to do with Palestinians being slaughtered and their lands taken ?

      Here’s the deal:

      The Illuminati Exposed! 50 year old recording EXPOSES ALL! – YouTube
      Video for The Illuminati Exposed! 50 year old recording EXPOSES ALL!▶ 1:17:08

  5. Lorde is a 21 year old kiwi who clearly doesn’t know too much about the arcane toils of Levant politics and the endless currents and counter claims alive in the region.

    Anything she, or indeed anybody, of note does in the place has massive and usually unpredictable consequences.

    None of us know whether a boycott would make things better there or worse. How is Young Ella expected to choose.

    My feeling is that she knew enough to know she didn’t know enough and decided to flag the whole thing.

    And that, alone, is plenty enough for me to say well done. Too many meddle with only a few Facebook posts to base our judgement on.

    I give no pass to Israel, but I hate boycotts as a rule. My instinct is to applaud interaction: unless the interaction cannot possibly help.

    The problems with North Korea and Iran are far more likely to be improved by enhanced trade. And ditto Palestine/Israel.

    When both sides have a mutual financial interest in settlement, and only then, will anyone negotiate in good faith.

    • So, Nick, do you support Israel’s colonisation of the West Bank with illegal settlements? What about the blockade of Gaza?

      How can there be “negotiating in good faith” when Israel occupies Gaza and the West Bank and unilaterally annexes the entire city of Jerusalem, for it’s capital?

      All issues which you ignore.

      • no easy solution, the israeli,s remember the 6 day war, when, jordan, egypt, syria, iraq, lebanese armies were going to slit every jews throat and drive them into the sea, unfortunately the israeli,s not only defended themselves but took the whole of jerusalem and the west bank, and send the vastly superior numbered arab armies back in shame, and for the first time in 3,000 years, israel was whole again, the gaza strip up to that point was controlled by egypt, and the west bank controlled by jordan, israel has only blockaded gaza on its borders, the egyptians, not trusting the palistinians have blockaded gaza on thier border, recently egypt destroyed over 3,000 homes and business,s on the gaza border, filled in all the tunnels and closed the border, not much of a mention on mainstream news, there may never be peace in gaza or the west bank, both sides commit atrocities and will continue to do so, i wonder how diferent it would be there now if the palistinians, when they decided they didn,t want israel anymore and tried to assasinate the king of jordan and take over jordan being thier traditional homeland, black september it was called, it is up to lorde where she wants to perform, but if she doesn,t want to perform in a terrorist state, i presume she will no longer perform in america or russia,

        • no easy solution, the israeli,s remember the 6 day war, when, jordan, egypt, syria, iraq, lebanese armies were going to slit every jews throat and drive them into the sea,

          Wow! Where do you get that from, Rosco?

          Your entire screed is an attempt at justification for imperialism, land-grabbing, and war on Israel’s neighbours. It’s a shamefdul glorification of Israel’s aggression.

          Using your arguments, you’ve just validated aggression by any nation against it’s neigbour.

          In fact, one could claim that the Arabs could use precisely the same emotive nonsense you’ve used to launch attacks on Israel.

          By the way, Natalie Mmbruglia cancelled her tour of Israel as well, Rosco. will Israel and it’s supporters be pressuring her, I wonder?

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